The King's Moment - Volume 1 Chapter 10

The lively applause was gradually left behind and He Yu did not look back. The fact that he paid attention to The King's Glory and not playing it for five whole years was amazing, He Yu’s self-control was fascinating. 

He Yu silently followed behind He Liang, until the cheers behind him could no longer be heard. Suddenly, his brother stopped and turned to look at him, his smile showed that what Zhou Jin and You Ya Zhong said just now did not surprise him at all. Before his brother could even open his mouth, He Yu said, “Let me ask you something.” 

“Yes?” He Liang kept his smile and looked at his brother. 

”When Team Tian Ze won last year's Summer League, you immediately called and congratulated them. What did the person at the other end of the phone say?” 

He Liang froze for a moment, he did not expect He Yu’s sudden question. The smile on his face was not as lively as before anymore, but He Liang answered him as calmly as possible, “It has been so long, how can I remember any of it ?”

“They were the words we heard today… right?” He Yu was upset. The look on his brother’s face right now was the same as the one when he called them six months ago. At that time He Yu thought He Liang was embarrassed. After all, they won the championship as soon as he retired. But now He Yu knew that his brother heard the denial of his former teammates towards him, and there might be more ridiculous words used during the call. That was why He Liang was calm today, because Zhou Jin and You Ya Zhong’s words to the public might be more polite compared to the call. 

Realizing that He Yu had already known some of the stories, He Liang did not deny it again, but he too did not want his brother to feel sad for him. He reached out and touched He Yu’s head and said, “It’s already in the past. That is because you are being biased and think they are rude to me. Actually, they are not. The fact that they won last year’s Summer League without me is the proof. A professional player must take victory as his main goals, no feelings attached. Do you understand?” 

“No, that is not true.” He Yu shook his head firmly.

“Last year’s Spring League, if you had gotten Li Bai. The three low health enemies from Team Yi Shi Guang would not be able to escape. And with that momentum, Tian Ze should be able to make a comeback in the late game.” 

“The round with Team Fei Yang two years ago during Autumn League, if they helped you take Pei QinHu during the first pick, Tian Ze’s blue zone will not be taken by them so cruelly. Even if it gets worse, you’ll at least be able to steal their blue buff.” 

“You had Baili Xuance during the Spring League two years ago during the round against Team Zhong Nan, but mid took the blue buff while the marksman took the red, resulting in the assassin not having high gold while jungling. I did not understand why you did that at that time, and I always thought you guys were trying something new.”

“And three years ago during Autumn League…..”

He Yu kept on chattering, talking about seasons after seasons, a key game after another. He Liang was completely dumbfounded. These were bits and pieces of regrets in his career and he could not understand how He Yu was so familiar with them. He Liang could not even fathom just how those matches would have played out if he knew about it beforehand.

What if I chose Li Bai during the round against Team Yi Shi Guang in last year’s Spring League? What if I had Pei QinHu when battling against Team Fei Yang during Autumn League two years ago? What if I had gold with Baili Xuance when fighting against Team Zhong Nan during Spring League? He Liang thought, his mind was going crazy at the moment. 

Dozens of memories flooded him at once, making him unable to distinguish which game was which.When He Yu finally stopped talking and looked at him, by then He Liang could only manage to sort out two or three games.

“I have not thought about what you said, but these assumptions are meaningless. Different heroes will lead to different situations. If I was Li Bai, there might not have been three low health heroes in the first place. If I was Pei QinHu, the opposite side would also adjust their strategy accordingly, and definitely would not launch such a strong invasion to our jungle area.” He Liang said. 

“I know that. That is why I always doubted Tian Ze’s intention.” He Yu answered. 

“Tian Ze’s intention is to win, nothing else.” 

“If Tian Ze wants to win the championship, then did they force you to change your play style? Why have they never tried to match your pace?” He Yu said. 

“Because Tian Ze needs this adjustment. And they won the championship immediately after You Ya Zhong started to play jungle.” 

“I have not watched any competition by Tian Ze this year, so I am not going to comment for the time being.” He Yu said. 
He Liang was a little surprised. Although He Yu was a bit hot-headed, the moment he said that, He Liang realized just how rational his brother was. His thoughts remained calm, and most importantly, he did not give bad remarks to that nefarious team but rather confessed that he did not spectate the match. He only talked about games which he had already researched and studied. 

“I had imagined a few possibilities.” He Yu said, “If Zhang Shi Chi adjusted his strategy when playing as a marksman, he could have strengthened his attacks in the early game, and cooperated as much as possible with the assassin and support during the invasion.”

He Liang was startled, what He Yu said was simple, because it was directed to him, there was no need to explain it in too much detail. 

Marksmen were squishy in the early game, their damages were not high too. That was why every team’s marksman chose to farm safely in the early game to upgrade their equipment. The roles of a marksman in team fights during an early game is limited. Not to mention that their development will slow down once they die, as an important output damage hero during mid and late game, this would definitely ruin the team’s momentum. The marksman role had always been the one that could not tolerate any mistakes. But such mistakes could always be fixed by skills and map awareness. When players never or rarely make mistakes, chances of making mistakes were nothing more than a false statement. 

He Liang’s Li Bai was astounding. But what about Zhang Shi Chi’s skills? As a teammate for five years, He Liang never doubted Zhang Shi Chi’s ability. He believed that even if he invaded the enemy’s jungle area alone, it would be difficult for him to survive.

Therefore, what He Yu suggested was too dangerous for normal, run of the mill marksmen. But even for professional players because the risk of dying was too high. But if Zhang Shi Chi could have helped the jungle defend or secure some farm… He Liang could not help but be excited when he thought about it, If Tian Ze used such an offensive strategy, maybe…

But his thought ended suddenly. I had already retired from the team, and even if Tian Ze uses the strategy He Yu mentioned, it will be irrelevant to me. 

“Not bad.” He Liang reached out again to touch He Yu’s head. He was a bit surprised compared to the last time when he had to comfort his brother’s feelings. He knew that He Yu had been paying attention to his game but did not expect his understanding of the game would be so deep. The strategy he mentioned included a deep understanding of the heroes, players, and tactics.

“He Yu, you really like The King’s Glory, is it?” He Liang suddenly asked. 

“Ah?” He Yu froze. Although he was sensible and calm when analyzing the situation, his anger towards He Liang’s situation was still burning in his heart. The clearer his analysis, the angrier he was for He Liang. 

Like? Of course! I love it! He Yu thought. 

He Yu already had the answer without thinking. He himself also did not know when he began to be so passionate about the game. The only reason why he paid attention to Tian Ze was because of He Liang. In fact, he treated everyone from the twelve professional teams in KPL like a treasure, understanding the playstyle of 120 professional players, knowing the skills and characteristics of all seventy-eight heroes at the back of his hand. 

How can I not like it? He Yu thought.

It was because of his brother became a professional player of KPL that he started to like the game. From the day his brother retired, He Yu seemed to have lost the reason to pay attention to King’s Glory and KPL. 

And now, He Liang was asking him if he liked the game or not. 

He Yu did not know how to answer him. To be honest, He Liang did not need him to answer. With such obvious enthusiasm, he had always thought it was just out of concern for himself, but that may not be the case. He Liang suddenly felt that he was not qualified to be his brother, 

“Try playing it if you like it that much.” He Liang said. 

“Ahh?” He Yu once again froze at the spot. 

“I feel like you are more talented than me.” He Liang said. 

“Wait, no…”

“I have already retired, so do not worry about me. No matter how you do, you could not change the outcome anymore, right? The more thoroughly you analyze it, the more frustrated I will be!” 


“Make yourself clear about your feelings.” He Liang said.

“I…” He Yu stared at his brother, and he could feel the word he wanted to express stuck in his throat. This time, he seemed to be shy and did not say anything, but nodded hard.