The Ghost Envoy was a little suspicious, he laughed mockingly and waved his hand, instructing the other Ghost Envoys to bring them away.

When they exited the house, Mu Yan could hear the sounds of panic and anger coming from the inner hall.

“Presumptuous! I am the physician invited by your Ghost Lord to treat his sickness, how dare you act so presumptuously towards me!”

“Do you know who I am? How dare you touch me!”

“Ahh! Let me go, where are you bringing me!?”

… …

The chaotic scene, the panic and screams of anger, had put Ghostwind Valley into a deep ocean of fear.

But the resistance of the physicians was useless.

The Ghost Envoys were very brutal and violent, it was completely different from how they treated the physicians a few days ago.

A sentence floated onto Mu Yan’s mind -- 

Their true intention is finally revealed!

Liu Se and Shi Lan Ling must have been preparing for something so it had been quiet and peaceful for the past three days.

Now that they had prepared everything, they finally showed their true faces.

Very soon, all the physicians arrived at a wide empty hall under the escort of the Ghost Envoys.

However, the severely-ill Ghost Lord wasn’t in the hall.

There were only the King of Hell, Liu Se, who covered herself tightly, and Shi Lan Ling, who has heavy make-up and dressed in a gorgeous dress, sitting on the top seats.

Ghost Envoys in their uniforms stood around the hall.

Compared to the Ghost Envoys in Ghost City, these Ghost Envoys were one level higher.

There was a strong smell of blood when one stood close to them.

This was a proof of how many lives ended in their hands.

More than ten highly respected physicians were pushed into the hall, like lambs that were waiting to be slaughtered.

Everyone’s face was full of fear and worry, but all were as quiet as a mouse, not daring to utter a word.

At this moment, many were already regretting in their minds that they should not have taken the risk to come to Ghostwind Valley for the Secret Technique of Pill Condensing.

“King of Hell, what are you doing?!” Suddenly, a loud and bright voice came in and broke the silence in the hall, “We are physicians invited here to treat the Ghost Lord, not your prisoners. Is this how Ghost City treats your guests?”

The crowd looked to the source of the voice.

Everyone was relieved when they saw who was speaking.

“Oh, Dr. Song is here, this is great!”

“That’s right! Dr. Song is so respectable, nobody in Yan Wu Continent dares to disrespect him, even the royal family of Jing Cheng Country has to respectfully invite him over.”

The one who was speaking was Dr. Song from Chang Shou Hall, a highly respectable man in Yan Wu Continent. His status was second only to Qian Qing, a godly physician.

Very soon, another white-headed, narrow-eyed old man opened his mouth, “This is totally nonsense, where is the Ghost Lord? Where? The Ghost Lord must give us a reasonable explanation otherwise, we would never rest. I will bring this matter to the Emperor and let His Majesty bring me justice!”

Someone said shockingly when he saw the old man speaking, “Wa! This is the national physician of Huang Yao Country, Dr. Du!”

“Ha, Ghost City is in trouble this time. Dr. Du is the Emperor's official physician in Huang Yao Country, many elixirs in Huang Yao Country’s Ghost City were refined by him! Moreover, Dr. Du is well known for his hot temper, Ghost City is really in trouble for angering him this time!”

Those respectable physicians all stood out and condemned Liu Se and Shi Lan Ling one after another.

As more and more physicians stood out, the physicians who were panicking were all relieved and even became a little vain.