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“Miss!” Ru Yan and the others were very worried, “Miss, please listen to us. You can’t go alone.” 

However, Mu Yan’s decision was firm, she drove them away from her room.

After she closed the door and turned, someone hugged her.

She could feel the familiar breath of the guy.

“Can I go with you?”

Mu Yan looked up and leered at him, “Can I stop you?”

Di Ming Jue did not take advantage of her this time but gazed at her deeply.

After a moment, he said slowly, “Whatever you want, I can get it for you."

“Whoever you want to kill, I can kill them.”

“No matter what you want, even the moon in the sky, I will get it for you anyway.”

“But I will never allow one thing.”

Di Ming Jue held her chin, forcing her to raise her head slowly, “Mu Yan, you need to promise that you’ll never get hurt, and will never disappear from my life.”

Mu Yan was stunned at the blue eyes in front of her, she had almost drowned into him. 

His firm words as if they were an oath or a spell lingered in her ear, she was trapped. 

She took a long time to respond. She curved her lips slightly and smiled.

“Di Ming Jue, this is my hatred, I’ve to avenge myself. No one else is allowed to intervene, including you, understand?”

The guy looked at her deeply. Then, he bowed his head and kissed her pointed nose.

“I dared not to disobey my wife’s order.” 

Bastard, who is your wife!

Can you stop addressing me like this and even get used to it? 


Ghostwind Valley was located at the junction of Huang Yao Country and Jing Cheng Country. 

But it did not belong to either one. 

Strictly speaking, it did not belong to Ghost City, as it was a grim and forbidden but mysterious place. 

In the past, only those who had reached positions higher than the King of Hell in the Ghost City could enter and leave the place safely.

However, despite the fact that Ghostwind Valley was such a scary place, there were still countless physicians or apothecaries who came to cure the Ghost Lord.

It was all because of the reward from the Ghost City, which none of the physicians or apothecaries can reject. 

The Secret Formula of Pill Condensing! 

Mu Yan could not help sneering when she thought of this reward. 

As Shi Lan Ling wrote the invitation, she believed that Mu Yan would definitely come even if she knew it was a trap.

Perhaps, she will come just for this reward.

Shi Lan Ling probably thought that Mu Yan could not practice alchemy, so she would come for the Secret Formula of Pill Condensing anyhow.

As Mu Yan arrived at the entrance of Ghostwind Valley, she saw an old man in grey hair who was taking his invitation card out for the guards of the Ghostwind Valley to see.

Looking into it from the entrance, there was a mist in the Ghostwind Valley.

As you got nearer, you could even feel the piercing cold wind.

Just as Mu Yan approached the entrance, she could feel the guards looking at her vigilantly. 

The old man looked at the four people and put on a suspicious look, “Are you guys also the physicians who were invited to cure the Ghost Lord?” 

Although he was asking, his eyes were full of despise. 

The four people, Mu Yan, Di Ming Jue, Han Ye and Ying Mei, indeed did not look like physicians. 

Di Ming Jue restrained his breath, making his presence low. 

Han Ye and Ying Mei seemed to be just ordinary handsome young men. Not to mention Mu Yan.