The King's Moment - Volume 1 Chapter 25


At 8 minutes and 41 seconds, He Yu and Su Ge’s team won the match easily, but He Yu knew their victory had nothing to do with him. 

The data report after the game confirmed what He Yu was thinking. Genghis Khan’s damage output: 10.3%.  
As a marksman, usually more than 30% of the damage should be dealt by him, making He Yu’s 10.3% of the damage output not even worthy to discuss. In the past, having such damage output was called paddling. But in King’s Glory, such damage was called “no effort winning”.

Other than that, Genghis Khan gave a kill to the enemy team, destroying his team’s perfect death count of zero. 

Su Ge and his friends looked at He Yu simultaneously. Liang Chen, Bai Hu, and Lao Xian Yu were grinning from ear to ear while Su Ge only patted He Yu and blandly told him, “Good luck!” 

Compared to sarcasm and ridicule, such bland and uninterested tones were always the most hurtful ones. It was a kind of condescending compassion, an action where a person was not willing to spare a single emotion. 

He Yu could only smile and said, “Sorry for the embarrassment.”

Su Ge looked at the name tag on the table and asked, “Has Team Lang Qi gathered 5 people yet?”.

“Yeah,” He Yu replied. 

“I wish you good luck,” Su Ge nodded.

“Pft!” Lao Xian Yu who was beside Su Ge laughed, but immediately raised his thumbs to He Yu. “Good luck!” 

“Thank you.” He Yu, of course, could hear the sarcasm under Xian Yu’s encouragement, but he still thanked him politely. 

Su Ge and his friends immediately left while laughing along the way. From time to time, they turned back and pointed at He Yu. Instead of getting angry, He Yu only smiled at their behaviour. 

With the fact that He Yu did not know their playstyle, their routine, and only relied on his map awareness to support them, He Yu was quite satisfied with himself. Including the match in Battle Plains yesterday, this was only the third time he played King’s Glory. Although he was a Bronze rank, He Yu guessed that the opponents must be high ranked, too. On account of this, he felt good about his performance in a high ranked game. 

 As for He Yu’s death, although his team did not say anything, it was obvious that they were disgusted with He Yu’s mistake, even more so because they did not view He Yu as a teammate after all.
Suddenly, He Yu’s phone rang softly, and when he glanced at his phone, it was a message from the Team Lang Qi group chat. Reading it, he saw a lot of scolding messages. 

“I told you to recruit new members, not for you to be lazy and play games. @He Yu.” Gao Ge sent. 

“If you did not play the game too, how could you know he was playing…” Zhou Mo replied. 

“But that sacrifice was worth it. It took a few of the opponent’s critical skills.” Gao Ge suddenly changed the subject. 

“Right, if it was not for the sacrifice, it may take another two minutes to finish the game,” Zhou Mo said.

He Yu’s heart felt warm for a moment. 

They are indeed my teammates, who always pay attention and believe in my performance in the game, resulting in them knowing my death was not a mistake after all. It is because of my low damage that I decided to step forward and take all the damage from the opponents, and used a weak marksman as bait to trick a few of their skills. Thus, making Su Ge and his friends able to win the match easily.  

You guys know me so well!  
Just as He Yu was about to express his feelings and send a message, the two in the group continued chatting.

“Apart from that, He Yu was quite useless, too. Only 10.3% damage…”Gao Ge said. 

“It is a high ranked game, after all. I checked the opponents’ profiles. Three King ranked and two Master ranked. Now is the beginning of the season, too, so they must be pretty good at the game. ” 

“Based on their performances, the other side is probably not a team,” Gao Ge said. 

 “He Yu managed to keep up with Su Ge’s momentum too. After all, Genghis Khan is quite difficult to play, and he needs more practice,” Zhou Mo said.

“ Thank you for the compliments……. ” He Yu finally could not stand it anymore and jumped out to speak. Between these two, Gao Ge was bluntly pointing out his mistakes while Zhou Mo seemed to be defending him. But in a sense, he too agreed with Gao Ge that his skills were insufficient. Looks like hearing a flawless compliment at the moment is quite difficult.

“How did you start playing with them?” Gao Ge suddenly asked. 

“They passed by, and I did not see Su Ge clearly and just blindly invited him to join our team,” He Yu replied with embarrassment. 

“Wow, did he agree?” Gao Ge asked. 

“....” He Yu, who was obviously embarrassed, could only answer her with silence. 

“Then how did you end up matching with them?” Zhou Mo curiously asked. 

“They asked what rank I am, and I told them it was complicated, so they told me to show my skills off, and I showed them, ” He Yu said. 

“You called that a show off? It looked more like a clowning performance,” Gao Ge replied. 

“Based on He Yu’s standard, it should be regarded as a very hardworking performance, right?” Zhou Mo then said. 

Very hardworking performance?  

Zhou Mo was always so pertinent, making He Yu unable to refute what he said. Sometimes, he just wanted to tell Zhou Mo that his unintentional comments often hurt even more. 

Although Su Ge and his friends had already gone far away, their conversations still revolved around He Yu. They laughed happily. The target of their ridicule was no longer He Yu, but Zhang Cheng Hao after losing to He Yu. 

“Can be defeated by such a rookie, Team Huang Chao is quite weak after all. It seems like this semester’s champion will be our Su Ge,” Liang Chen said. 

“Do you guys really think He Liang Yu is a noob?” Su Ge, who was listening to the others along the way, suddenly spoke.

“Uh, he is not a noob. After all, we did not carry him that much, but he still managed to keep up with us. It shows that his game awareness is not that weak,” Liang Chen replied seriously. 

“If he was our opponent, would he be able to see through our intentions every time?” Su Ge asked. 

“It depends on his visions, right?” Liang Chen said. 
“What if he is playing the support role responsible for scouting the area?” Su Ge added.

Everyone stopped talking.

If He Liang Yu played as a support, he would know where to scout, and then guess his opponents' actions based on his observations. Finally, dispatching his whole team… 

“It is easy to find thousands of soldiers, but difficult to find a colonel. But above the colonels, are generals who lead them. If we compare ourselves as soldiers, then all those professional players in the game are considered colonels. The generals who are responsible for adjusting the momentum of these colonels in the game are rarer than anyone else. KPL has a total of 12 professional teams. As far as I know, there are no more than four high-quality generals in the whole KPL. How rare is it to have such talent?” Su Ge said. 
“Which four?” Liang Chen curiously asked. 

“Yang Meng Qi from Team Wei Chen, Zhou Jin from Team Tian Ze, Li Wen Shan from Team Yi Shi Guang, and Xu He Xiang from Team Shan Gui.”