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Liu Se showed a strange smile as her rough voice echoed, “Since you lost in this competition, then Dr. Song, you can only be the Hornless Worm’s food.”

Dr. Song’s pupil slightly constricted, he was horrified as his eyes were filled with fear. 

Anyone who saw the corpses in which the blood and flesh were sucked and their hearts eaten away by the Hornless Worm would be terrified. 

In a split of a second, he could feel the pain at his heart as his life was sucked away little by little hopelessly. 

As he closed his eyes and prepared to give up on his life, a hand quickly grasped his wrist. 

Dr. Song opened his eyes in shock and a beautiful face appeared closely in front of him. 

Before he could react to the situation, a deep and calm female voice vibrated by his ears, “Dr. Song, sorry for offending!”

A pair of slim hands stripped open his clothes, exposing his skinny and bony chest.

One silver needle after another was pierced into his body.

As more needles were poked in, strong Internal Force was injected into his acupuncture points and meridians. 

Dr. Song could feel the pain in his heart and the chill of his body gradually fade away. 

His chest then felt a sudden surge of pain. 

The girl in front of him held a knife in her hand and cut open his chest skilfully. 

Next, she lifted up her hand and used a needle to carry out her task. 

Before anyone reacted, Dr. Song could not bear with it anymore and collapsed. 

Meanwhile, an adult-nail-sized, black worm was poked by a needle by Mu Yan’s hand. 

--Hornless Worm! 

The black worm was pierced through by the needle, it struggled violently and produced an ear-piercing, weird sound. 

As Mu Yan was circulating her Internal Force, a scorching fire was seen on the needle. 

The Hornless Worm was immediately burnt into ashes. 

The hall once again fell into silence, the sound of the needle dropping was heard. 

After Mu Yan threw away the silver needle and patted off the dust on her hands, she showed a charming yet provocative smile to Liu Se, “Oh, so this is the Hornless Worm!” 

Her words were filled with disdain.

Liu Se’s vision turned cold, enveloping her surroundings with a strong pressure and a murderous aura.

The suffocating pressure and aura caused the physicians who were excited earlier to panic again.  

Mu Yan’s expression became serious. 

This time, it was not an illusion.

She could clearly feel that Liu Se’s cultivation was much higher than hers. 

Even the aura emitted from her was a lot higher than anyone in Yan Wu Continent. 

Just like Di Ming Jue and the others, sometimes leaking out some pressure. 

Liu Se slowly used her hoarse and unpleasant voice and said, “Miss Jun’s medical skill of catching the worm by hand was impressive. Since the Enchantress is very capable, then the next person who’s competing will be you! Fairy Shi, what do you think?”

Shi Lan Ling laughed loudly, “Yes, yes! Jun Mu Yan, I’ve been waiting for so long to compete with you!” 

Judge Liu who remained silent all the time could not stand it and walked to the front.

His voice was shaking, “King of Hell, although Miss Jun doesn’t know how to refine elixir, she is able to refine godly draught, the effectiveness is much higher than the elixir. Her medical skill is fascinating and cannot be compared to others.”

“Since we are treating the Ghost Lord, why not we let Miss Jun try out now? There’s no need to refine an elixir. I can guarantee that the draught refined by Miss Jun will be better than the elixir refined by Fairy Shi!”