However, that glance made her heart sank deeply.

Because this was the first time that when she looked at Di Ming Jue, Ding Ming Jue was looking at another woman --

Shi Lan Ling!

… …

The room provided to the physicians in Ghostwind Valley was very grand.

There were all types of expensive furnishings, anything luxurious that one would expect in there were there.

Every room was even assigned four pretty and clever maids.

Mu Yan swang her hand, instructing the maids to leave. After making sure nobody was spying on her, she quickly entered into her Space.

“Mother!” Xiao Bao jumped right into her arms, his smiling face was saying how much he missed her, “Mother, Xiao Bao has been training hard.”

Fat Rabbit was also jumping and making a woo sound, “Me! I was training hard too!”

Mu Yan smiled gently, she rubbed Xiao Bao’s head, and stroked Fat Rabbit.

“Mother has to refine an elixir now, help mother to watch the surroundings. Inform Mother if there’s anyone coming close.”

Xiao Bao nodded.

He carried Fat Rabbit in his arms, sat beside Mu Yan, and focused all his attention outside the Space.

Mu Yan took out the furnace and started a fire.

She was refining an elixir that could suppress the Yin Qi in Ghostwind Valley. [Yin Qi: negative energy]

The moment she entered Ghostwind Valley, she could feel the cold. The Yin Qi was also corroding her veins.

It might not be something major in the short term, but in the longer term, or if the energy was stronger, it might cause some negative impacts on her.

If she took in too much Yin Qi, the energy would also start to consume the Space.

Of course, Mu Yan would not let such a thing happen.

Her instrument slowly sounded, the Dan fire in the furnace was burning more vigorously.

After some time, six pills of elixir were finally produced.

This elixir was different from the previous ones which had a scent that traveled a thousand miles and shocked countless living organisms.

These six pills were very ordinary.

Mu Yan gave one each to Xiao Bao and Fat Rabbit.

She swallowed one herself, too.

Xiao Bao obediently swallowed the pill. He looked at Mu Yan, after hesitating for a while he asked, “Mother, why aren’t you happy?”

Mu Yan was startled.

Was she not happy?

Why wasn’t she happy?

Was it because Di Ming Jue looked at another woman?

She frowned and stroked Xiao Bao’s head, forcing a smile on her face, “Don’t worry baby, Mother isn’t unhappy. I’m just thinking whether to give the pills to Han Ye and Ying Mei, too.”

Xiao Bao immediately nodded, “Of course. I feel that the cold and the uncomfortable feeling have gone away after eating the medicine.”

“Bravo Mother!”

This sentence, “Bravo Mother” from Xiao Bao was solely his admiration and trust towards Mu Yan.

However, if this elixir was known by the others in the Ghostwind Valley, it would definitely be a jaw-dropping piece of news.

This was because the most frightening thing in Ghostwind Valley was not the strong guards, but the [Watery Poison] that was corrosive to human organs.

If one took in an adequate amount of Watery Poison, without cure, his body would be left strengthless and defenseless.

This was why, even when people from Precelestial Realm came to Ghostwind Valley, they might possibly not make it out alive.

Watery Poison had existed in Ghostwind Valley for hundreds of years and people had been studying it for centuries, but no one outside of the Ghost City ever found a cure.

But at this moment, with just a bit of Watery Poison on her body, Mu Yan had refined an elixir that worked against the poison.

Who would believe in such a thing?