The Troop of Xuan led by Ying Mei was the fastest blade in Polar Domain, not only that, it was a blade that was hidden in the dark.

Han Ye and Ying Mei exchanged glances, and bowed down, “Yes, Lord!”


Mu Yan had been refining elixirs in the room for the next three days.

She just did not want to see Di Ming Jue.

Whenever she thought of that night, she could feel her whole body burning.

That shameless pervert, bastard!

She could not believe that a few soft words had actually made her give up her principles and resistance.

It was not finished, but…

“Ms. Enchantress, don’t you think, it’s really strange?”

Dr. Wang’s question had brought Mu Yan’s mind back from that enchanting night.

“We were brought here to examine the Ghost Lord’s disease, but it’s been three days and we have not even met the sick Ghost Lord. We still do not have the slightest idea of the disease of Ghost Lord. Don’t you think it’s strange?”

"Since the day he was taught a lesson by Mu Yan, and was amazed by her brilliant medical skills, Dr. Wang had been very respectful yet fearful of Mu Yan.

He would sometimes even shamelessly consult with Mu Yan about some medical questions.

Gradually, Dr. Wang was extremely impressed by Mu Yan’s knowledge and skills.

After the three days, besides Mu Yan, the other physicians had finally realized something was wrong.

They were brought and stayed here for three days already, and Ghostwind Valley had been serving them very well, there was not a thing that they could complain about.

However, the problem was that they were not there to enjoy, but to treat a disease!

As they were talking, a group of Ghost Envoys wearing the uniform of the Ghostwind Valley came in orderly.

In a blink of an eye, Mu Yan and Dr. Wang were surrounded by them.

The head of the Ghost Envoys lowered his head and looked directly at them, his expression was arrogant yet empathizing, “Dr. Jun, Dr. Wang, the King of Hell invited you over!”

“Right now?” Dr. Wang was bewildered, “Is it to treat the disease of the Ghost Lord?”

The head of the Ghost Envoys grinned, it was not a friendly smile, “Yes, so please come with me.”

“But it’s very late already, we are going to rest soon,” Dr. Wang quickly refuted, “Focus is extremely important when treating a disease and refining medicine, even if we go now, we won’t be able to treat it properly.”

“Haha, you have no say in this!” The Ghost Envoy chuckled scornfully, his eyes were becoming colder, “Haven’t you heard of a saying? If the King of Hell wants you dead now, you won’t survive even another second. Since the King of Hell wants you to go treat the disease now, you have to go now, otherwise, do not blame us for being rude!”

The Ghost Envoys pulled out their swords right after the last sentence was finished. The horrifying swords, with the dark cold air in the room that was becoming even colder, were closing in on Dr. Wang and Mu Yan.

Dr. Wang was frightened and he fell on the ground from his seat.

However, Mu Yan indistinctly raised a corner of her lips.

The Ghost Envoy glanced at Mu Yan and chuckled coldly, “Ms. Enchantress, I know you have a few impressive men, but the door to the inner palace has been closed, they won’t be able to come in, so don’t even think about it!”

Mu Yan whisked her clothes and stood slowly, her expression was indescribably relaxed, “After waiting for so many days, the show has finally began, I couldn’t wait to see the Ghost Lord’s disease. Please lead the way!”