As Shi Lan Ling heard how Judge Liu said that she was not as good as Mu Yan without hesitant, ferocious anger was shown on her face. 

Liu Se did not show any expression, she looked at Judge Liu with her cold vision and curved up the edge of her lips, showing a frightening smile, “Really? The draught refined by the Enchantress is better than the elixir?”

“Yes yes! I can guarantee it with my life!” When Judge Liu heard what Liu Se said, she thought Liu Se was moved by her words, so she continued, “The draught refined by Miss Jun has a much better sale than the elixir refined by Fairy Shi. Her medical skills are also top-notch and known by the public. If she is going to treat Ghost Lord, she will definitely succeed!”

When Judge Liu finished his words, his neck was suddenly strangled by someone. 

Not long after, a cloud of black mist shrouded his face. 

A shrilling cry was heard from Judge Liu, his face quickly turned from green to purple.

Bumps and spots appeared all over his skin. 

Liu Se swayed her hand, throwing Judge Liu who had fainted onto the floor. 

She smirked coldly, “I said only the elixir can heal the Ghost Lord, then it means that only the elixir can heal the Ghost Lord. Who do you think you are, as if you can say anything you want in front of me.”

“Since you want to use your life to guarantee, I’ll allow you then!”

Shi Lan Ling was worried as she originally thought that Liu Se believed Jun Mu Yan was better than her. But as she saw the scene, she laughed loudly, “Jun Mu Yan, did you hear it? You can only refine elixir to save Ghost Lord.”

“No matter how skillful you are at refining godly draught, it’s still only draught. How can you compare it with elixir?”

Her face that wore heavy makeup was filled with hatred and arrogance. 

As if she already saw Mu Yan’s blood and flesh being sucked out by the Hornless Worm and dying miserably without a complete body. 

… …

Dr. Song who broke free from hopelessness during the verge of death was ecstatic as he survived the terrifying spell worm. 

However, Liu Se and Shi Lan Ling’s shamelessness was like a head-on blow, which made him quivered in anger. 

These scumbags, they… they are not finding physicians to treat Ghost Lord. 

They just wanted all these physicians to be eaten by the spell worms!

“I… … I will compete against you! Let’s have another match!”

Dr. Song did not care how weak he was after all that blood he lost, he said loudly and pulled Mu Yan’s sleeves. She said in a low volume, “Little girl, quickly leave this place!” 

“I noticed it just now, you are not afraid of the Watery Poison. I’ll slow them down here, you should leave here!”

Shi Lan Ling sneered, looking at Dr. Song with contempt, “how are you going to compete against me with that half-dead body? Without the Hornless Worm in your body, you can’t even condense the elixir, how are you going to compete with me!”

“Then an old fellow like me will compete with you!”

“No, let me do it!”

“Shi Lan Ling, Liu Se, do you really think we physicians are meant to be bullied here? So what if I’m eaten by the Hornless Worm, I’ll still compete against you!” 

Dr. Du, Dr. Jiang, Dr. Li… … the respected physicians all stood up one by one in front of Mu Yan.

All of them were afraid of death and the spell worm earlier. 

But now, they were filled with indignation and courage.

It was not because they were not afraid of death, not because they were do not have the wil to live anymore.

But they knew, the Ghostwind Valley would not let them go today. 

 And if these old fellows died, it was still not a big deal to them. 

But Yan Wu Continent’s medical skill must be passed on to future generations.