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The Frost Dragon Shitah is the gatekeeper of the Holy Cathedral of Hibernators. I think Arreck knows this as well, that any stranger who approaches the Holy Cathedral of Hibernators will trigger the gatekeeper.” Brendel replied. 

"You mean Enrico will surely take advantage of this. I've heard of this old sly fox, cautious and deep, who plans precisely before taking action, exactly like the Duke of the last generation." Veronica raised her head, her emerald green eyes glittering, and although her hands covered her long hair, the green strands were ruffled by the bitterly cold north wind under the sunlight. Her gaze swept across the ice as if she had seen the outcome that Brendel had expected, but still asked, "While I agree with that, how do you plan to confirm it?"
Brendel saw the snowflakes swept up by the wind, like a layer of powder floating on the glacier, then in his vision behind the snow suddenly appeared a few shadowy figures, he replied: "We will know soon." Behind the icy mist came Babasha and a few others, the old hag was rickety, with the icy wind tugging at a corner of her tattered robe, and her silver hair was blowing like a ghost. She limped to Brendel's side and spoke with deep reverence, "My lord, it is ready." With trembling hands, she lifted the crystal ball and held it up to Brendel.
Veronica frowned at the sight, as she did not like witches.
Brendel took a look at the few people behind Babasha. Besides the young girl in wooden shoes who stood with her toes together holding a jar of honey, there were two other important people, the inherited witch of the Moon of Swords (killing), Kurul, and the inherited witch of the Moon of Cups (jealousy), and Anvi. Both of who were important people, and whose status was far more revered than Babasha's in Bunosong, the Land of Witches.
Kuru was a tall woman with a beautiful body wrapped in a gray Witch's robe. She wore a hood, her skin as white as ice and snow, her eyebrows were long and slender, her cheekbones were defined, and she looked cold, giving people an impression of cold-bloodedness; while Anvi was a woman in her forties. She wore a thick fur robe, and her plump figure wrapped in the robe can be seen even through a thick layer of wool. The little woman smiled, but could not hide the shrewdness in her eyes. 
They said they had come to join Brendel, but he realized that their attitude was far less respectful than that of Babasha and that the joining was more of an investigation than a submission. The Darkness Dragon's legacy was divided into seven. He was not the only one, but Brendel was unconcerned, confident that he could make these unpleasant people work for him.
Brendel received the crystal ball, and immediately a circular image appeared on it, and he saw that behind the snowstorm, there was a vast expanse of snow-covered land. He let his vision expand to the north, and the image immediately showed a crisscrossed glacial ravine, a crystal-like forest, and then a flat tundra where the wind blew across the icy surface formed ribbon-like objects that rolled forward.
Shido, Veronica, and a few other Kirrlutzian nobles paid close attention to what was happening. The Discovery Magic was the specialty of the Witches, and even the Astrologers who were proficient in the art of prophecy were no match for them. Such power came from the blind maiden Elaine, whose past and future were all reflected in the waters of the abyss.
It was also said that the most powerful of the Witches can indeed see a part of the future.
The spell of the crystal ball was controlled by Anvi. And when Brendel looked carefully at the scene above, he also noticed the young woman frowning a little, but did not look tired yet. The vision on the crystal ball had opened up to several miles away, which meant that the other party's strength was already at Peak Golden. 

Suddenly the scene flickered, and the shadow of a line of people appeared on top of the snowy plains. This group of people each wore a thick bearskin coat, holding a variety of weapons, some leading a dwarf horse. Brendel looked at their attire and managed to identify them as the Enkhor people on top of the Anrreck plateau, who the Lantonilanians called bigfoot dwarves. But they are not actually dwarves, but Halflingsor a type of gnomes. It was said that Arreck had an Enkhor dwarf cavalry that was loyal to him, and it looked like this should be the one right now.
"Halfling cavalry, Arreck's people," Veronica also recognized it at once: "Brendel, it seems you guessed right again."
"It's not by luck." Brendel replied, "But to use his own elite as cannon fodder, this guy sure is something else."
At this time, footsteps were heard coming from the snow behind the three. Shido looked back and found that it was their officer corps.
"Lord Veronica, has Brund and the others arrived yet?" Before the officer corps could get close, the nobleman in the lead busted out a question. This guy was called Grid, a core member of the Silver Leaf Arbitration Group from the Kirrlutz Senate Council, who claimed the status of an envoy to the outside world but existed just to keep Veronica's power in check.
This man was not of a military background, but he had a fit physique, mightier than the surrounding knights from the army. He wore this gray deerskin coat, with a hat with a tilted top. The brim of the hat had three white feathers which showed the identity of the marquis. It was just that he did not look like an elegant nobleman, but a butcher instead.
"I'm not in charge of command here, Grid, you can ask this Count next to me any questions." Veronica narrowed her eyes at this guy and replied coldly.
Her tone was very stiff, but this army chief was not actually at odds with the loathsome guy in front of her, it was a tradition for soldiers not to befriend the nobles of the senate.
But to her surprise, Grid got his way and replied with a condescending face, "I'm sorry, Lord Veronica, I don't trust these Aouines."
Veronica's expression immediately turned stern.
Brendel also coldly muttered, "How shameless."
"What did you say?"
"I said you are a complete idiot," Brendel did not have a good feeling about the Kirrlutzians, and Veronica was probably an exception. But he was never a nice gentleman to the others, he directly spoke up and reprimanded: "When Freya arrived at the intended attack location, and when the attack will be launched is only up to me here. From now on, I am the supreme commander here, neither Lord Veronica, nor you-"

"Even if you have questions, there is no need for me to answer them. If you're not satisfied, you can remove your gloves made of squirrel skin and throw them at me, I don't mind pinning a punk like you to the ice here with my sword, and I bet your blood will be frozen under your veins before it even comes out when the blade goes through your flabby skin."

Brendel let out a hint of elemental aura and stunted the group of officers, directly causing Grid to turn pale. "You......" he grinded his teeth, but finally did not dare to say the next half of the sentence: "I hope you bet right!"
Grid suddenly remembered that the guy in front of him had killed Williams, he acknowledged himself not as respected as the deputy head of the Holy Cathedral oF Fire’s Paladins. If Brendel were to get serious, killing him would seem to be as easy as killing an ant.
Especially when he thought of the Holy Cathedral in Aouine perished a genius swordsman, but did not even talk about revenge, Brendel's background full of depth crept him out a little.
Veronica looked coldly at the two. As she saw Grid retreat, she frowned disappointedly. Although she also did not want Brendel to be defeated, the courage and quality of imperial nobles were unbearable. "Brendel, are you confident?" Veronica withdrew her gaze from Grid with some disgust and asked, "Although the Folded Sword Squad is the elite of the Azure Skies, there are only a hundred or so of my men under that little girl of yours, look at this Halfling cavalry, the number is at least a column (Kirrlutz establishment, five hundred men) or more, it is really difficult to wipe them all out. "
To such a question, Brendel only smiled.
"Don't worry, leave it to me."

He turned back. He asked Ciel to go find Aloz and it has been quite a while, looking at the time it should be almost time. The crowd stirred up, the Kirrlutzians made a way as if an invisible force parted them. Cielwith Aloz appeared in the view of all, the little female Dragon with an impatient look on her face, looking at the surrounding people with her golden eyes like a ferocious beast.
"Brendel, you wanted to see me?" Aloz grinned broadly as she passed through the crowd.
"I heard you've been in a bad mood lately, I found some opponents for you to vent, what do you think?" Brendel replied with a smile.
"Hmph, if you want my help just say so, if it's you, I'm not out of consideration." The little female Dragon slowly walked through the crowd. Wherever she passed, the surrounding war horses suddenly let out a wail. These big-sized herbivores had fallen to their knees, while the outer ones were paralyzed on the ground, with a few having tics on the ground, and died after foaming at the mouth.
"What have you done to our horses!"
The Kirrlutzians nobles immediately called quits. Excellent war horses were a luxury worth showing off among the nobles in Aouine, Kirrlutz, and Sanorso. A horse of noble blood was more expensive than gold of equal weight in the noble community, and they were invaluable because no one would easily sell their beloved things.
These horses died from Aloz's glare.
Aloz gave those guys a cold look and replied, "Your horses are in my way, besides, I hate these stinky things, keep them away from me."
"You!" The nobleman almost passed out from anger.
Everyone turned their eyes to Brendel while Grid excitedly questioned Brendel: "Lord Count, you'd better explain."
"You want me to explain?" Brendel felt amused.
"Enough-" Veronica interrupted out of the blue, frowning as she felt the situation was getting out of hand. It was only then that she vaguely felt that there was something wrong with the young girl brought by the Grey Sword Saint; it was not sorcery that overwhelmed those war horses in Aloz, but aura.
She was the only one in the room who sensed it.
"Lord Veronica, please do not be biased to outsiders,except for me, everyone here can are your subordinates. I think you know better than me what a warhorse means to a soldier." Grid coldly snorted and replied with some smugness.
Veronica looked at this guy as if she was looking at an idiot: "If you want to kill yourself,just do it."
"What do you mean?"
Grid froze. In his impression, this military leader of the Azure Skies did not look like a person who loved to joke. He suddenly felt some vague uneasiness, but it was a little too late. He suddenly heard a voice say, "Meaning, a fool like you really shouldn't live in this world-" The voice had only just sounded before it reached his ears.
"Watch out!"
He heard the sound of knights drawing their swords and could not help but look back in horror. But it was a little too late, a tail as thick as a bucket stretched out from there and heavily smacked him.
Grid shouted miserably, blood immediately spurted out and splashed across the ice, leaving a striking blood trail.
"This......" Veronica and Shido looked at the sudden change with surprise.
They could not help but be surprised, because what appeared under the sunlight was an elegant creature with shining scales, a slender neck, and wings covering its body. To be precise, it was a Dragon.
A golden Dragon.

Aloz was perched on the ice field, looking down at everyone, her massive body almost the size of a three-story building. Her long neck was slightly bent, supporting a head with four horns. The clothes were replaced by white-golden, smooth, mirror-like scales, one next to the other, plated with a light purple metallic glow, a special color that only adult Dragons had.

Aloise lowered her head, with flames blazing in her golden eyes as she looked at everyone present, all of whom cried out in their hearts: O Marsha above, a Dragon! We can't believe we have been living with a Dragon for so long!
And Grid who was struggling to get up from the ground was full of despair, now he finally understood what Veronica's words meant, he felt really stupid, hopelessly stupid.
He wanted to beg for mercy, but everyone was in a terrifying shock.
Most of the people present felt themselves plunged into a world of infinite blackness, a world without any sense of touch, smell, or even any sense of time and direction, leaving only a horrible scream in the sky coming from far to near, vibrating the eardrums.

Grid who just got up from the ground, felt his legs weakened and fell on his knees once again. 

Only Veronica was slightly able to hold on among everyone present. She held on to Shido, who had a pale face. Brendel and Ciel on the other hand were completely unaffected. But despite this, they saw how the others behaved and understood what this was.

This was the power that Dragons are born with.
Dragon power.