The King's Moment - Volume 1 Chapter 22

Most youngsters had a playful and energetic temperament. He Yu’s classmates were the same. Despite barely knowing each other, they were daring enough to cheer and hiss, making all sorts of funny noises. Amidst the rowdy crowd, He Yu had no choice as he stood up.

As for Gao Ge, it was the same treatment from the crowd. However, she had a different approach to it. Facing the class of boys, she spoke, “Why all the noise? Just teammates, any players interested to join? Feel free to experience Team Lang Qi.”

Short and sweet, Gao Ge got the message clearly across to the boys, concurrently advertising Team Lang Qi. The crowd of freshies had no girls in their class, and upon having an opportunity to interact with a beautiful girl like Gao Ge, they all went berserk. Regarding the game The King’s Glory and joining the team, these were the least of the boys’ concerns.

“All students, please settle down.” Mr. Ren panicked when the students were getting out of hand and he attempted to take control. After which, he looked over to Gao Ge and explained, “I will take over from here and help you filter out those interested. “

“Alright, thank you Mr. Ren.” Gao Ge replied.

“No problem, you can call me ‘senior’ as always.” Mr Ren stayed after graduation to become a teacher. Two years back was his final year, and Gao Ge had just enrolled. That was when they knew each other and Gao Ge had been calling him senior ever since.

Gao Ge smiled to acknowledge and dragged He Yu out of the class. Then, there was silence in the class. Mr. Ren did not continue and the students stared at him, awaiting him to say something.

“Oh, here is the thing.” Mr. Ren finally spoke. “I do not object to everyone playing games outside class, or participating in co-curriculum activities related to games, however, only participate if you are serious about it. You guys think i would not know what you all are up to?”

The students were somewhat confused and curious. They thought their teacher was ironic. It was as though they were asked to be serious and not take gaming activities lightly, which in the first place were meant to be a leisure one. Teacher Ren added on, “At least have a good mentality and serious attitude if you all intend to join Team Lang Qi.”

“Why is that so?” some students asked.

“As you all can see, the pretty lady just now will expect it from you guys, and in the case where any of you cannot deliver those conditions, she will kick you out of the team.” Teacher Ren explained.

“I feel that I am able to commit.” A student stood up and said with a determined tone. “She mentioned ‘to experience’ anyway.”

Teacher Ren could tell that this student was just putting up an act. He cannot be bothered to reply to him.

“Then, what is wrong with He Yu?” someone shooted out.

“I am not sure too, temporary class monitor, can you please find out more?” Teacher Ren instructed Mo Mu.

“Is there a need to?” Mo Mu argued. Be it pretty girls or during discussions, he had no interest to be part of it. Even Teacher Ren's concern for He Yu seemed redundant to him.

“Just take note of He Yu’s emotions.”Teacher Ren insisted.

Everyone could see that Teacher Ren was worried about He Yu and they settled down. 
Everyone was uncertain of what He Yu was going through at the moment.

“Teacher, can we leave?” Mo Mu asked, oblivious to his surroundings and obviously in his own world.

“The rest can go, Mo Mu follow me to take the timetable. Then, we will head over to the library to check when the textbooks are up for collection.” 

“Alright .” Mo Mu answered. The rest of the students started to disperse and Mo Mu followed the teacher to retrieve the timetable. According to it, He Yu just got a change in class.

In the class there were three guys, one was Zhou Mo, the other two glanced over when Gao Ge and He Yu entered. “Let us get to know each other, this is He Yu.” Gao Ge waved.

He Yu nodded at them.

“Li Si Jie, Qu Jin Ran.” Gao Ge introduced the two boys to He Yu.

“Hello.” He Yu greeted.

The two boys stood up and nodded back. “Now we know each other, we shall make a move.” they said.

Zhou Mo knew this would happen. Still, he cut in and suggested, “At least play one round, let us familiarise with each other.”

“Next time. I am not free today, I have an appointment.” Li Si Jie snapped.

“Me too, next time.” Qu Jin Ran nodded to them and the duo left.

“What is the meaning of this?” A startled He Yu asked.

“Our temporary teammates, we will join the school competition as a team.” Gao Ge explained.

“Temporary teammates?”

“Glory of Kings’ club announced that there will be lots of participants this year, though the due date to register is not set yet, we do not have time to scout for teammates. We had to register early just in case so we could only grab these two temporary teammates at the moment.” Zhou Mo added.

“Are they reliable?” Zhou Mo suddenly thought of the trashy teammates he encountered last night. Though trashy players were funny at times, if winning was the final goal it would be difficult.

“Obviously, unreliable.” Gao Ge being direct and honest, commented.

“It was fortunate of us to be able to find the two of them. Given someone’s bad reputation, it was not easy.” Zhou Mo blurted out.

“Quite bad? That was not what you said last night.” He Yu questioned.

“I did not say anything last night, it was all your own interpretation.” Seeing Gao Ge gaze shifted upon him, Zhou Mo quickly defended himself.

“Just filling up the members for now, it is a school event, the rules are not so strict. Once we find players who are reliable, we swap them.” Gao Ge explained.

“What if they add an additional rule of not allowing players to be swapped?” Zhou Mo asked.

“Then you can go to hell!” Gao Ge stared at Zhou Mo.

“What has that got to do with me.” Zhou Mo mumbled as he looked at He Yu helplessly.

“The main purpose of organising these events is to enrich student’s life after school, setting this kind of rule, is there a need? Even if they were to pick on us, they could just arrange a strong team to eliminate us. Do you think it is relevant to put in effort just and change the rule, just to go against us?” Gao Ge ruled out.

“I suspected they brought forward the registration date to pick on us.” Zhou Mo analysed.

“I made some inquiries, this year’s members that joined, not only freshies, have increased drastically.” 

“Why?” Zhou Mo was unable to make sense of it.

“You think Zhou Jin and You Ya Zhong came for fun?” Gao Ge replied.

“Oh…” Zhou Mo finally understood. They were the best star players and a lot of people were following up on them. Though they just started out, their advertising had an extremely great impact and response. In less than 24 hours of their arrival, their superstar effect was shocking. 
As Team Lang Qi which went around the campus to advertise themselves, their results were atrocious.

“What we need to do now is to continue winning and stall enough time for us to get reliable and capable teammates.” Gao Ge instructed.

Zhou Mo was silent, he was pessimistic about this.

“How incapable are our temporary teammates?” He Yu could not contain himself anymore.

“One silver rank and one diamond rank.”