On the top seat, Liu Se’s face was hidden under a mask, no one could see her expression.

Only her eyes that were freezingly cold were glancing down at everyone under her.

On the other hand, Shi Lan Ling who was beside her stared at Mu Yan aggressively.

Her heavily-drawn eye lines highlighted the strong hatred and excitement in her devilish eyes.

The only one in the hall that still looked serene was Mu Yan.

When everyone was arguing, she gracefully found a spot and sat down, pouring a cup of tea for herself, drinking slowly.

Her undisturbed face had reminded Shi Lan Ling of her embarrassing event three days ago.

The demonic fire in her was burning, she almost could not control herself to jump Mu Yan and tear her face into pieces.

But when she thought of the things that were going to happen very soon, Shi Lan Ling calmed herself down, smiling ferociously.

… …

“Alright, stop with all this nonsense!” Dr. Song raised his hand and opened his palm, asking everyone to keep quiet.

His fierceful eyes looked at Liu Se, “Where is the Ghost Lord? Weren’t we brought here to treat his disease?”

“That’s right. After curing the Ghost Lord’s disease, you have to honor our agreement and pass us the Secret Technique of Pill Condensing. If you dare to cheat us, don’t blame me for what will happen!” Dr. Du said coldly, “By then, we will join forces with all other countries to boycott Ghost City, making Ghost City disappear in Yan Wu Continent, completely!”

“Hahaha… Boycott Ghost City! By you?”

Liu Se could no longer contain her laughter.

The Ghost Envoys surrounding the physicians were all chuckling sarcastically and scornfully.

After seeing what happened, the faces of Dr. Du and Dr. Song turned pale, “Alright, you dare to trick us? Let’s see what happens! Everyone, since Ghost City is not sincere at all, what are we doing here!? Let’s leave!”

All physicians followed as Dr. Du swang his hand, everyone was leaving angrily but, two Ghost Envoys were blocking their way at the entrance.

“Get off! Don’t block my way!”

Dr. Song pushed his palm outwards, an energy that was strong yet deadly was flowing in the air.

No one would expect a nerd-looking Dr. Song to have such god-like skills.

That was why he was not afraid at all.

He also did not think the two Ghost Envoys could block his way.

However, seeing an attack like this, the two Ghost Envoys who were hindering their way were completely unafraid, they even grinned scornfully.

Suddenly, one of the Ghost Envoys took out a large Banana Leaf Fan and brandish it at Dr. Song.

A bone-chilling wind rushed towards him.

Dr. Song could only feel that the Internal Energy he pushed out was completely consumed by the wind in an instant.

A few “boom” sounds followed.

All the physicians who were running towards the entrance were kicked into the air by the Ghost Envoys and fell heavily onto the ground.

The whole hall was filled with continuous howling sounds.

Dr. Song stood up from the ground, the corner of his lips was already bleeding.

He stared at Liu Se furiously, “Watery Poison!! Liu Se, how dare you use Watery Poison on us!”

“You frenzied animal, what are you trying to do? Attacking so many physicians in Ghostwind Valley, aren’t you afraid of being hunted down by all practitioners?”

Liu Se slowly stood up from her seat, she threw away her mask and robe, exposing an ugly yet horrifying face that was as chapped as an old bark.