The physician had finally calmed down, but his face was horrified and his body was shivering.

Liu Se said, “Dr. Chen, if you don’t believe, try refining an elixir now.”

Right after she finished her sentence, a large furnace was brought in front of him.

There were all types of herbs beside the furnace, and there was even an apprentice that was there to help start a fire.

Dr. Chen was doubtful, but he still went ahead and started performing the alchemy.

As the herbs melted in the furnace, the doctor hesitated. He tried to condense the elixir inside with his Internal Force.

At this moment, Mu Yan’s eyes narrowed.

After reforming her Spiritual Root, she could see many things with her Spiritual Power that could not be seen by ordinary eyes.

For instance, the Hornless Worm in Dr. Chen’s body started to move actively after he used his Internal Force.

The tiny and almost invisible worm was slowly consuming Dr. Chen’s heart, devouring his blood and flesh.

In return, the Internal Force that Dr. Chen released, was turned into a kind of Spiritual Power.

As this “fake spiritual power” was continuously being pumped into the furnace, the elixir inside had indeed started to condense.

But no one knew that in the process, the small black worm in Dr. Chen’s heart had doubled in size.

It was a sacrifice of the human body to feed the Hornless Worm.

Although one would get the ability to condense elixir in the short term, the worm would eventually feed on the body. In the end, the worm would kill the host as it completely consumed the heart, sucking all blood and flesh.

Mu Yan’s forehead was tightly wrinkled, her eyes were looking at Liu Se heavily.

It was an extremely sinister trick.

In this second, green smoke was coming out from the furnace, the scent of the elixir diffused into the air.

Dr. Chen could not wait to open the furnace, he startled as he saw an elixir sitting inside.

He was jumping for joy after he came to his senses, “I did it, I did it! I refined an elixir!”

The whole hall was excited by what happened.

All the physicians went up to see the elixir.

They were all shocked after they confirmed that it was a Yangqi Elixir.

“This...this spell worm actually gives one the ability to refine elixirs!”

In an instant, everyone’s eyes were looking at the cup.

The spell worms, that they were horrified and disgusted at just now, all seemed very tempting at this moment.

“After swallowing this spell worm, I can become an alchemist!”

Some already could not wait and were slowly approaching the cup with their hands.

Dr. Wang who was beside Mu Yan was also tempted. He felt like swallowing the worm right now like Dr. Chen to get the elixir refining ability.

However, as he reached out his hand, his hand was stopped by a thin, long and snow-white hand.

A light and pleasant voice of a young lady was slowly raised, it was like an alarm in the morning which rang everyone’s mind.

“A spell worm is a creature that feeds on blood and flesh.”

“May I ask the King of Hell, what do these spell worms feed on?”

Mu Yan was already standing up from her seat when no one noticed, she looked to Liu Se, “You said that those who win would get the Secret Technique of Pill Condensing permanently. Then what about those who lose, what would happen to them? Can the worms that they swallowed be taken out?”

It was like cold water that was splashed at their faces.

Especially Dr. Wang, who was stopped by Mu Yan, his face was pale white.