The Amber Sword - v5c32

A silver line appeared on the horizon, spreading across the hills and valleys, thundering and rolling, and only in the blink of an eye did it come close enough for people to see that it was countless silver horses. These slender, curvaceous French war horses came to the border of the forest before they began to slow down and stopped, twitching their ears and feasting on the meadows outside the forest, with the tallest horse in the herd raising its head to look in the direction of the forest.
The Wind Archer girls who witnessed this scene were almost frozen, and they turned their curious eyes on Medissa, with admiration for the princess commander.
Medissa blushed slightly, but quickly calmed down and calmly commanded, "Linge Guards, on my command, mount your horses."
Hearing the order, the young girls quickly put their longbows on their backs and walked out of the forest in turn, cautiously coming next to those handsome and unusual war horses; but they then found that these war horses behaved unusually friendly to them, not only without the slightest hostility, but also hung their heads down to be close to them, as if they were not meeting for the first time, but were comrades who had been together for many years. The young girls were both surprised and curious, pulling down the hood of their cloaks while intimately touching the manes of their mounts, then grabbing the saddles and stepping on the stirrups, one by one, they rolled onto their horses.
Their movements were extremely skilled, as if they have been trained for a long time.

The last one to get on the horse was Fini, the chief Tree Elf Archer, who looked hesitant at first, but when she got on the horse, she immediately got up in spirit and said happily, "So this is why the Lord made us do horse training every day!"
Brendel grabbed the reins of the horse and glanced back at her, "I wonder who was whining during training."
Fini replied without shame, "I'm here anyway. This horse is so tame, I've never seen such a good horse, it's like I have a heart-to-heart connection with it when I hopped on."
The other girls also agreed.

Brendel knew that the effect description of the card 'Cavalry Readiness' of the Farland Knight was 'Pay X wealth and the Farland Knight causes X followers to become cavalry, and if they are already cavalry, they gain the ability to fly.' It literally would transform infantry into cavalry and not just summoning war horses, which is why these Wind Archer girls felt the way they do now. It was just that a person who had never ridden a horse before would feel dismayed even if they suddenly gain riding skills when sitting on a horse for the first time, so basic riding training was still necessary, even if it was not effective for on a short term, but at least they could familiarize themselves with the feeling of being on horseback.
For such a moment.
In the lime tree forest -
"Mounted Archers?" Count Jeelin asked with some disbelief.
Count Jacques shook his head gently. Count Jeelin was obviously the kind of guy who did not know anything about the military but liked to hear from unreliable sources, "The bows on their backs were more than 1.5 meters, which are typical infantry longbows, and they couldn't be used on horseback, so unless they carried short bows, it was unlikely that they are Mounted Archers."
"Maybe they also have short bows, otherwise what do they summon these horses for?"
"That is also possible." Count Jacques replied after thinking for a while, he could not figure out what the Trentheims had in mind. But the Count's ability to turn out with a cavalry gave him renewed hope. He rubbed the hilt of his sword and began to consider the timing of the Treintheims' attack in order to reverse the situation.

In Madara's position, which was far away from them, the Bloodstaff was coming to the same conclusion. The Aouines suddenly had an extra cavalry that could threaten its flank, making it a bit of a danger. That army on the other side was just too bizarre, and it was considering what exactly the opposing commander wanted to do with that army of Mounted Archers, but could not figure out how.
The other Dark Leaders also found it unbelievable, and they finally came to the unanimous conclusion that this army of horse-riding archers next to them was probably a suspicious army of the Aouines to distract them, and if they really split their flanks, the central position would probably not be able to hold up when those five brigades of White Lion Infantry launched their attacks later on. But letting such an army of 'Mounted Archers' hang around on their own did not seem like a solution, and eventually the Bloodstaff ordered the last remaining regiment of skeleton warriors to go up, at least so that the other side could not harass its flank.
Seeing that the Bloodstaff was still acting in a moderate manner, Brendel could not help but smile a little, "Now it's up to you, Medissa."
"Lord, the victory has been decided, may you personally lead our charge this time." The little Silver Elf Princess replied in a soft voice.
Brendel nodded, "Call Raban and the others out."
Medissa whistled, as if a Night Swallow, more than ten knights rode out from behind the woods after a while. They came close and it was Raban and his group, but their attire had long been very different from then. Raban wore a set of delicate and heavy armor, a set of armor with some of the White City's style - shoulder armor and armpit armor plates connected, painted with white paint and patterned with sea monsters. He had a lance and a sheathed sword and battle axe hanging from his waist, looking not like a mercenary, but like a knight. But Brendel knew that this was the elite knight's attire of the Faraway Eagles, the most famous mercenary group in the area of the White City.

The others were also similarly dressed, except for the Ferlarn sisters. The elder sister of the Wild Elves was wearing a leather gray robe, with the cloak on the back that looked like it was made of countless webbing and a brass ring under each webbing. This odd cloak also had a great origin - the robe of the Magicite Chief. The younger sister, Tia, on the other hand, was wearing a wide white robe with a pointed wizard's hat and had become a full-fledged Elven ambassador. She was now looking at her lord on horseback with a smile.

Raban greeted Brendel with a smile, "Lord lord, long time no see, we're bored of all the training. Although the scenery of the gemstone plains was good, and the evening of Rochelle was still prosperous and beautiful, it was still not as good as this real world, not to mention that we were more eager for the fervent battle career."
"When did you become so literate in your speech, Raban?" Brendel was also a little overwhelmed, though, "Not anymore though."
"Really?" Tia asked happily.
"Of course."

In fact, maintaining the White City Pioneer only needed5 Winds and twenty EXP points per day from Medissa. Brendel nodded more, but Ferlarn at the side let out a hum softly. He looked over there with some surprise, and the elder sister of the Wind Elves looked away , only leaving her pointed ears in his sight. Are you really getting mad... Brendel thought to himself. The card creatures are equipped with feelings and I still don't know how Morpheus and Andrea feel. Morpheus is okay, but Andrea might have wanted to kill me.
He looked at the river bank direction, the battle had been very slow. Madara's side was like a huge turntable, slowly turning in the rain, and Freya was commanding the White Lion Battalion, trying to break through the Spider swordsmen's shattered defenses. But the Undead are different from humans after all, and even in such a situation, they still caused Freya great trouble.
Brendel locked the belly of his horse tightly between his legs and drove his warhorse to the front of the Linge Guards. He turned his horse's head to face the direction of Madara's army and ordered softly, "Go around the direction of the White Lion Battalion's attack and follow me."
The large army moved.
Nearly a thousand pure silver war horses and the archer maidens on their backs slowly circled around the front of the White Lion Battalion's attack and around the flank of the Bloodstaff's army. Both Viero and the Undead of Madara stared intently at the scene, knowing full well that it was unlikely to be the dreaded Mounted Archers, but it still made the Bloodstaff vaguely uneasy to let such a large army directly threaten its empty flank. "Have our archers keep an eye on that side again," it instructed the Necromancer at its side, "Don't let the Aouines get too reckless."
"Our archers may not be a match for them." A Dark noble replied in a hoarse voice.
"Of course they're no match for them. Those are Elven archers. Our archers are just posers in front of them! But if they really carry short bows, then short bows are a disadvantage in front of our longbows. Do you understand? Useless piece of thing!"

Brendel watched the mobilization of the Bloodstaff and thought to himself that this old lord of Madara was extremely cautious. But alas, some things were destined to be beyond the imagination of its hollow head. The Linge Guards advanced slowly and stopped when they got close to about a thousand feet from the Bloodstaff army. Everyone did not understand what the cavalry with longbows on their backs wanted at this distance, but they immediately gave the answer with their actions. As everyone watched, the Wind Archer girls rolled off their horses in unison, as if they had rehearsed countless times, and ran forward into the clearing to form up, then raised their longbows on command, and before the Bloodswords could react, the Aouines' arrows were in the air.
The Undead commanders tilted their heads to look at the dense points of light. They flew to the highest point and then stalled slightly before whistling, and in a moment it looked like a rain of light had fallen on the Bloodstaff's flanking positions. This was not the same as Viero's crossbowmen shooting, Wind Archer's arrows were faster, more penetrating and more accurate. They were all Holy-attribute enchanted arrows, and a round of arrows rained down on the Bloodstaff's flank, knocking out several rows of skeleton archers.
The Bloodstaff could not take it. At this distance, its skeleton archers could not shoot and attack, they could only take a beating. Nobody would have thought they were infantry riders and could only imagine how unexpected their opponent's commander was. What the hell is he thinking? Can't he just battle like a normal person? However, the long-established Dark Leader still had to order his skeleton warriors to attack and drive away the army of Elven archers, otherwise it would have gone crazy if he had let those archers shoot at will.

The Wind Archers under Brendel saw the skeleton army attacking and did not panic, they retreated to the array in an orderly manner, turning on their horses and whistling away, leaving only a distant back to the incoming skeleton army. They ran some distance away and stopped their horses under Brendel's command, once again forming up and firing at the skeleton army.
This time the Undead commanders were dumbfounded. What could they do? They could not chase them nor shoot them down. If they still had the Terror Phantoms then they could get them to cling onto the opponents then order the skeleton army to wipe them out. However the Terror Phantom were inferior in number now, they would not make it even if they approached the opponent. Of course, they still had infantry, but if they fetched the infantry over, it would expose the entire side flank to the Lantonilans. This way, they would be wiped out even quicker. 

The Bloodstaff was helpless, how was it going to fight this battle? If the other side was just some ordinary cavalry, it could still rely on the nearly unlimited stamina of the Undead to slow down the stamina of the other side's mounts, but the problem was that the other side's war horses were obviously all summoned, and when have we ever heard of summoned creatures with stamina limits? It was now beginning to understand what went through Visgard's mind when he was at the edge of life, he had no tears left to cry. What kind of army is this? The infantry ran faster than the cavalry, and the infantry archers were equipped with three horses, which was clearly the configuration of the elite cavalry. 
"This ......" Count Jacques was left stunned when he saw this scene from afar, "This is Farnezain' Dragon Cavalry tactics ......"
"To equip an archer with three war horses, this Count Lord is definitely rich enough." Count Jeelin also exclaimed.
 "Those war horses were summoned." Count Jacques saw that his colleague had misunderstood something and had to explain, but he still sighed in his heart as well. He was afraid that the only one who could play this tactic in Aouine now was this Count Lord. He still could not figure out how the other side summoned these godly handsome war horses, and who was that Count Trentheim? However, now he suddenly understood a bit more. Only this kind of person could turn the battle of Ampere Seale with his own power.
"We have underestimated him a little too much, Count Jeelin." He could not help but shake his head and sigh.
The situation on the battlefield had gradually started to clear up.
The anxious Bloodstaff had to let one of its own regiments of skeleton warriors to stall the opponent's Wind Archers - or in truth, sacrificed that part of themselves. The only thing it was hoping for was that the opponent's Elven Archers would take more time so that it could free up its hands to deal with the White Lion Battalion on the riverbank first. Though the Elven archers were nasty, they were not the army that would win or lose the battlefield. Its planning seemed to be very successful. Brendel's Wind Archers still had two Holy-attribute enchanted arrows that naturally could not be wasted on this skeleton army. It could only use ordinary arrows from afar to slowly consume their 'living' power. In this way, the Bloodstaff finally won time.
 It finally marshaled two regiments of Spider swordsmen to its front, together with the original one regiment of skeleton warriors and two regiments of skeleton archers. For the first time, Madara had absolutely overwhelming strength in the front of Brendel's White Lion Guard.
And at this time, the White Lion Battalion had just finished clearing out the remainder of the Visgard and Mogkine, with the two brigades commanded by Hipamila and Freya as the tip of the spear, directly killing Madara's home front. The final decision on the battlefield was revealed at this moment, when the two armies were strangled at one point, once again, Aouine's magicians did their job and fireballs fell far across the river valley, landing amidst the Madara's army.
Then the Necromancers and Skeleton Mages, after nearly half an hour of silence, also began to return fire for the first time. Green and golden beams of light staggered and flew to and fro over the two armies. Soon enough, the Aouine's magicians began to fall silent.
"Haha!" The dark mercenaries from the Seas of the Dying Moon naturally knew best what this meant, and they could not help but scream in excitement, "Their Mages are out of EXP!"

Confidence seemed to return to these dark nobles all of a sudden as almost for a moment they thought they had lost, "Marsha high above, victory ultimately belongs to the Black Rose of Bromantonu!" Some even shouted. It was a pity that the Undead army had no morale, otherwise this moment would have been a morale booster that might have directly killed the White Lion army and disarmed them.
Compared with the nobles of Madara, the Vieros were much more depressing. Count Jeelin had asked them several times to immediately send troops to help the Trentheims, this guy was the first to ask for retreat, and now the most fanatical. But Count Jacques had long seen the nature of this guy, and only shook his head indifferently. He stared at the top of the battlefield, the right time is still far from then. He believed that the Count still had a back-up plan.
Ciel stood in the Mages' square, looking at a thousand times brighter green light in the direction of Madara's Necromancer square. He had probably guessed what the other side was thinking, but he calmly waited until after the other side's third round of attacks before snapping his fingers at his subordinates.
"It's time to undo the magic barrier."

In a traditional battle between Mages, the first three rounds of a Mage's attack were the most violent and concentrated, especially if they perceive that they have run out of EXP, the other side would definitely double their efforts to eliminate them in one fell swoop. All of the opponent's guesses were right, but only one thing was wrong. After the magic barrier was removed, all of Trentheim's group of Mages did the same action.
They opened the leather pouches on their belts - there were three of these pouches, then took out a bottle filled with a light blue liquid from it, frowned, pinched their noses, tilted their heads and chucked it down. At the next moment, the spiritual power that had been depleted in these Mages instantly surged up again.

The Bloodstaff was a Necromancer, whose eyesight depended on the power of the Laws, so it could clearly see such a scene several miles away, and it certainly knew what the other Mages had drank. It was not that it had never seen EP medicines before, but it had never seen so many of them. Hundreds of bottles of EP disappeared in an instant, and the reason for consuming them was just to defeat itself. Only those who dealt with magic knew what that meant. The Bloodstaff broke down at that very moment and weep. If he could, he would have punched the opponent's commander in the face. If he knew he was so worthy, he would have requested for those medicines to be gifted to him as an exchange for his surrender.