“Having such an impressive medical skill and being able to refine such godly draughts at your age proved that your potential is unlimited.”

“We are already old, there’s no need for a young girl like you to sacrifice your life before ours.”  

“The ordinary people and practitioners of Yan Wu Continent need the existence of physicians like you the most!”

After he finished his words, he did not wait for Mu Yan to speak but directly swallowed the Hornless Worm from the cup. 

Mu Yan’s pupils constricted as she saw this scene.

An indescribable feeling crept up from her internal organs to her brain.

Dr. Song then walked up to the front, looking coldly at Liu Se and Shi Lan Ling, “An elegant, holy Fairy Shi my ass! You’re only a black-hearted animal with a human face and a brute heart! I can’t imagine an animal like you was known as a physician! What a humiliation to those real physicians!"

“You old man! Good! Since you don’t want to live anymore, then don’t blame me for being cruel!!”

Shi Lan Ling was triggered, her expression twisted in anger. 

She waved her hand and the Ghost Envoys quickly brought up her furnace.

 Dr. Song did not look at her anymore and walked directly to the furnace. 

As the medicinal herbs melted in the fire, Dr Song’s powerful Internal Force started operating, driving the medicine to condense. 

Just like the previous physicians, Mu Yan could clearly see that the Hornless Worm in his heart was consuming the flesh and blood little by little. 

Dr. Song’s face which was originally healthy-red, turned paler as time went by. 

His orbit started to sink as well. 

In order to refine a second grade elixir, a large amount of Internal Force was needed to be used. 

Using more Internal Force meant that the Hornless Worm would need to suck up the blood and flesh. 

However, it was impossible to condense a second grade elixir without using up a large amount of Internal Force. 

This was a move to push people into a death cycle. 

After 2 hours, a medicinal incense curled up into the air from the furnace in front of Dr. Song.

This made the physicians in the hall excited.

“This is a second grade Restoration Dan and it has a strong, mellow smell. It is at least a second grade upper-class elixir!”

“Wow, he’s no doubt the famous Dr. Song, he really refined a second grade elixir!” 

Shi Lan Ling had also successfully refined the elixir almost at the same time. 

Compared to Dr. Song who looked skinny and haggard after performing the alchemy, Shi Lan Ling only sweated a little, and her skin was still glowing and clear. 

She looked at Dr. Song in disdain, delivering a scornful look on her face.

The Ghost Envoys walked towards Dr. Song and opened his furnace. 

There were three pills of elixirs in the furnace, the colors were clear and they were round, emanating a nice smell. 

The Ghost Envoy picked up one of them and examined it, and later he said, “Second grade upper-class Restoration Dan!” 

“Yay, it’s really a second grade upper-class elixir!”

“If he wins this round, we have hope once again!”

However, the Ghost Envoy quickly appeared in front of Shi Lan Ling. He picked up the elixir in front of her, he smelled and tasted the elixir. 

After that, he shouted, “Third grade middle-class Restoration Dan!” 

The hustle and bustle in the hall suddenly fell into a dead silence. 

The physicians that were originally enthusiastic had their faces turned white, feeling hopeless. 

Dr. Song’s body shook uncontrollably, almost unable to support himself from standing. 

“Hahahaha… …” Shi Lan Ling did not resist her loud laughter, she said, “Old man, you still want to compete with me? In your next life! This is what you deserve, later on, don’t blame me if you die without a complete body!”