When she gazed at Mu Yan, she unintentionally looked into her bottomless eyes.

Mu Yan was not avoiding her gaze at all, a shiver ran down her spine.

Liu Se squinted her eyes slightly, the muscles of her face filled with wrinkles and bumps quivered.

This woman killed her Xuan Ji.

Haha, I won’t kill her so quickly!

I will let her suffer helplessly under my torture, one step at a time, and I’ll torture her till death.

However, a dark light was seen in Liu Se’s eyes. 

She felt a surge of familiar yet intimidating energy from this woman.

What is that?

Her vision swept over Mu Yan, landing on another random guy, “Next, your turn!”

“No… … No!!! I don’t wanna absorb that spell worm, save me! Save me!!!”

… …

After two hours, there were already three more corpses in the vast hall. 

Each one of them died miserably, their flesh and blood were sucked up by the Hornless Worms, their hearts, completely eaten. 

None of the physicians were able to refine a second grade elixir successfully.

The hall fell into a dead silence, only Shi Lan Ling’s impudent laugh echoed throughout. 

“Ke ke ke… … You guys can’t even refine a second grade elixir, and you even call yourselves famous physicians? Aren’t you guys just pieces of trash, then?”

She looked at everyone, their eyes filled with hatred and resentment, as if the once-respected Fairy who was always higher than ordinary humans, did not exist. 

Since most of them saw her exposed body being kicked out by Di Ming Jue three days ago, Shi Lan Ling not only hated Jun Mu Yan, but also everyone in the Ghostwind Valley. 

If she let everyone here leave Ghostwind Valley alive, her reputation would be destroyed.

Moreover, she lost her image in front of everyone, she was humiliated and laughed at. 

How can these people still be famous physicians?!  

She wanted to see everyone live a more tragic life than her! 

Especially this bitch! Jun Mu Yan! 

Shi Lan Ling looked towards Mu Yan, the calmness on her face was nowhere to be seen, it turned into a serious expression. 

At that moment, she was at indescribable ease. 

This bitch is finally scared by looking at the deaths of the physicians! 

But it’s useless to be afraid! 

Today, I’ll let you die without a burial ground!!!

“Tsk tsk, so many had died. Who’s next, then?”

Shi Lan Ling laughed deeply and suddenly directed her gaze towards Mu Yan, “Jun Mu Yan, you, as our Ghost City’s Shenshu and the well known Enchantress of Medicine, won’t you want to contribute to our Ghost Lord?”

Dr. Wang, who was standing beside Mu Yan, suddenly had a change of expression as his body involuntarily shook. 

In the end, he still said as he trembled, “Dr. Jun, Dr. Jun is skillful in refining draughts, but her age is still small, so… …”

“Ha, if we’re not letting her refine the elixir, are you going to do it?”

As he heard Shi Lan Ling’s question, his face turned pale, not daring to say another word. 

Mu Yan smirked coldly, wanting to walk towards her. 

Suddenly, a loud voice was heard, “An old fellow like me will compete with you!”

Mu Yan was stunned, she saw Dr. Song striding towards her.

His hands were holding the cup with the spell worm. 

As he was preparing to eat the spell worm, Mu Yan stopped him quickly, “Dr. Song, you don’t need to do this for me.. …”

“What nonsense are you talking about!” Dr. Song looked serious and glared at Mu Yan and loudly said, “Ms. Enchantress Jun Mu Yan, I heard about you before, and heard that you knew how to refine godly draughts.”