”Haha!” Shi Lan Ling laughed coldly, she stood at the highest position and looked down, “Dr. Song, Dr. Du, I’m afraid that you did not listen clearly. The competition mentioned by King of Hell is about performing alchemy.”

As she said, her vision filled with resentment and arrogance swept over Mu Yan, “Forgot to tell you guys, the disease contracted by Ghost Lord is not able to be cured with ordinary draught and medical skill. Only with the elixir, the disease can then be cured. If you want to treat the Ghost Lord, then defeat me in performing alchemy!”

“Alchemy?!!” Dr. Song could not believe what he heard, “Are you joking? If we knew how to perform alchemy, we won’t even come to Ghostwind Valley!” 

These physicians who came to Ghostwind Valley were going for the Secret Technique of Pill Condensing. 

If they knew how to perform alchemy, would they even want to take the risk?

Moreover, they were needed to compete with Shi Lan Ling who was already famous ten years ago.

“Liu Se, Shi Lan Ling! Are you tricking everyone here?!”

Liu Se curved the edge of her lips, her ugly face filled with bumps immediately squeezed together, showing a frightening sight.

She continued with an eerie smile, “Don’t worry everyone, since we allow you to compete with Fairy Shi, we will provide you the ability to perform alchemy.

“Provide us the ability to perform alchemy? Could… Could it be that you’re going to tell us about the Secret Technique of Pill Condensing now?”

As they thought of this, the physicians became excited. 

Liu Se did not answer them, she then clapped her hands. 

A group of Ghost Envoys wearing black walked in with trays in their hands.

A small black cup was placed on each tray.

There was one in front of Mu Yan as well.

She looked into the cup and saw a black worm as small as a baby’s fingernail.

A gush of fishy stench emanated from the small black worm.

Mu Yan felt as if her the food in her stomach was tossed around and in a mess after sniffing it.  

She quickly stopped breathing. 

But her vision that was stuck on the small black worms turned deep.

She had already recognized what those were. 

The poisonous spell in the world -- spell worm!

“This is so smelly! Urgh… What… What on earth is this? Why is it so disgusting?”

Another cup was served in front in front of Liu Se.

She picked up the small black worm from the cup without hesitation and allowed it to crawl on her dry, cracking skin. 

She was so enthralled by it, “This is Hornless Worm, after eating it, you will naturally have the ability to condense pills. In this way, you guys can then compete with Fairy Shi.”

There were some people checking out the cup. 

But when they heard Liu Se’s words, they showed a terrifying expression and their hands quivered. 

The cup fell onto the floor and was smashed into pieces. 

The small black worm that was originally quiet inside quickly moved towards the person after falling down. 

The worm seemed squishy enough, but it rapidly penetrated into the person’s flesh.

 It crawled along the skin and reached the heart in a split second.

“Ahhhhhh… Go away! Go away quickly! Don’t come into my body, Ahhh… save me!” 

Liu Se put back the Hornless Worm into the cup and laughed lightly, “What are you afraid of? The Hornless Worm can be absorbed by eating it or penetrating into your body. Don’t worry, you won’t die now, and you’ve got the secret technique of performing alchemy. This is something great! What is there for you to cry about?”