The large, wide palm pressed against the back of her head, forcing her to close their distance, she was not able to escape.

However, his actions were gentle and careful, as if he was protecting something precious.

This made Mu Yan fall into it little by little, unable to control herself.

After a while, their lips separated. Mu Yan’s lips were slightly swollen and looked seductive.

The string of saliva that connected their lips made the atmosphere romantically ambiguous, as if a fire was set up. 

“You heartless little soul!” Di Ming Jue’s voice was extremely hoarse.

His large hand caught her small hands, gradually moving down, until she pressed onto something hard and hot.

Mu Yan was shocked by his actions and wanted to break free from his hand, but he held onto her tightly, unable to escape. 

Then, he felt his strong sexual desire even more.

“You heartless woman, if I only wanted your body, do I need to bear with this suffering?”

Mu Yan’s face reddened as if water was going to drip out.

But it was as if a blaze of fire was ignited in her heart, melting the ice that she built earlier. 

“Let… let me go first!”

Di Ming Jue held on her hand even more tightly, he murmured with his hoarse voice and begged, “Mu Yan, I won’t touch you if you’re not willing to do it. But you’re responsible to extinguish the fire that you ignited.”

… …

After two hours, Di Ming Jue hugged the girl who was deeply asleep and kissed in between her eyebrows gently.

He then went outside and knocked onto the table lightly.

“My Lord!” Han Ye and Ying Mei rapidly arrived from next door and knelt in front of him.

Di Ming Jue’s expression in the dark was ruthlessly cold, “Shi Lan Ling has the Golden Silkworm Spell in her body.”

“Golden Silkworm Spell?” Han Ye and Ying Mei lifted their heads suddenly and were shocked, “Isn’t it, isn’t it the poison that only the disciples of Tian Yi Men can use?"

Ying Mei frowned deeply, “My Lord, are you saying that, there are people from the Tian Yi Men in Ghostwind Valley? Why would the people from Tian Yi Men come to Yan Wu Continent?”

“Could… Could it be… …” Han Ye gritted his teeth, and continued, “Could it be that they found out that the Shen Musician is at Yan Wu Continent? And… …” [T/N: Shen means God]

And someone even knew that Miss Jun was the heir of the Shen Musicians?

When Mu Yan activated the Shen Musicians’ inheritance, it startled the Xiu Xian Continent, but it was later covered up by Di Ming Jue. 

However, when Mu Yan’s Moon Spiritual Root was remodeled, the Spirit Clock which was the relic of the Shen Musicians rang without the wind. This caught the attention of all the sects of Tian Yi Men and Xiu Xian Continent.

No one was clearer than Di Ming Jue, the Immortals of Xiu Xian Continent hated and were afraid of the Shen Musicians.  

Mu Yan is still weak, if they knew her existence...” 

Di Ming Jue might not even be able to protect her. 

Di Ming Jue’s hands clenched tightly and were loosened later, “After leaving Ghostwind Valley, I will return to Xiu Xian Continent.”

“My Lord!” Han Ye anxiously said, “Your real body is left in Yan Wu Continent, your ability in Xiu Xian Continent will not be strong enough, and if you are going to solve the problems about the Shen Musicians, it will be too dangerous, what if… …”

“Stop it.” Di Ming Jue’s vision swept over the room and his eyes turned gentle, “No matter what, I won’t allow anyone to hurt Mu Yan.”

“Ying Mei will follow me back to Xiu Xian Continent, Han Ye, you stay here and protect Mu Yan and Xiao Bao.”