The King's Moment - Volume 1 Chapter 13

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Shocking! Team Lang Qi is recruiting

We crushed Team Huang Chao with a nameless rookie!


Looking for people to team up? Ranking up in solo queue?

If you are earnest, everything else won’t be a problem!

Hurry up and contact us! Contact information……

The thick stack of flyers were Team Lang Qi’s recruitment posters. He Yu scanned through them briefly and saw the words “nameless rookie”.

“Nameless rookie?” He Yu looked at Gao Ge. There was no doubt that the rookie referred to him, right?

“It’s for promotional purposes only,” Gao Ge explained. Zhou Mo was panicking at the side. He was worried it would make He Yu mad and quit the team right after he joined.

He Yu did not utter a word. He looked at He Liang instead.

“If you have sated your appetite, you can join in your team’s activity,” He Liang smiled. 

He Yu nodded.

A three-person team? Nameless rookie? It did not matter much to him. What mattered more was that he could actually put in the effort to hone his skills in The King’s Glory.

“What will you do with these?” He Yu asked as he stood up and took a stack of the flyers. 

“We can go to all the school’s bulletin board and put them up first, and then head to the dormitory to hand out the flyers. I have already posted the recruitment notice on the school forum and asked some ‘internet water army’ to bump the post,” Gao Ge uttered. [T/L: An Internet Water Army is a group of ghostwriters you can pay to post certain comments, and in this case, bump posts]

“‘Internet water army’?” He Yu was dazed.

“Diligent, right?” Gao Ge responded.

He Yu looked at his other companion Zhou Mo and saw him making a helpless expression in which he was used to Gao Ge’s actions.

“So what do I do now?” He Yu asked.

“Erm……since you are a freshman, let me take you to the university’s bulletin board to put up the flyer and show you around the campus so you can familiarise yourself here,” Gao Ge said.

“Alright,” He Yu nodded and looked at He Liang, “Brother, I will leave first.”

“What about the tournament? Are you guys not going to watch the broadcast?” Zhou Mo saw that the second match was going to start through the broadcast. He looked reluctant to leave when He Yu said he wanted to.

“Watching replays is the same,” Gao Ge gave him a sharp glance, but immediately changed 180 degrees and was all smiles, “Goodbye, Teacher He.”

A moment of embarrassment surged towards Zhou Mo and he abruptly bobbed at He Liang before hurriedly catching up with He Yu and Gao Ge.

After overseeing three of them leaving the cafeteria, He Liang’s sight went back to the broadcast. Tian Ze repeated the same strategy in the second match and Yi Shi Guang made adjustments to confront Tian Ze but did not produce satisfying results. Tian Ze was still taking the initiative and playing proactively, with Zhang Shi Chi’s marksman farming rapidly and becoming the main damage of the team. Although it was not as overwhelming as the first game, Tian Ze still won the game in the end. Tian Ze had beaten the champion of the previous season, Yi Shi Guang, with a record of 2 to 0, making a good start. Zhang Shi Chi also won the Most Valuable Player award for both matches. He was swarmed during the interview session post-match. Everyone had seemed to place Zhou Jin that missed last year’s grand finals under the spotlight before the match, but Zhang Shi Chi ended up gathering the most attention. 

Zhang Shi Chi had excellent mechanics, but always remained modest and showed off very rarely, which was also translated in matches. He could provide 30% of damage consistently every game for Tian Ze but there were hardly any impressive plays by him. Zhang Shi Chi’s damage output seemed to accumulate from skirmish to skirmish. 

However, the two matches today were different, especially in the first match where Lady Sun had the gold lead which dominated the whole match. With an enhanced strike using “Rolling Raid” followed by another basic attack, even the enemy tank’s health bar was reduced by half. The squishy heroes were killed instantly, bringing high tides of applause at the tournament arena, which crumbled the enemy team. Zhang Shi Chi did not seem too excited when he was crowded by the reporters and asked for his comments on the game. He thanked the jungler, You Ya Zhong, and the support, Sun Meng, compliantly. He also stated that the performance was normal and to be expected as they had Lady Sun who had a major gold lead. 

“Zhang Shi Chi, can you share your goals for this season?” a reporter asked. 

“Goals? There’s no need to ask, it’s definitely becoming the champion,” Zhang Shi Chi, who was taciturn, did not hesitate and answered confidently.

Yeah, it’s all for the number one spot.

He Liang slowly stood up. Even though he had advised He Yu not to be bothered by the past, when he saw Tian Ze implementing this strategy, a question that he really wanted to know the answer to flashed in his mind: Why did Tian Ze not try to implement this strategy in the past?

When he heard Zhang Shi Chi’s response, he felt there was no need anymore.

Why? The reason was probably this—for the number one spot. Maybe I was not good enough, after all.



Zhang Shi Chi from Team Tian Ze flippantly announced the grand champion as his goal.

As they lived in the internet and telecommunication era, there were already news articles on the internet minutes after the interview. Zhou Mo immediately saw the news when he was looking up the results of the match. 

“Zhang Shi Chi? Flippant? It’s definitely clickbait to attract attention. Do you think Zhang Shi Chi speaks frivolously?” Gao Ge said.

“Yeah, I think so too,” Zhou Mo said while browsing the content of the news.

Gao Ge took a peek at He Yu. Since they left the cafeteria, He Yu was taciturn and looked troubled. His expression turned a little bitter when he heard the title. 

“Are you thinking about the match just now?” Gao Ge asked.

“Yeah……I am thinking of Tian Ze’s strategy,” He Yu replied. 

“Do you want to know if Tian Ze’s strategy or your strategy that revolves around your brother is better?” Gao Ge asked again. 

“Yeah,” He Yu nodded.

“Wouldn’t it be the easiest to find the answer to your question on the battleground?” Gao Ge uttered.

“How so?”

“Play a match, and the winning side will determine which strategy is better. It’s simple,” Gao Ge said.

“That……That isn’t enough to test and verify the strategies. There is still a need to consider the player’s skill level and many other aspects. Normal players may not be able to implement the strategies used by professional teams to the expected outcome like professional players do, but that doesn’t mean that the strategy is a failure!” He Yu said.

“So please make yourself stronger. Don’t stop gaining victories with the strategy you acknowledge until the day you can crush five enemies alone. Then when people tell you this is a team game you can spit in their faces,” Gao Ge said.

“Isn’t that too exaggerated?” Zhou Mo responded.

“Is it not a one-man game when I play in bronze ranked matches?” Gao Ge said again.

“That isn’t exactly true. Even though the teammates are really bad, they have at least stalled for you in their lanes. If they really decided to stay at the fountain, can you hold three lanes by yourself?” Zhou Mo uttered.

“What’s the talk about holding three lanes? I can push mid alone,” Gao Ge said.

“If you have no gold early, you can’t push very fast right?” Zhou Mo said seriously.

“Do you really want to bicker with me over this? Want me to start a game to show you?” Gao Ge replied.

“No need to quarrel, I understand what you are trying to say,” He Yu was at a loss whether to cry or laugh and gave advice by the side. 

“It’s good that you understand,” Gao Ge did not continue to argue over the topic, “Ideas without victories do not bear any meaning. Who doesn’t know how to be a keyboard warrior? Just play in a match and face the opponent directly, and you will get the answer you want to find.”

Play in a match……

He Yu had the thought before. At the moment, he was not just determined, but he also had a clear objective. He didn’t want to just find the answer. He wanted to create the answer with his own effort.

“You are right. Thank you,” He Yu told Gao Ge.

“Don’t be too excited, your current standard is still very, very low,” Gao Ge said.

“I know that well. I will put in the effort,” said He Yu.

“That’s for the best. Don’t look down on us just because we are a small school activity group. I cannot stand people who don’t work hard,” Gao Ge said.

“Let’s work together then,” He Yu smiled.

“Let’s work together,” Zhou Mo was a little excited as he was listening at the side and gathered with them.

“Are you two looking to join the professional scene?” He Yu asked.

“I won’t oppose it if there’s a chance,” Gao Ge answered.

“There will definitely be a chance,” He Yu said.

“Assumptions bear no purpose,” Gao Ge uttered.

“This isn’t an assumption, but a wish,” He Yu said again.

“Wishes don't bear any purpose either. Only putting in the effort modestly, continuously and steadily will,” Gao Ge replied.

“Alright, I understand already,” He Yu said helplessly. Zhou Mo also gave him a helpless, bitter smile, followed by an encouraging smile.