The King's Moment - Volume 1 Chapter 20


He Yu started to relax the moment he destroyed the enemy‘s nexus. Although the enemy Ake’s tempo had collapsed and she had come last in gold, He Yu still felt intimidated. In the end, he was still not confident in his mechanics, and his teammates were nothing like Gao Ge and Zhou Mo in the Battle Plains match this afternoon. Basically, there was not any communication among teammates. Nonetheless, He Yu managed to figure out a little of his teammates’ habits and routines, so he could forcibly find a way to coordinate with them in a few waves.

It was tiring, but he had lots of fun. When he first entered the match, his mentality had almost imploded, but as he played along, he did not feel that his teammates were awful. He even found the teammates in their initial learning phase slightly cute at the end of the game. At the information tab after the match, he gave his teammates a “like” one after the other. His teammates also forgave and forgot about him giving away first blood and gave him recognition as the MVP of the match by giving him likes in return.

He Yu, smiling, quit the match. He then saw a new notification and clicked on it. It was a friend request from Shi Liu Ye.

He Yu went blank for a moment and decided to accept the friend request. After a short while, he received a message from Shi Liu Ye.

“Bro, what’s your rank?”

“Bronze,” He Yu replied.

“I am asking your rank on your main account,” Shi Liu Ye said. 

“This is my main account,” He Yu said.

“What a lie.” Shi Liu Ye did not believe it. A true Bronze player ruining his tempo like taking a walk in the park? Was he that trash himself?

“I have watched plenty of tournaments, but have not played much,” He Yu replied honestly.

“......” What logic was this? Shi Liu Ye was skeptical but speechless.

“What is your rank on your main account?” This time, it was He Yu questioning.

“Platinum, I guess…..” Shi Liu Ye diffidently replied with a rank lower than his actual rank. Since he was defeated, wouldn't it be more embarrassing if he boasted a higher rank? 

Platinum? I guess? And a line of ellipses?

He Yu did not bother with the weird response. At the start, he was not sure about Shi Liu Ye’s rank, but after that, he thought that Shi Liu Ye’s standard was not really high as he looked at his performance. Even though Ake lost a bit of tempo during the match, there were still chances for Ake to grab back the initiative since the hero had a massive advantage in the team composition. From leading massively in gold to slumping hard before the game ended only spoke volumes about Shi Liu Ye’s standard—he was not good enough.

He Yu closed the game and noticed that there were many messages in Team Lang Qi’s chat group.

“The team composition is definitely bronze-standard.”

“Four people are coming, Genghis Khan is going to die……”

“First blood, terrible.”

“The two marksmen will die. This Ake knows how to play!”

“Gonna die again……”

“Yo, your play in this fight is a little crafty!”



“She only had the motive to prey on enemy heroes. In the end, she lost her tempo.”

“Ake kept chasing after Genghis Khan. She seems to be quite vengeful.”

“Ignoring the presence of the two marksmen and charging in recklessly is a joke. Didn’t she already know that?”

“What a waste, it was a good start.”

He Yu scrolled through the messages. From the incessant teasing to the final conclusion, it seemed that the chat was about his previous match? Did the two spectate his match? The two even sighed regretfully at the end, which team were they rooting for?

“So, were you two expecting me to lose?” He Yu could not hold back and asked in the group chat.

“Talk about the main dish, don’t quibble over the appetizers. How can she play like this when she was leading and carrying?” Zhou Mo still felt regretful for Shi Liu Ye.

“Her standard was too low,” Gao Ge said.

“How did I play?” He Yu wanted to listen to opinions from the two.

“What else is there to say about Bronze ranked matches?” Gao Ge responded.

“But you both were energetic in group chat!” He Yu said.

“We were just bored,” Gao Ge uttered.


As he ran out of words to reply with, the door’s lock made a sound and his roommate finally came back. He Yu looked at the time and it was already 11 pm. He looked at the entrance again and a boy with finely chiseled features walked in carrying a bag. He saw He Yu looking at him and greeted He Yu: “Hi.”

“Hi, I’m He Yu,” He Yu responded and introduced himself.

“I saw your name on the name list. My name is Mo Xian,” the boy spoke while walking towards his study desk, and placed his bag on the table. He did not sound enthusiastic and it felt more like a courteous greeting between the both of them. His two short sentences had already given out an aura that he probably was not too approachable.

“Where did you go?” He Yu wanted to find a topic to talk about, so he asked as he saw Mo Xian taking out books from his bag.

“Late night self-study,” Mo Xian uttered.

“What?” He Yu thought he had heard mistakenly.

“Late night self-study.” Mo Xian repeated as he glanced at He Yu.

He Yu was awe-inspired and came down from the bed. Today was only orientation day and it was not counted as a formal schooling day. Were the textbooks given out? Did he know about the timetable? Did he know the way to the self-study classroom? He self-studied so late? What materials could he self-study?

He Yu walked a few steps towards Mo Xian’s study desk and peeked at Mo Xian who was taking out a book from his bag. The book “Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica” appeared in his sight. He had no clue about the book but he scanned the book and saw the author’s name—Newton. He instantly felt the power of a sea of information gushing towards him, and had the impulse to kneel down.

His roommate was undoubtedly the typical top student in class. “How many marks did you get for the national college entrance exam?” At times like this, it was definitely wiser to leave and brush his teeth. 

“I’m going to wash up,” He Yu came back to his senses and headed to the washroom.

“Alright,” Mo Xian responded while continuing to tidy his stuff. They only started another conversation when both were laying on their beds.

“Switch off the lights?” He Yu asked.

“Yes, thank you,” Mo Xian said.

End of conversation. The room entered into a state of darkness. He Yu temporarily did not feel like sleeping yet. Given any other roommate that was more ordinary and he would have asked his roommate if he played The King’s Glory. But Mo Xian’s aloof temperament and the “Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica” book suppressed He Yu’s thoughts to do so. He believed that Mo Xian would never be tirelessly exploring the sea of information of The King’s Glory in the self-study classroom. 

He Yu scrolled through his phone and saw Gao Ge and Zhou Mo greeting each other bye and good night. Nonetheless, He Liang sent him a message. 

“Your play was not bad.”

“You also spectated, brother?” He Yu got excited.

“I spectated. Your tempo control was quite good,” He Liang replied. 

“Anything more?” He Yu asked.

“You still want anything more?”

He Yu was flustered. Even though it was a low ranked match, it was clearly quite interesting, but why did everyone seem to be helpless and speechless about his performance?

He Yu left his phone aside and stared at the ceiling.

To him, his first step into the Valley of Kings was akin to beginning a new chapter in his life, which also made him look forward to life like his becoming a freshman in university. From starting with an almost imploding mentality to securing a victory at the end in a Bronze ranked match, He Yu felt that the joy was not only during the moment when the nexus exploded. He had felt many new experiences that he had not gone through when he watched tournaments in the past. He was not quite able to describe it, but he could conclude his feelings with an overall conclusion—awesome. 

He gradually faded into dreamland in that mood.

During his nap, he hazily heard a “Penta Kill” electronic-like sound resonating in his ears.