Only an idiot like Liu Se would think that Xuan Ji loved her wholeheartedly.

Who would take a liking to her with her horrible ghost-like appearance? 

But on the surface, Gong Qian Xue did not show her true feelings, instead, her face was filled with sincerity and gratitude. 

“Big brother Xuan Ji is such a capable person, he only entered Jin Cheng’s Ghost City for a few years but he already controls Ghost City in his hands. It’s agreeable that he is the man you chose.”

Liu Se was pleased and she smiled with sweetness, but her smile made the bumps and wrinkles on her face squeeze together. 

It looked scary enough. 

Gong Qian Xue could not stand it and averted her gaze. She saw the Corpse Soldiers nearby and couldn’t resist her blood from boiling because of enthusiasm. 

No matter how ugly Liu Se was, if she could train these Corpse Soldiers, she would need to bear with her because these Corpse Soldiers were cultivated and controlled by Liu Se herself. 

Once Liu Se was dead, these Corpse Soldiers might disappear. 

Gong Qian Xue contributed countless resources into these Corpse Soldiers, and if everything turned out to be for nothing, she would not be able to accept it. 

When she wanted to continue her acts, she saw a cloud of black smoke emitting from Liu Se. 

A crimson red worm then came squirming out from Liu Se’s neck. 

It fell onto the floor and twitched uncontrollably as if it was in excruciating pain. Finally, it stopped moving, dead.

Liu Se suddenly widened her eyes and screamed, horrified, “No, impossible! This is impossible!” 

Her scream was at such high pitch as if it thrived through the clouds. 

Gong Qian Xue was frightened by her and asked quickly, “Sister Liu Se, what happened?” 

“Xuan Ji, Xuan Ji died! This is impossible! Who is it?! Who killed my Xuan Ji!!” 

Gong Qian Xue was shocked. But she found her voice after a second, “Xuan Ji is dead?! How did it happen?!” 

How could Xuan Ji die?!!

Jin Cheng’s Ghost City was almost in her hands!

How could he die so suddenly??

Gong Qian Xue could not keep her fake smile and image anymore. 

What a useless piece of shit!

Why didn’t he die after handing out Jin Cheng’s Ghost City to her?

She did not even spy on Xuan Ji because it would make Liu Se unhappy.

Now Xuan Ji was dead, Jin Cheng’s Ghost City was in no one’s control.

Gong Qian Xue’s chest heaved as she struggled to control her breathing, but she forced herself to calm down, “Sister Liu Se, who’s the one that killed Brother Xuan Ji? How can this person be so cold-hearted? You must take revenge for Brother Xuan Ji!”

Liu Se’s ugly appearance was suddenly filled with hatred and evilness. The Corpse Soldiers were influenced by Liu Se’s emotions and began to howl.    

“Who killed my Xuan Ji?! I will tear him into pieces!!” 

A dove came diving down from the sky and settled on Gong Qian Xue’s shoulder.

This was a message sent by the spies she placed all over Jin Cheng City 

Gong Qian Xue’s pupil constricted when she saw the message. 

A voice filled with hatred and murderous intent echoed out gradually, “Jun--! Mu--! Yan--!”

When she saw and heard this name, she could smell the strong stench emanating from herself.

Her disgusting body odor made her a joke in the palace.

It was Jian Feng who especially refined the elixir that helped to suppress her body odor.