However, she did not expect that she would be the one being humiliated in public.

“Ahhhhhhh--!!” Her piercing scream was heard as she covered her face and escaped from the scene. 

From this day onwards, the Fairy Shi who people admired and pursued was pulled down from her godly position.

Everyone laughed as they left the scene.

The room door was slowly closed, the candlelight was put off, and the room dove into endless darkness and silence. 

Mu Yan gradually exited the Space, silently moving towards the opened-window. 

As she was leaving through the window, a strong, warm breath shrouded her entirely. 

An iron-like arm wrapped at her waist and held it tightly.

A low and deep voice echoed by her ears, “You’re already here, and you’re leaving now?” 

Mu Yan stopped breathing for a second, but her expression quickly returned to normal and slowly turned her body.

“When did my Lord knew that I’m here?”

Di Ming Jue frowned a little, his eyes showed a hint of displeasure “I told you, call me by my name.”

Mu Yan did not want to fight over this matter, she obeyed and called him, “Di Ming Jue.”

“You hid your breath pretty well, I didn’t notice it at first. Until Shi Lan Ling started removing her clothes, I then sensed your breath.”

Di Ming Jue stroked her hair gently, but Mu Yan tilted her head to avoid him. 

“This is the elixir I refined, it can suppress the Yin Qi in this Ghostwind Valley.”

Di Ming Jue was stunned by her words but she ignored it and showed the three pills of elixir on her palm, “I came here to pass them to you, Ying Mei and Han Ye, but it seems that you guys don’t need it.”

“No, I need it.” Di Ming Jue’s eyes were filled with indescribable tenderness, “As long as it is given by Mu Yan, I want it all.”

As he spoke, he caught Mu Yan’s hand and swallowed the pill. 

The warm lips touched her palm, causing Mu Yan’s heart to pound.

She quickly withdrew her hand and placed the two other pills on the table, “If there’s nothing to do, I’m going back.”

As she finished her sentence, she broke free from Di Ming Jue’s hug and walked away.

However, as she took her first step, Di Ming Jue suddenly pulled her back.

“Mu Yan, are you angry?” The deep voice of the man lingered by her ears. 

Mu Yan stiffened but she forced a smile, “Why do I need to be angry?”

“Or, are you jealous?” 

“Jealous, my ass!” Mu Yan was finally mad.

She kicked the man firmly, broke free from his arms, and ran swiftly towards the door like a fish. 

As she was close to leaving the room, a sudden loud thump was heard. The door in front of her was closed. 

She was then pressed against the door by a tall and warm body.

Di Ming Jue’s charming face was not far from hers. 

His icy-blue eyes were as if they were on fire, wanting to eat her up.

The warm gentle breath could be felt at her lips and face, causing her to heat up as well. 

“Di Ming Jue, let me go!”

“No.” Di Ming Jue closed their distance and said gradually, “Mu Yan, as I said before, I will not let you go forever.”

Mu Yan smirked, “Because there’s something useful in my body right? What Precelestial body, that can rapidly…”

Before she could finish her word, Di Ming Jue’s lips pressed against hers, making her unable to make a sound.

The kiss was warm and forceful, but it was filled with indescribable pampering and tolerance.