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“So you agreed?” Brendel couldn’t care less about Dark Korfa’s opinion, he did notice however that she had softened up a little, it appeared that Heart of Hatred was an unexpected finding for her, even so far as to dilute the hatred and defeatedness from the failure of Deadwood from her face. 

Dark Korfa fell back into deep contemplation, after a long pause she uttered, “I have a request.”


“You have to promise me to guarantee our safety, and if anyone were to wrong me or my sister, regardless of who, I want you to give me your word that you will guarantee our safety. And, under the circumstances that I can once again protect myself and I choose to leave, you cannot stop me from doing so. Only then can I agree to your hard-pressed requests.”

Brendel stared at Dark Korfa’s blood-red eyes, decisively he added, “The last clause we’ll have to tweak a little, until the day you can defeat me, you shall be given the choice to leave.”

Dark Korfa clenched her teeth, bearing the razor-sharp canine teeth unique to the Twilight Wolves clan, “When that day arrives, I will tear you into pieces.”

She gave it some thought and ultimately decided to agree to Brendel’s terms. The last condition was just her trying her luck to deceive him into agreeing, only for Brendel to take notice almost immediately, leaving her with no reason to dabble further.

Only then did Brendel gently prodded the breastplate outward, with a stoic tone he asked, “This breastplate, what is its origins?” Dark Korfa’s protection clause was well within his expectations. He understood that the current situation would place her in unease, even though he did promise Milos not to kill her, but handing her over was a whole different story. 

In the world of the light, along with the Four Holy Cathedrals and their pursuance of the power of Order, if the Holy Cathedral of Fire were to discover her whereabouts and request for her extradition, without proper leverage in place Brendel had no reason to refuse from handing one of his potential enemies out.

Brendel knew for a fact that this was in her consideration, for despite her tough exterior, she was always rather appreciative of her life. 

Furthermore, with her lust for power and authority, it would make her feel superior if she could get Brendel to agree to one of her terms, terms that Kind Korfa would instead perceive as reasonable.

Dark Korfa solemnly scanned across the breastplate, rather unwillingly she replied, “This breastplate is called Lonia’s Gap, it was custom made for the Supreme Lord of the People of the Dawn, Lonia himself. An armor worthy for the hero himself.

Part of this armor was called the Sin of Logic back in our times, for it can bend Laws at will, normal lines of Law could be completely twisted and nullified upon contact.”

“Wouldn’t that make this indestructible?” Brendel rather awestruckly glanced at the breastplate again, an armor piece easily at Divine level. 

“It’s not that great of a deal, calm your horses, we don’t need to know how dimwitted you are.”

Dark Korfa reluctantly replied, “It’s just a little dented, still far from being completely Law insulant,” Brendel did not wait for her explanation to finish as he investigated the breastplate, its material was from the “Prehistoric era”, but after Dark Korfa’s description it was revealed as:

Lonia’s Gap (breastplate):
Defense: 5
Power: +15
Endurance: +75
Gate of Law: Decrease Law Attack by one level

This is an ancient item, even from the stats alone this is basically invincible! How is she so quick to dismiss this? Brendel gulped at the thought that its skill could reduce opponent attack by one full level. 

That meant for opponents of Elemental Awakening level, when Lines of Laws were used the attack would be completely negated, Elemental Activation attacks would be diminished to peak Gold level standards! The only weakness the breastplate had was that its skill would be useless against opponents below the level of Elemental Awakening.

But then again, it wouldn’t matter much after all. Ever since he awakened his elemental power it had always been defending that was the biggest issue.

Nevertheless, this was only part of the full armor, and Brendel could not imagine what attribute a complete Lonia’s gap would be.

“People of the dawn are Twilight descendants?”

“No,” Korfa shook her head, “They are the Golden descendants.”

“Golden descendants?” It suddenly clicked to Brendel that this armor item might just be one of Korfa’s spoils of war as she boasted on,” This is naturally one that I tore off from the corpse of Lonia, it’s worthless. I kept it as a souvenir, one with his sigil on it.”

“You goddamn bastard…” Brendel finally understood how fearsome Korfa must have been in prehistoric times, one that mortals wouldn’t have known. For her to fall to such circumstances must truly have been dispiriting for her.

“What about this?” Brendel moved the breastplate aside, and on his desk placed a Devil longbow. Prehistoric weapons have vague level differences, and if Lonia’s Gap had mythical item level abilities, then in some sense the item had close to a secondary Divine weapon status.

Even if it does not possess game-changing abilities, most Secondary divine weapons were derived from formidable origins, surely they were worthy to be in the same conversation.

“The Bow of Retribution.”

“What is its purpose?”

“Pfft, it has a nickname, the Life Debtor bow, as in a life for a life, this bow was forged with the skull of a Flame Demon Lord from the depths of the Sulphur River. To me, however, it’s just an interesting toy.”

Brendel frowned at her description, having an ominous feeling of the weapon before him. Investigating its attributes after Korfa briefly described it, it was once again clear for view:

The Bow of Retribution.
Attack: 75-105
Retribution: Sacrifices a soul for every shot.

No attributional bonus, but the attack was among the highest he had ever encountered, nearly that of the Azure Lance. Peeking into its skills, he could tell that this was a Devil item through and through, and he wouldn’t want to go near anything of that kind. Nonetheless, his curiosity took center stage as he added, “So the wielder has to sacrifice some of its soul to fire from the bow?”

“Of course not, who the hell would use something as dumb as that? This bow burns the lives of others, effortlessly killing off someone from what you mortals call Elemental Activation level, like squeezing the life out of an ant, so to speak,” Korfa replied.

Brendel was stupefied. This bow bears that much power? To sacrifice a life for a firing opportunity sounds sinister no doubt, but in a warzone, there will be many enemy lives to spare. The wielder could always burn the life of a lesser opponent to gain a round of shots towards those with Elemental Activation.

An Elemental Activation level individual would have been a highly respected person in any region of this world, this bow must be incredible.

Dark Korfa instantly took notice of his expression as she blurted, “Cut your dreaming, redneck, ordinary souls wouldn’t activate it. To power this bow the bare minimum will require at least the Seeds of Law.”

“The Seeds of Law?”

“From your description, I’m guessing we will need at least Elemental Activation.”

“Pfft, the fuck,” Brendel instantly lost interest in the bow, Devil items were named as such for a reason after all. And it smells like chicken ribs.

“What’s this then?” Brendel retrieved the bulky stone scepter as he casually dropped the question. What he was not expecting was for Dark Korfa to actually pay attention, and with a slight twinkle in her eye replied, “The origin of this item I’ll get to in a bit. Let’s talk about this knight sword first.”

Brendel was slightly caught off-guard but was not anxious to know. Nonetheless, he nodded, and Dark Korfa retrieved the pod-shaped gauntlets. It resembled a commander sword, the design was also intricate and seemingly fit for a ceremonial occasion. 

“This is created by the Flame spirits. They molded this sword from a huge furnace into the design they fancied. Now it’s also one of my relics,” Dark Korfa explained, rather sulkily nonetheless, “I call it the Realm of Flames.”