Shi Lan Ling was getting more and more excited. 

She slowly showed off her beautiful figure she had always been proud of under the dim candlelight. 

“My Lord, Lan Ling is ready for you. Don’t you want me? ”

She said in her softest and most delicate voice while walking towards Di Ming Jue step by step. 

The man looked at her without any feelings. 

Like a person looking at a pile of garbage. 

Such a gaze made Shi Lan Ling’s heart sank, at the same time motivating her to swing her body even harder while trying to seduce Di Ming Jue. 

“My Lord, let Lan Ling serve you!”

In the dark, Mu Yan was looking at this scene coldly. 

Her once opened heart because of Di Ming Jue’s protection and companionship closed again at this moment. 

Like a layer of thick ice on the outside, and would never be opened to anyone.

Only the lingering pain in her heart reminded her not to make the same mistake again. 

She once almost fell for this man. 

Mu Yan’s mind was completely calm.   

She was thinking about how she could get away quietly when the two started to get intimate. 

Suddenly, a loud sound of violent impact came. 

Mu Yan was stunned as she looked into the gap between the partitions. Instead of seeing the two hugging each other, she only saw Di Ming Jue standing in the room while Shi Lan Ling flew out, breaking the door in the process and landing heavily outside the house. 

The loud impact awakened the guests and the guards. 

As the crowd followed the sound to their destination, they were shocked to see an inappropriate Shi Lan Ling lying on the grass. 

“What the hell is happening!”

“Ah! Isn’t this Fairy Shi? ”

“Oh, why is Fairy Shi in such a condition? And just now, she seemed to have flown out from that room? ”

At various voices ringing in her ears, along with those eyes who were disgusted and gloating at her, everything made her brain produce a sudden roar, making her unable to think properly. 


Why was this happening?

Wasn’t she giving her body to Di Ming Jue? 

Isn’t she about to succeed in seducing this man? 

Why was it so sudden that it felt like she just fell from heaven to hell?

“My Lord, what happened?” Han Ye and Ying Mei arrived in a hurry, and saw Shi Lan Ling lying in front of Di Ming Jue’s door, all the while showing a look of disgust. 

“Why is this woman here again?” Han Ye was furious, “Fairy Shi, do you still have your own dignity? My Lord had already said he’s not interested in you, and he already had a wife. Why did you come back here again and again, you’re so oblivious! ”

“Ah, I can’t imagine that Fairy Shi looked like a lotus on the outside, but she’s such a shameful person in private.”

“Tsk tsk tsk, she was trying to seduce the Lord but was kicked out. If this information spreads out, I’m sure her reputation would be….. ”

“What Fairy Shi! Bullshit! She’s just a shameless bitch! ”

Shi Lan Ling had always used her noble identity to ruin those women who were not on her good side in the past. 

Almost every one of them was crowned by her with a reputation of shamelessness. Since then, their reputations were ruined, and would never again have the ability to compete against her.