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She stared furiously at Mu Yan, her features were twisted because of anger. She clenched her teeth and said, “It’s… It’s my fault, Miss Jun, please don’t be offended.”

Mu Yan showed a faint smile and looked at her, “Um, Fairy Shi, I can’t sense your sincerity.”

Shi Lan Ling’s face turned from white to green, green to purple, and purple to black. At last, she could only stiffen her body and bow towards Mu Yan, “It’s my fault, Miss Jun, please forgive me!”

The guards of the Ghostwind Valley, Dr.Wang, his apprentice and everyone there widened their eyes as if they had encountered a ghost.  

One was the King of Hell of Huang Yao’s Ghost City, and another one was the only person who could perform alchemy, Fairy Shi.

They apologized and condescended to her, just to let her stay.  

This… This Enchantress of Medicine, was her medical skills that intimidating?

Was the draught she refined that magical?

Even the elixir Fairy Shi refined was undermined by hers?

Shi Lan Ling could feel the sympathy from the people around her. 

She had such a high position in Ghost City, when did she face this kind of humiliation before? 

She wanted to plunge herself towards Jun Mu Yan and tear her into pieces.

But, she must bear with it. 

Mu Yan looked at Shi Lan Ling calmly as if she was a joke. 

Then, she sloppily answered, “Since Fairy Shi apologized so sincerely, I’ll accept it then. But, this was such a low-level mistake and Fairy Shi did it numerous times, it made me doubt your IQ. Is your elixir able to save people? You might have messed up on the medicinal herbs while refining, you know?”

“Or, let me guess, the Ghost Lord is heavily ill because of Fairy Shi’s improper treatment?”

“Haha, if it’s the truth, then how sad is the Ghost Lord!”

Mu Yan sounded like she was joking, but the guards of the Ghostwind Valley turned their heads towards Shi Lan Ling at the same time.

Some of the guards’ faces were even filled with doubt.

Shi Lan Ling was already unhappy, after she heard Mu Yan’s words, she could see nothing, her body was shaking as if she was going to faint. 

Jun Mu Yan, you’re such a bitch!!! I must kill you now!

After criticizing Shi Lan Ling, Mu Yan entered the Ghostwind Valley under the King of Hell, Liu Se’s invitation. 

… …

“The Nether Palace in Ghostwind Valley was divided into two parts, an inner hall and an outer hall.”

“The severely ill Ghost Lord is still resting in the inner hall and all the physicians are needed to stay in the inner hall as well.”

“But the accompaniers are not allowed to enter the inner hall, so they are only able to stay in the outer hall.”

Liu Se’s pair of eyes underneath the mask looked at Mu Yan eerily, “Miss Jun, I believe you don’t mind right?”

Before Mu Yan said anything, Ying Mei and Han Ye responded anxiously, “How is this possible? Miss Jun, you’re alone, what if something dangerous happens…”

“Haha, we, the Ghostwind Valley, invited Miss Jun sincerely to treat our Ghost Lord, how will it be dangerous here?”

Shi Lan Ling laughed and turned her gaze that was filled with sarcasm and disdain towards Mu Yan, “Or is Miss Jun such a coward that you need someone to accompany you in the Ghostwind Valley?”

Mu Yan raised her long eyebrows and stopped Han Ye and the others from disagreeing. 

Things that should happen would happen. 

Escaping and retreating was not her way of dealing with problems. 

She just wanted to see what Shi Lan Ling and Liu Se wanted to do by separating her and the others. 

Before turning to leave, Mu Yan could not help but look at Di Ming Jue.