It seemed like Di Ming Jue did not truly love Jun Mu Yan, she was only a tool to him.

Shi Lan Ling suppressed the strong desire in her heart, the expression on her face becoming more and more cunning.

Her skin was still full of white spots a few days ago.

But right now, it was bright and fair, like a piece of superior white jade.

However, looking closely, one would realize that her skin was unusually thin, as if it would tear anytime.

The brightness on her skin was strange.

“I suppose the reason you care so much about Jun Mu Yan was because of her Precelestial body that is only seen once in a million years?”

“No matter if by training or healing, working with a woman like this would magnify the results by multiple times.”

“Even if Jun Mu Yan is no longer a virgin, no longer a body of pure Yin, she is still a furnace that cannot be found anywhere else.”

“My Lord, am I right?”

Di Ming Jue slowly raised his head, his eyes were deep, “Is that all you know?”

Shi Lan Ling was startled, she couldn’t understand what Di Ming Jue meant.

The cold and low tone voice of the man said, “Or should I ask, who is the one that told you these? And who is the one that had bewitched you with the Golden Silkworm Spell?”

Shi Lan Ling’s face changed in an instant, she acted calmly and said, “What are you saying my Lord, I don’t understand. On behalf of Ghost City, I am hoping to work with you…”

“Ahhh --!”

Her throat was strangled by an iron-like hand which was slowly tightening.

The air in her body was slowly being squeezed out.

Shi Lan Ling’s face turned pale, her eyes were full of fear, “My Lord, let me… let me go… it’s the King of Hell... It’s King Liu Se, let me…let me…”

The strangled throat was released, cold air immediately rushed into her lungs.

Shi Lan Ling coughed severely.

At this moment, looking at Di Ming Jue’s eyes, besides admiration, there was also fear in her heart.

She said tremblingly, “My Lord, it’s King of Hell Liu Se that asked me to find you, we hope you can work with Ghost City. For the things afterwards, as long as you don’t impede and interrupt, the resources in Ghost City would all be at your expense. Ghost City will help you find whatever you are looking for in Yan Wu Continent.”

“The King of Hell has also promised, once she becomes the Ghost Lord, she would respect you even more than Gu Yue honors you. Even…”

Shi Lan Ling’s face turned red as she was speaking.

She slowly took off her clothes.

Her snow-white shoulder was exposed, her breasts were only half-covered, and her beautiful body was only wearing an inner-wear.

“Even if you will like me, I can dedicate my body to you.”

“Although my body isn’t Precelestial, it’s a godly-Yin female body that’s only seen once in a thousand years. Besides, I’m still a virgin.”

“If you would like, I’m willing to devote my body to you, I wouldn’t mind being your mistress, servant, or even just a furnace, as long as it’s for your good, I’m willing to.”

She looked at Di Ming Jue shyly yet merrily, her eyes were full of affection.

The man in front of her was like a god to her, one that was too high for her to reach, a stunning appearance that was nowhere to be found.

A man like this would be superior even in Xiu Zhen Continent.

Shi Lan Ling’s wild ambition could not be satisfied by the small Yan Wu Continent.

As long as she could give herself to a man like this, being a servant, a mistress, or even a furnace would not be a problem.

As long as she could follow him and leave Yan Wu Continent, she would become an honorable woman.

It would then be a life that she longed for.

The man was not angry and did not oppose her action.