However, Gong Qian Xue’s perfect image was broken and could not be repaired anymore.

Even Brother Jian Feng who admired her was disgusted by her when she stunk with body odor. 

How could someone as arrogant as Gong Gian Xue bear with all these?

And the person who humiliated her like this was Jun Mu Yan!

But Gong Qian Xue was unwilling to think about it.

If it was not for her persuading the Fiery Mercenary Corps to attack Jun Mu Yan, the effect would not backlash against her either.

She breathed deeply and hurriedly said in an angry tone, “Sister Liu Se, I know who killed Brother Xuan Ji.”


“Jun Mu Yan, the famous doctor in Tian Yuan City. She’s now in Jing Cheng’s Wang Jiang City now. Brother Xuan Ji was killed by this cold-hearted, ruthless woman!”

“Jun Mu Yan! Jun Mu Yan!” Liu Se called her name repeatedly and her teeth clenched tightly, “I’m going to Wang Jiang City now. I will let the person who killed my Xuan Ji to repay everything!”

“Jun Mu Yan, you’ll come to a bad end!” 

Seeing the burning murderous intent in Liu Se’s eyes, Gong Qian Xue curved the edges of her lips showing an eerily cold smile.

This idiot would definitely go to Wang Jiang's Ghost City.

In this way, her problems with Jun Mu Yan, Ghost Lord Gu Yue, and the Ghost City could be easily solved. 

“Miss, you’re back,” Ru Yan welcomed smilingly as she saw the couple come in, “Did you have a great time with Lord today?”

The volume of Ru Yan’s voice became lower as she talked. 

She could obviously sense that Di Ming Jue was pissed just by looking at his expression.

He glanced at her coldly after hearing what she asked.

Ru Yan shrank her neck and looked at Mu Yan helplessly. 

Mu Yan looked at Di Ming Jue and resisted her laugh. 

She knew this guy shooed Xiao Bao away to get themselves some alone time together. 

But it did not go according to what he expected.

They were always disturbed when they wanted to spend time with each other.

There were guys who wanted to flirt with Mu Yan, and also women who wanted to hit on Di Ming Jue.

Finally, the atmosphere became a little lovey-dovey, but an injured young man suddenly knelt in front of Mu Yan and wanted to sell himself to her after she healed him with her medicine. 

Di Ming Jue became furious on the spot and kicked the healed young man into the lake.

“Hey, are you still mad?” Mu Yan pulled Di Ming Jue’s sleeves as she said, “Don’t scare my underling.” 

Di Ming Jue was still unhappy, he hugged her waist and pulled her towards himself, “I really want to lock you inside to prevent you from attracting other guys.”

“Haha, likewise!” Mu Yan tilted Di Ming Jue’s chin up and smiled, “My Lord also has the ability to attract other people.” 

Di Ming Jue closed their distance, his voice was slightly hoarse, “I don’t mind you locking me up with… only the two of us inside.”

Mu Yan: “......”

Damn, this guy is unbelievably shameless with his words. I definitely can’t compete with him.

Ru Yan: Miss, Lord, please care about others around you when displaying your affection for each okay?

“Em… … Ru Yan, where’s Xiao Bao?”

Ru Yan came back to her senses, “Little Master and Ying Mei haven’t come back since they went out.”