Looking at her face, a few people showed a look of horror and disgust. 

Even Mu Yan was stunned, she would have never expected that Liu Se was actually a woman, and this was her true self. 

Liu Se was happy with their horrified faces. 

She walked step by step towards Dr. Song and Dr. Du, “ Why are you leaving in such a hurry? Don’t you guys wanted to treat the Ghost Lord? Don’t you want to know the Secret Technique of Pill Condensing? ”

Dr. Song gritted his teeth, “This is ridiculous, Liu Se. You actually don’t have the Secret Technique of Pill Condensing, right? You are only using this gimmick to trick us. What on earth are you planning?”

“The Secret Technique of Pill Condensing, my Ghost City naturally has it!”

Liu Se then glanced at Shi Lan Ling, “Fairy Shi is the best proof.”

Everyone’s eyes were suddenly on Shi Lan Ling. 

That’s right! Everyone knew that Shi Lan Ling was capable of performing alchemy. 

However, was Shi Lan Ling really willing to hand over the Secret Technique of Pill Condensing?

Shi Lan Ling stood up and put on a cheeky face, “Of course, as long as you heal the Ghost Lord, Lan Ling will gladly hand over the Secret Technique of Pill Condensing. I’m sure everyone is here for this technique! ”

Then, she looked over at Mu Yan.  

When she saw Mu Yan being cold as usual, she sneered and thought. Keep pretending bitch! I’m sure you are also crazy for this technique! Otherwise, why would you rush to Ghostwind Valley! However, you will never have the chance to learn it! 

“Since the Ghost City is really willing to hand over the Secret Technique of Pill Condensing as a reward, what are we waiting for right now? Hurry up and take us to the Ghost Lord! ”

This time, Dr. Song and Dr. Du seemed to forget about their unpleasantness just now and immediately started to get excited. 

It was the Secret Technique of Pill Condensing after all!     

In the Yan Wu Continent, there were a lot of practitioners, physicians and apothecaries but only a few would know how to perform alchemy. 

Anyone who mastered the technique of performing alchemy could stand on top of the pyramid and become a master in the medical profession. 

This was an incredible shortcut to overcome the hardest obstacle in cultivating and become an Immortal. 

This was also the reason why Dr. Song came to treat the Ghost Lord even after he knew how dangerous the Ghostwind Valley was. 

But Liu Se only laughed and said slowly, “Don’t worry. Before letting all of you in to treat the Ghost Lord, I have to test you to see if you have the real ability to treat him.”

“After all, the Ghost Lord is our greatest ruler in Ghost City. Not any normal physicians have the right to treat him.”

Dr. Song replied anxiously, “If you did not let us try, how do you know if we are qualified?”

“Very simple!” Liu Se glanced around and finally looked at Mu Yan. 

Mu Yan could feel a strong murderous glance passing over her. 

Liu Se continued, “As long as you can defeat Fairy Shi in terms of medical knowledge, I will naturally treat you as a qualified physician to diagnose the Ghost Lord. ”

“Defeat Fairy Shi.” 

Many physicians frowned upon hearing this condition.

But there were also several physicians, such as Dr. Song and Dr. Du who showed a proud expression. 

Although Shi Lan Ling has a good reputation, in terms of medical skills, they thought they were still much better than this woman. 

“Alright, we accept your challenge. But how would Fairy Shi like to compete? Is it an oral test by asking each other questions, or a practical test by treating a patient on the spot? ”