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“Don’t you guys know who she is?” Judge Liu said furiously, “You’ve never heard of the new Shenshu Daren of Ghost City, but you guys should know about Tian Yuan’s Enchantress of Medicine who can save lives from the King of Hell, right?” 

“The Enchantress of Medicine?!!” Dr. Wang was the first one who shouted out of surprise, “You’re the famous Enchantress of Medicine who can bring the dead back to life in Tian Yuan City?!”

Indeed! Didn’t the medical skill she have shown earlier prove that she could bring the dead back to life?

Judge Liu ignored him and continued, “If not, you guys should know about the Godly Apothecary right? Half of the rare draught sold in Ghost City is refined by this Miss Jun. How dare you doubt her identity? And even stopped her from entering?”

“If we’ve passed the golden hour of healing the Ghost Lord, you will not be able to compensate even if you guys have ten lives!”

As they heard him, Dr. Wang’s body trembled and he dropped onto the floor with a thump.

The guards of the Ghostwind Valley were frightened and their faces turned white as they knelt onto the floor simultaneously.

How could they think of that?

The Enchantress of Medicine who could bring the dead back to life, the Godly Apothecary who could refine the draught that was auctioned up at sky-high prices, was just a young girl who looked only at eighteen or nineteen. 

Mu Yan heard Judge Liu’s pleasing words and looked at the guards that were begging for forgiveness, her face still expressionless. 

She patted away the soil and blood gently on her hands. 

The blood had dried and was unable to be patted off. 

Suddenly, her hand was grasped by someone, a soft, moist handkerchief then covered her hands.  

The bloodstain on her hands was quickly wiped off. 

Mu Yan raised her head subconsciously and looked at Di Ming Jue’s cold yet handsome face.

She looked into his deep, bottomless eyes, reflecting only her shadow.

Her heart pounded heavily and she subconsciously pulled her hand back, only then had her heart calmed down after a few breaths. 

She coughed gently, covering the fact that her heart was beating loudly.

She glanced at Judge Liu sarcastically, “I just want to know, this guard said that my name was not in the invitation list. Does Ghost City want to cut off our cooperation? Or, is the Ghost City unsatisfied with my actions?” 

“Since you have a problem with me, let’s just stop cooperating.” 

After saying, she turned back without any hesitation, “Okay then, goodbye!”

“No no no, Miss Jun, it’s not like that! Listen to me please, this is a misunderstanding, it’s really a misunderstanding!”

Mu Yan was preparing to leave, as if there was no other reason for her to stay.

But at that time, she heard a hoarse voice. 

“Enchantress, please wait!”

Mu Yan stopped moving and turned her body around slowly.

A figure was gradually walking towards her. The figure was wrapped tightly with clothing and wore a mask, thus the gender was unknown. 

As the figure got nearer, Mu Yan felt even more anxious. 

As an instinctive behavior towards danger, every nerve in Mu Yan’s body tightened. 

This person is strong! 

Their cultivation is even higher than mine.

Moreover, it was not only that their cultivation reached the peak of Precelestial, but also the weird and evil aura emanating around them.

It was just like the aura emitted by that poisonous person, Enforcer Li who was cultivated by Qian Qing. 

But, it was much stronger than Enforcer Li.

Behind that person, an elegant-looking lady wearing yellow colored clothing followed by. It was Shi Lan Ling.