“They are not back yet?” Mu Yan frowned, “They just went to Ghost City to get some medicine, why are they not back yet?”

'Did something happen to them? Or did the fat rabbit can't resist the temptation and gobbled up all the monsters in Ghost City?'

Mu Yan pressed in between her eyebrows and decided to visit the Ghost City to have a look.


“Mother!” A high-pitched voice was heard as a small-sized figure plunged into her like a cannon.

“Xiao Bao!” Mu Yan hugged the small and soft body tightly, “What took you so long?”

She sounded panicked but she finally felt relieved. 

Xiao Bao rubbed on Mu Yan’s chin and lifted up his head, “Mother, there are bad guys in Ghost City!”


A soft fluffy head then appeared between Mu Yan and Xiao Bao.

The fat rabbit howled and shook his head to ask for praise. 

The bad guy was defeated by me, the bunny!

Bah! When did he become a bunny? A spiritual beast like him, how could he be a bunny?

Mu Yan did not care much about what the fat rabbit was struggling about, she turned her head towards Han Ye and Ying Mei.

They were both filled with scratches and blood, looking very messy. 

Ying Mei was even carrying Han Ye on her back.

Mu Yan frowned looking as she looked at this sight.

Di Ming Jue’s expression darkened, “What happened?”

… …

Han Ye briefly told them what happened in Ghost City in Mu Yan’s room.

After all that talking, Han Ye knelt down in front of Di Ming Jue. 

“My Lord, I know that Ying Mei is disguising as a man and lying to you is wrong, and she must undergo capital punishment according to the Polar Domain’s rule. If you really want to punish her, can I take her place instead?”

Ying Mei widened her eyes, “Han Ye, what nonsense are you talking about?”

Di Ming Jue squinted his eyes, expressionless, “You should know it clearly, what kind of punishment you will get by breaking the laws of the Polar Domain.”

“I know!” Han Ye said it without hesitation, “but I am willing to be punished for Ying Mei!” 

What kind of punishment?

He knew it well.

They were their Lord’s confidants, they swore to be loyal and never lie to or betray their Lord.    

Once it was broken, their sacrum would be removed and they would be kicked out from the World of Immortals, unable to return forever.

This kind of punishment would mean hell to anyone who cultivated immortality.

He did not regret it at all.

Ying Mei sighed lightly, a helpless smile formed on her face, which was usually cold. 

Han Ye… why is he so stupid! But adorable.

Di Ming Jue looked at Han Ye who’s preparing to face death and said gradually, “If this is the case, then stay in the purgatory for three months.”

Han Ye looked down, “I understa… huh? Purgatory…… three months?!”

“My...My Lord?!”

Han Ye looked at Di Ming Jue in disbelief.

Why just three months in the purgatory? Isn’t it the capital punishment I should be facing?

Mu Yan could not help it and laughed out.

Xiao Bao who was in Mu Yan’s arms said in despise, “Stupid Uncle Han Ye!”

Han Ye then realized. 

“My Lord, you knew that Ying Mei is a woman from the start?”

Ying Mei knelt beside Han Ye and hit his head gently, “Idiot, did you forget? We had a soul blood pact with our Lord. How can I keep this a secret to him?”