“Except in this hall, there is no longer a living thing in the whole Ghostwind Valley.”

“The moment you step out of this hall, you will end up like him.”

It was indeed Watery Poison!

Mu Yan’s expression was becoming heavier and heavier, she could even hear her own heart beating.

She knew Di Ming Jue and the others would be fine, but she still could not help worrying.

She had given them the elixir that could cure Watery Poison, they would not be corroded by the Watery Poison right?

Liu Se was already looking at the ground from her high seat, she chuckled coldly and said, “Now, is there anyone else that wants to leave?”

The whole hall was silent.

“Haha, you should have behaved like this just now!”

Liu Se clapped her hands, “Since there are no objections, then let us begin the competition!”

She pointed randomly, “Let’s start from you!”

She pointed at Dr. Chen who had just successfully refined an elixir.

What he refined just now was a low grade [Nourishing Pill].

Shi Lan Ling was holding the elixir that he refined, her face was disgusted, “I will only compete if you could refine at least a second grade elixir, otherwise, I won’t waste my time.”

“Heard that?” Liu Se looked at Dr. Chen, “Refine at least a second grade elixir.”

“No! No...This is my first time refining an elixir...It is impossible to refine a second grade elixir…”

Before he could finish his sentence, a Ghost Envoy strangled his neck and lifted him in the air.

“If you do not want to, then you will be thrown out of the hall.”

What was outside the hall?

Watery Poison that could turn one into a dead body in a split second.

“I will refine! I will refine now!” Dr. Chen was crying, he crawled towards the furnace and started refining.

After an hour, Dr. Chen had almost depleted his Internal Energy.

And Mu Yan could also see that his heart and blood was slowly being consumed by the spell worm.

Even naked eyes could see how much his body had shrunk.

A loud “boom” sound was heard after an hour.

The furnace exploded, the refining process had failed.

It was a definite thing!

Even with the help of the spell worm, it was Dr. Chen’s first attempt in refining an elixir afterall, it was impossible for him to refine a second grade elixir.

Dr. Chen blankly stared at the furnace that exploded.

He then moved his horrified eyes to look at Liu Se, his whole body was shivering madly.

Liu Se raised the corners of her lips, exposing her white teeth, her smile showed indescribable joy, “Dr. Chen has failed, it means you’re a useless trash, go become the food of my cute spell worms now!”

“Spare…spare my life...ahh--!!”

A shrill but short scream was heard from Dr. Chen, but the hall very quickly fell back into silence.

His body lay stiffly on the floor.

His pencil-thin body could be seen drying up at a speed that could be observed by the naked eye.

The eyes had sunk in, the bones were only covered by a layer of skin, the whole body looked like a dried corpse.

Near his heart, a black worm that had multiplied in size tore his skin and cloth, crawled out.

Flapping its wings, the worm flew to Liu Se’s hand, and crawled into her body.

By then, Dr. Chen’s heart was already emptied.

The whole hall once again fell into dead silence.

Even the Ghost Envoys and Judge Liu were uneasy after seeing this scene.

The physicians were all pale-faced, their legs shivering.

“Alright, this one is done. Who shall be the next one?”

Liu Se’s cold eyes swept across then, the physicians backed off in fear, avoiding her eyes.