The King's Moment - Volume 1 Chapter 14

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Dong Jiang University’s compound was considerable. Gao Ge, Zhou Mo, and He Yu had walked through the whole campus, from the different canteens to the students’ dormitories, pasting their posters on every noticeboard to recruit new members to join their team. Meanwhile, He Yu asked about why Team Lang Qi consisted of only two members. After which he was left stunned.

He Yu could tell that Gao Ge was serious about gaming, but he did not expect that she was so into it. With her beauty, Gao Ge would still be treated well even if she did not possess fantastic gaming skills, not to mention that her gaming skills weren’t bad. Facing the fate of only two members in their team was not because nobody was willing to join. Instead, it was Gao Ge who refused to play with these people who had no standards.

Gao Ge never disliked those who had a low standard of gaming skills, but what mattered was that they must be aware of their skills, able to take criticism and put in the effort to improve their skills. These expectations from a pleasant-looking lady would subconsciously pressure those who were interested, and no one was able to stand her.

Therefore, other than Zhou Mo, those who did not meet these expectations had subsequently left the team. Needless to say, those who were not serious also left.

“Now I feel unqualified to be on the team,” He Yu said discreetly after understanding the team’s situation from Zhou Mo.

“Don’t worry, you may be quite bad at gaming now but as long as you put your heart to it, Gao Ge will help you too,” Zhou Mo encouraged He Yu.

“How could you say that I’m lousy? I’m an average player at least!” He Yu replied.

“Since you are, do you know which aspect to improve on?” Zhou Mo asked.

“I think so?” He Yu nodded shamelessly. Despite the experience in the afternoon being only six minutes long, he knew that there was more to learn. To be honest, he didn’t do much other than suggest ideas and act as bait. He understood the whole situation and knew the opposing team’s strategy, how his team members planned to defend and his role in the team. But it was easier said than done, and completing the mission was not as easy as he thought it would be. The problem was his control skills. His decision to use the hero Huang Zhong was made since he knew his limitations.

“If you are a beginner, what role do you plan to play? And which hero will you be playing?” Zhou Mo asked timely.

“I was thinking about that too, which hero do you think would suit me?” He Yu asked.
“I have no idea either. This is the first time I’ve seen somebody who can interpret the whole gaming situation so well yet has such low-level skills. Let me think about it,” Zhou Mo answered.

“I’m sure that if I try each of them one by one, I would definitely find the one that suits me best,” He Yu said. 

“I think so too.” Zhou Mo nodded.

As they conversed, Gao Ge had already pasted another poster.

“Alright, I’m done here,” she took a few steps back, looking at the poster. Being a detail-orientated individual, she had pasted the poster at the most noticeable spot on the noticeboard.

“Are we done pasting our posters on all the noticeboards?” Gao Ge turned around to ask Zhou Mo.

“Yes,” Zhou Mo hesitated for a few moments before replying.

“Okay, we are done for the day,” Gao Ge commented. Placing her glance on He Yu she advised, “Remember to train your skills and think about which hero you could start mastering.” He Yu nodded in agreement.

The three of them separated ways and went towards their respective dormitories. Walking through the unfamiliar school campus, He Yu thought about the game.

Which position and hero am I fit to use?

It would make sense for me to use tanks to support.

Firing appropriately and withstanding the attack by the opposing team would be something I could do well in the game.

His mechanics were not entirely and helplessly bad. It was just that he still had no experience playing the game and needed time to adapt to the functions, which was what he hoped to improve on. So, which hero is suitable then?

As he walked, he had an idea which hero would work.


Two taxis parked in front of Dong Jiang University’s main gate. Zhang Cheng Hao got off from the first taxi, reeking of alcohol and looking extremely excited.

“He really is a professional gamer; he carried the whole team in the King ranked match!” Zhang Cheng Hao exclaimed to his friends.

“We know, we know. You’ve been praising him for the whole journey already. He used the KPL opening as a ‘warm-up’, and after that, he played with you in a ranked match. Are you not proud?” Zhou Mu Tong held on to Zhang Cheng Hao to keep him from falling, smiling as he did so.

“He must not have taken it seriously with me. He is invincible, Zhou Jin must have defeated them easily!” Zhang Cheng Hao laughed.

Zhou Mu Tong laughed but did not agree with him this time. At night, Su Ge had invited Team Tian Ze over for supper, bringing along a few club members who were ecstatic to be able to see professional gamers in real life. The main topic of conversation while eating was, no doubt, about The King’s Glory. Due to the demands of the members, Zhou Jin had used his strongest hero Zhuge Liang and dominated the match, dealing damage as high as 61%, which delighted the spectating members. Zhou Mu Tong still thought that Gao Ge was not as bad as Zhang Cheng Hao had said, as that would mean that they were also rookies.

“Where are Su Ge and the rest? I thought that they should have arrived before us?” Zhou Mu Tong attempted to change the topic.

“Hold on, where are they? It’s all thanks to them we were able to experience what we did tonight!” asked Zhang Cheng Hao who had become calmer after the topic changed to their president. Finally, they spotted Su Ge and the rest in front of a noticeboard.

“What are you looking at?” Zhang Cheng Hao joined them excitedly, but the three of them turned and showed a weird expression.

“What happened?” Zhang Cheng Hao asked while Zhou Mu Tong had already turned his attention to the noticeboard. “We crushed the existence of Team Huang Chao with a nameless rookie!” read the notice. Gao Ge had put the team name in the biggest font size, bold and arranged in a disorderly manner, making the notice catch the eye.

“Fuck!” Zhang Cheng Hao stormed forward and ripped the notice off. 

“What is going on?” Su Ge asked.

“This must be Gao Ge’s doing. That guy isn’t some nameless rookie, he knows how to play.” Zhang Cheng Hao replied.

“Yes yes, we thought that guy didn’t know how to play the game. We were too careless.” Zhou Mu Tong added. After all, he was partly responsible for the loss. 

“Who was it?” Su Ge asked.

“He…must be a new student…” Zhang Cheng Hao and Zhou Mu Tong mumbled while looking at each other. They had not fully grasped the situation.

“Go take a look, if he is a pro we will recruit him,” instructed Su Ge.

“I thought…we agreed to settle this during the competition?” Zhang Cheng Hao reasoned.

“Gao Ge’s team has five members?” Su Ge asked.

“She will find a way. It is the same every semester.” Zhou Mu Tong answered.

“This kind of team, do you think they will meet your team in the stages?” Su Ge questioned.

The intra-school league wanted participation, and so it would not reject anyone who wanted to take part. Every semester, a lot of teams participated. It was impossible to organize it in the same way as KPL. Teams were knocked out in every round, and the survivor would be the champion. Gao Ge and Zhou Mo were good players. Luck was not on their side, as every year, their teammates would burden them. It was extremely hard for them. Therefore, they were always eliminated in the first few rounds.

Zhang Cheng Hao was hoping to meet Team Lang Qi in the competition but had had no luck for the past three semesters. It wasn’t up to him to decide. He could not wait for the opportunity to destroy Gao Ge and her Team Lang Qi.

“Maybe? Anyway, why bother recruiting people from her team? They will eventually leave by themselves.” Zhang Cheng Hao smirked.

“Are you sure it will not be another Zhou Mo?” Su Ge asked.


“Maybe we shouldn’t recruit their members, we had an agreement after all.” Su Ge replied.

“Yes! Then we will shut her up once and for all.” Zhang Cheng Hao crushed the posters that were ripped off earlier.

“We will see again after they get eliminated.”Su Ge nodded.

“It won’t be long before that.” Zhang Cheng Hao laughed.

“Alright, it’s getting late. Let’s go back and rest.” Su Ge walked away and the others followed. 
Zhang Cheng Hao lagged behind. 

“What are you thinking?” Zhou Mu Tong realized and he checked on Zhang Cheng Hao.

“Actually, there is a way for us to meet Team Lang Qi.” Zhang Cheng Hao exclaimed.

“You intend to…” Zhou Mu Tong gradually understood his buddy. The intra-school league was organized by them, so they could secretly make some arrangements.

Although this is very underhanded, the thought of facing Team Lang Qi in the first round, how thrilling…

“I should have thought of that earlier!” Zhou Mu Tong said happily.