The King's Moment - Volume 1 Chapter 12

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The two brothers placed down their chopsticks almost simultaneously and started focusing on the broadcast.

This was definitely the strategy that He Yu was thinking of. He had yet to describe the details but it was shown through Tian Ze’s invasion. Zhang Shi Chi’s marksman was Lady Sun. With the displacement effect from her first skill, “Rolling Raid”, Lady Sun was hopping through the terrain and moving around the jungle. This caused Yi Shi Guang’s targeted attack on Lady Sun to not go as smoothly as expected. Tian Ze had used reverse psychology to bait Yi Shi Guang’s attention with the marksman’s lack of strength during the early game. 

During the early game, all heroes were level one and only had one skill, which was critical in fights. Yi Shi Guang was baited by Zhang Shi Chi, but their aggressiveness did not pay off and the skills did not deal the damage as expected. They quickly found themselves in a disadvantageous position, and had to retreat from the battle and give away the jungle area. Although the early duel did not result in kills, looting half of Yi Shi Guang’s jungle gold was ideal for Tian Ze.

The jungle area in The King’s Glory is divided into 4 regions, and both sides have two each. Yi Shi Guang had lost one area and wanted to invade Tian Ze’s jungle area to compensate for their loss. However, it was already anticipated by Tian Ze and they countered the invasion in time. Tian Ze surrounded the two heroes of Yi Shi Guang that came to invade and took both of them down. It had not been 2 minutes but Tian Ze had already obtained a 2-0 lead and a lead of one thousand gold, which made the fans of Tian Ze in the tournament arena very excited.

Subsequently, Tian Ze completely controlled the tempo of the match. All their heroes were playing their roles orderly and as assigned, while Yi Shi Guang could only play passively and reactively. Although the kill count remained at 2-0, the gold difference was steadily widening. Players who understood the game would know that the kill count sometimes would not mean much, but the gold difference could decide the advantageous and disadvantageous position of both teams. Team Tian Ze that had the absolute advantage did not give Yi Shi Guang any chances. As desperate cheers were made for the home team, Tian Ze mercilessly destroyed the enemy’s nexus in 14 minutes and 11 seconds.

“Nice! It’s complete domination!” a student who was watching the broadcast said with excitement when she saw the result. Dong Jiang City was Yi Shi Guang’s home turf, so the local players mainly supported Yi Shi Guang. However, there seemed to not be many diehard fans of Yi Shi Guang among the customers of the restaurant on the second floor. Even if there was, that fan could only hide from the embarrassment. Yi Shi Guang was lost from the start to the end in the match. There was no chance given and the victory rendered people speechless.

He Liang and He Yu did not pay too much attention to the outcome of the match, but rather the strategy displayed by Tian Ze during the match.

If He Liang was still the jungler, and they launched the attack with the same setup, how would the outcome have been?

The brothers were silently thinking of the same question. Although they said they would not think too much of the past, when the strategy mentioned by He Yu was being displayed and implemented in front of them, they could not resist thinking about it.

“What is your opinion on this?” He Liang asked.

Before He Yu could answer, a voice was heard from nearby, “If Tian Ze chose to adopt this playstyle earlier, would they still need to wait for so many years to win the championship?”

The two brothers subconsciously turned their heads and saw two people appearing at the table beside them from nowhere. They were the two individuals that had teamed up with He Yu in the earlier match. Gao Ge raised her rice bowl to greet the two brothers when she noticed the brothers looking at her. 

“This……if Tian Ze had adopted this playstyle……” Zhou Mo who was sitting opposite Gao Ge was engrossed in watching the tournament broadcast since he arrived and did not notice the two brothers. He was about to express his opinion when he saw Gao Ge’s greeting gesture towards He Liang and He Yu, and instantly swallowed back the words he wanted to say. Without a doubt, speaking of the past would include He Liang in the talk, but the real person was sitting beside him. This made him feel embarrassed.

“This is still a little different from what I initially thought,” He Yu said.

“Oh, how is it different then?” surprisingly, it was Gao Ge who replied to him again, but more directly this time around. She took her bowl and sat at their table, choosing to not stand on ceremony. 

While the brothers were still looking at each other, the food was served at Gao Ge’s table. 

She waved to the server and said, “Put it here.”

Zhou Mo was still in confusion and did not know if he was to follow Gao Ge to sit with the two brothers. Just then he saw Gao Ge picking up a mouthful of food from the freshly served dish and eating it while directing her question to He Yu: “Continue speaking!”

“Err…...the strategy used by Tian Ze involving Zhang Shi Chi in the invasion was actually meant to let him acquire gold. The jungler and support were also playing their roles to help the marksman scale. After the jungler cleared the jungle monsters, he would help Zhang Shi Chi with nearby vision control so that Zhang Shi Chi could farm safely. When the jungle monsters respawned, the jungler would come around again. With this routine, Zhang Shi Chi would be able to itemize faster. But if it was Tian Ze before……” He Yu glanced at He Liang and hesitated in his speech.

“Carry on, you don’t need to feel bothered by me,” He Liang smiled and uttered.

“The strategy I envisioned for the former Tian Ze should funnel the gold to you. The two strategies are totally different in principle,” He Yu said.

“Oh? How will it be different?” Gao Ge queried.

“The strategy of protecting the marksman to allow the marksman to farm safely gave a considerable advantage to Tian Ze in the early stage. However, the fights only occurred during the middle to late game. When Lady Sun who had a major gold advantage participated in fights, no one from Yi Shi Guang could tank her damage. They could only retreat slowly as Tian Ze pushed in. It didn’t matter that there were two decent defensive duels, Yi Shi Guang still couldn’t change the outcome of getting overpowered. But if the gold was funneled to the jungler, then Tian Ze could speed up the roaming and invading tempo in the early game and suppress enemy growth, so the enemy will feel suffocated while the teammates can scale with a comfortable tempo. Then, when the game enters the middle to late game phase, the jungler can let his teammates take over to control the tempo, while the jungler himself switches his main role to synergize with his teammates.” He Yu explained.

“Insightful! So, how is your consideration to join Team Lang Qi going?” Gao Ge immediately took a sharp turn in her speech after giving praise.

He Yu went blank. Even though he had the determination now, Gao Ge’s directness caught him off guard. He had just rejected her about two hours ago, and now he was going to accept the invitation two hours later? He Yu felt something was not right. 

“What do you think of his skill level?” He Liang smiled as he asked Gao Ge.

“Hm, do you want me to speak the truth?” said Gao Ge.

“Yeah,” He Yu looked at Gao Ge and was looking forward to her answer.

“His awareness is over the top but his mechanics is crap,” Gao Ge replied.

“HAHAHA!!” He Liang immediately laughed while He Yu was embarrassed, “I’m sorry, that was actually my first time playing the game.”

“Oh, is it so?” Gao Ge was slightly taken aback. However, her expression did not look like she was disappointed with He Yu being a rookie but rather delighted.

She had observed Huang Zhong’s movement during that match and could not withstand He Yu’s countless mechanical flaws. After that, she had thought that maybe He Yu did not take the match seriously, so he played in a slipshod manner and did not care about details. 

Honestly, she was bothered by the attitude, but she could not confirm it, and could not say much about it. Now she knew that it was He Yu’s first time playing the game and he was genuinely bad in his mechanics, so she felt relieved. 

“It was, indeed,” He Liang attested for He Yu.

“You saw it, brother?” He Yu immediately noticed a point.

“Yeah. Like what this student said, your mechanics are……quite crappy,” He Liang smiled. During the match, many people were holding their phones to watch the match and He Liang had observed part of the match through other people’s phones. Of course, he was most concerned about He Yu’s performance. 

“Don’t worry, I don’t mind if a person’s a rookie, but rather if the person gives it his all or not. I hate the people who are rookies but aren’t self-aware of it. Oh, for example, Pan Rui Ming from the student affairs division,” Gao Ge glanced at He Liang as she finished the sentence.

“If appropriate, you should call him Teacher Pan,” He Liang said.

“Yes, Teacher He,” Gao Ge nodded and looked at He Yu. “How is your consideration?”

“I……will try……” He Yu finally nodded. Since he made up his mind, he did not hesitate anymore.

“Very well, welcome to the team,” Gao Ge extended her hands towards He Yu while waving to her table, “Zhou Mo, come here and welcome our new member.”

“You are much welcomed!” Zhou Mo had been listening to their speech with his ears upright. He was excited the moment He Yu agreed to join the team. Upon hearing Gao Ge’s greeting, he could not help but to jump up and run over, contradicting his reticent and introverted personality. 

“Welcome, student He Yu. I am Zhou Mo from Team Lang Qi,” Zhou Mo said excitedly after Gao Ge shook hands with He Yu. 

“Thank you. I remember your ID,” He Yu said smilingly. He was quite excited too but did not fully show it, as he was not really familiar with the two people in front of him.

“This is nice, we finally have three people in Team Lang Qi,” Zhou Mo turned and spoke to Gao Ge. 

Hm? Three people? Finally? He Yu gazed at the two, astounded. He suddenly felt his decision was rash and might be bad.

“You are too talkative!” Gao Ge poked Zhou Mo’s head with her finger.

“What is the situation with only having three people?” He Yu looked at the two people and turned to look at He Liang. Any team in The King’s Glory would need to have at least five people, right? Three people, is that a small squad for Battle Plains?”

“Having three people meant that we have to do this urgently now,” Gao Ge said and turned over to take a thick stack of flyers from the table she and Zhou Mo were sharing just before now.