If all of them died here today, Yan Wu Continent’s medical skills would decline back for at least 30 years. 

And the cause of all of these was just because of their greed towards the Secret Technique of Pill Condensing!

However, Mu Yan who bare-handedly picked up the spell worm brought them hope. 

A girl who was not even in her twenties had such an impressive medical skill.

She could even refine godly draught that was able to bring the dead back to life.

The injury on Dr. Song’s chest was also quickly healed with only one bottle of the draught that she refined. 

There was only one prodigy like her found in a thousand years. If she was a tinder that could improve Yan Wu Continent’s medical skill by another level, how could they possibly let her die?

So at that moment, every physician who was intimidated stood out. 

And stood in front of Mu Yan.

Even Dr. Wang who once mocked her stood in front of Mu Yan with both legs still quivering in fear. 

They opened up their arms that were not strong, protecting Mu Yan behind them like how an eagle would protect the chicks. 

Mu Yan was stunned by the scene, she could not resist pressing on her own chest. 

A surge of warmth flowed into her cold heart which was supposed to be filled with hatred and revenge.

This gust of warmth flowed through every cell in her body, this made her feel ashamed, but at the same time, she was touched. 

Mu Yan made a deep breath and pushed aside the physicians that stood in front of her. 

She smiled mysteriously at Shi Lan Ling and Liu Se, “Okay, I’ll compete with you in refining elixir!” 

“Miss, don’t be impetuous!”

“Yeah, Dr. Song was even defeated by that Shi Lan Ling, how can you be her opponent?”

“Miss Jun, you’re an expert in draught and medical skills, there’s no need to compete with that despicable woman in refining elixir. She already had 10 years experience in this, you’re not even twenty, how can you be her opponent?”

The physicians surrounding Mu Yan were anxious and advised her with all they could. 

“Miss, don’t try to be brave, old fellows like us risking our lives is still better than a girl like you dying. You should quickly leave!”

Mu Yan looked at the anxious expressions on their faces, although they were being harsh on her, their words were filled with worry.

She curved her eyebrows, showed a respectful smile and bowed slowly, “Thanks so much for your care. But this competition belongs to Shi Lan Ling and me, please believe in me. I will win this.”

They were shocked. 

Not because of how beautiful the girl was when she smiled, as if she was the brightest sun, winning the flowers that bloomed. 

But because of how confident her smile was, as if Liu Se, Shi Lan Ling and the Hornless Worm were just a bunch of ants in her eyes. 

Shi Lan Ling did not see Mu Yan’s expression. As she heard her words, her expression was immediately filled with disdain, “Jun Mu Yan, what nonsense are you still talking about, quickly come here and eat the Hornless Worm. Compete against me!”

“I cannot wait to see your body being eaten away by the Hornless Worm after your defeat! Hahaha……”

Mu Yan brushed her clothes with her hands and turned her body gradually. 

Her peach blossom eyes were bottomless, but there was not a hint of fear and panic. 

Her vision swept over Liu Se and Shi Lan Ling and she sloppily said, “There’s no need to consume the Hornless Worm, let’s start competing.”

Shi Lan Ling and Liu Se were stunned by her words.

After that, Liu Se frowned immediately, her vision which was as cold as ice settled down on Mu Yan.