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Unlike the last meeting, the white spot on Shi Lan Ling’s face had already disappeared without a trace. 

Her face was more beautiful compared to the one before she caught the White Jade Purple Frost powder. 

Seeing Mu Yan, Shi Lan Ling gritted her teeth while her eyes were filled with vengeance. 

However, Mu Yan could not even be bothered to give any attention to Shi Lan Ling, her eyes were still on the figure with the mask right in front of her. 

The figure walked out slowly from the Ghostwind Valley. The eerie aura from the place continued to linger on them making their already creepy aura more terrifying and uncomfortable. 

“I heard so many great things about you, Doctor. I’m Liu Se, Ghost City’s King of Hell.“ 

Liu Se!! 

Mu Yan’s pupils contracted suddenly. 

Could she be the same “Liu Se” she had heard before in her previous life? 

She did not expect that Gong Qian Xue’s hand had already stretched so far. 

Not just Jing Cheng Country, but Huang Yao Country’s Ghost City was already in her hands. 

It seemed like today’s “curing the Ghost Lord” was the real trap all along.  

Mu Yan squinted her eyes slowly and subconsciously reached out for something.

She knew that she would not be afraid of anything if she was the only one here. 

Unfortunately, Xiao Bao was with her. 

If she had any accidents, Xiao Bao would be exposed to people and get hurt.

This was what she would definitely not allow to happen, even if she was faced with death. 

Her outstretched hand was suddenly grasped by a warm and comfortable hand. 

A man’s body slowly approached her, and she could hear a deep voice rumbling in her ears, “Don’t be afraid, Yan Yan.”

“I’ll always be right beside you.”

As he finished talking, Liu Se suddenly stiffened and took a few steps back. 

Her pair of cold eyes stared at Mu Yan and Di Ming Jue, showing a look of surprise and fear. 

Mu Yan could clearly feel the body temperature of Di Ming Jue, his heartbeat and his unique aura. 

The restlessness in her heart suddenly disappeared without a trace.    

That’s right! 

She still had Di Ming Jue at her side. 

Both she and Xiao Bao still had him. 

In an instant, she suddenly felt upset and a little lightheaded. 

Since when did she start to trust and rely on this man again? 

But, she had vowed that the most important thing for her to do was to get revenge for Xiao Bao. 

Before she finished her revenge, she would never be attached to feelings and relationships!

Mu Yan took a deep breath and broke free from Du Ming Jue’s hand, showing her usual calmness. 

This was her own battle to fight! 

She had to get revenge on her own! 

The corner of her mouth raised slightly, “The way Ghost City handled their guests was improper. Are you ignoring my sincerity while treating me as a fool? I can’t afford this type of invitation. Forget about any cooperation now or in the future! ”

After she finished speaking, Mu Yan turned around, deliberately walking away. 

Liu Se would have never expected for her to walk away that quickly. 

His eyebrows frowned suddenly, “Wait a minute! ”  

Liu Se quickly called out to Mu Yan, “ What happened today is indeed an improper handling of the Ghostwind Valley, and we hope you can forgive us. Your name was accidentally deleted by Fairy Shi. Fairy Shi, what are you waiting for, hurry up and apologize to her. ”

“You want me to apologize to her for this?! ” Shi Lan Ling screamed incredulously. 

However, Liu Se only glared at her with cold eyes. 

Shi Lan Ling paled, showing her terrified face.