The King's Moment - Volume 1 Chapter 26

“Yang Meng Qi?”

“Li Wen Shan?”

The four people Su Ge mentioned weren’t strangers to anyone; they were regarded as the best players in The King’s Glory. However, the two mentioned above, were high-level generals on the field, although their temperaments did not match their skills. 

Especially Yang Meng Qi’s Guan Yu, his famous phrase when supporting, “Fret not my little one, Daddy is coming!” was always a widespread discussion topic in the circle. As for his commanding ability, no one could gauge how good he was.

Su Ge knew where his friend's doubts were. He smiled and said, “Yang Meng Qi indeed is a bit strange, but his roaming and support ability are no doubt the best among all of them. His strange words likely have a double meaning as a command.”

“As for Li Wen Shan, you guys probably think, after watching him play, that he couldn’t possibly have time to command. Paying attention to the overall details can indeed be a bit distracting for him, which is why Team Yi Shi Guang has someone else to command, but Li Wen Shan still speaks up at critical moments, and that’s the key to winning momentarily,” Su Ge continued

“I see….” They answered one after another. They, too, also watched KPL, but the audience couldn't hear the commands and communications of the players during the game. What goes on behind the scenes was always a hot topic among fans.

Su Ge had managed to invite Zhou Jin from Team Tian Ze to the campus before their competition, which meant that  Su Ge was no ordinary person. It was usual for him to know more about the insides of the game that weren’t known to outsiders. 
“Can He Liang Yu compare with these four?” Liang Chen asked in disbelief. 

“Of course not, I’m just saying that he seems to have some abilities in commanding, and his map awareness looks good too,” Su Ge said. 

“Only looks good?” Liang Chen smiled. They were all familiar with Su Ge, and he usually did not skimp on compliments, but his compliments all came from being polite. 

“He is good..” Who knew that this time Su Ge was serious. 
“Oh? Does He Liang Yu require our attention then?” Liang Chen asked.

“It depends on who the other two are in Team Lang Qi,” Su Ge said. 

“Normally, those two are just there to get them up to five players, no?” Liang Chen said. 

“Let’s go and check the registration team,” Su Ge said. 

The King’s Glory Club was a popular club in Dong Jiang University, and that was why the school frequently gave them sponsorships and welfare. Even their activity room, dedicated to daily affairs, was a huge compared to other clubs. When Su Ge and the others arrived, the activity room was crowded because of the new registrations and the need for a large number of lists to be sorted out.

But when the president came in, everyone let go of their work and looked at Su Ge together. 

“Keep going..” Su Ge smiled awkwardly.

They were unresponsive and continued with their busy work. Su Ge glanced at the room and headed towards Zhang Cheng Hao’s position.

"Cheng Hao."

“Ah?” Zhang Cheng Hao, who was typing on his computer, heard Su Ge calling him and raised his head. 

“Has Team Lang Qi signed up yet?” Su Ge said. 

“Lang Qi?” Colour quickly drained from his face. Cheng Hao feigned innocence to look puzzled and said, “I didn’t pay attention, let me check.” 

“How could you not pay any attention to them?” Su Ge smiled. 

“There are too many registering teams; really, I didn’t pay any attention to them. I’ll check them now,” Zhang Cheng Hao said. After quickly searching through the files on his computer, Team Lang Qi appeared on the screen. 

“There they are,” Zhang Cheng Hao said. 

Su Ge went closer to see the registration list of Team Lang Qi. On the list were a few familiar names to him like Gao Ge and Zhou Mo. He Yu? He suddenly thought of the ID He Liang Yu, and Su Ge immediately matched the ID with his name. 

Then again, Zhao Jin Ran? Li Si Jie? Almost all the great players in Dong Jiang University were members of Su Ge’s club, and there were none that Su Ge wasn’t aware of unless they were newcomers to the school. But these two were third-year students. 

There was no doubt that Gao Ge found these people randomly just to get five people to make a team; this was not the first time that happened. 

“This He Yu, we just played a game with him,” Su Ge said. 

“Oh?” Zhang Cheng Hao froze for a moment, and then glanced behind Su Ge, his “we” were the main forces of Su Ge’s team, the pinnacle of Dong Jiang University’s King’s Glory team.  

“How is he?” Zhang Cheng Hao asked involuntarily. 

“He was a bit interesting, but I’m not too sure yet,” Su Ge said.

“Is he difficult to beat?” Zhang Chen Hao asked. His mood at the moment was a bit complicated. On one hand, he didn’t want a strong player to join Team Lang Qi, but on the other hand, their defeat in Battle Plains would be less embarrassing if this person was a strong player. 

Team Lang Qi posted new advertisements everywhere in Dong Jiang University, and although, they weren’t able to attract any newcomers, Team Huang Chao’s defeat from Team Lang Qi, with a newbie on their team, was spreading. This morning, at the opening ceremony, Zhang Cheng Hao found quite a few people smiling and pointing at him. They couldn’t be praising him, right? 

Zhang Cheng Hao made a vow that he would beat Team Lang Qi in the intraschool league. As soon as Lang Qi registered, he got their name list as quickly as possible. Zhao Jin Ran and Li Si Jie, the two that made Su Ge at a loss, had already been checked by Zhang Cheng Hao, one platinum rank, and one diamond rank. 

In the university, those regarded as strong players were mostly king ranked. Team Lang Qi could only manage to invite two low ranked players, and that made him sigh a huge relief. But the moment he heard Su Ge talked about He Yu, Zhang Cheng Hao was still in the dark about the skills of this person. 
“No, he played with us as a team,” Su Ge said.
“Same team?” Zhang Cheng Hao froze. 

“He claimed that his skills were a bit complicated, so we played a game with him to see,” Su Ge said. 
“And how was his performance?” Zhang Cheng Hao asked.

“10.4% damage with Genghis Khan,” Su Ge said.

“This……” Zhang Cheng Hao didn’t understand why Su Ge was talking about such garbage performance.

“But his map awareness isn’t bad. If you meet him, be sure to pay more attention to him, especially if he plays a support role.”

“Support role?” Zhang Cheng Hao scratched his head. He was aware that a good support could help turn the game over, so should he practice combat routine to counter support? 

“How many teams have signed up now?” Su Ge changed the subject to the logistics of the club. 

“So far, there have been 216 teams, and this is only the first day. Compared to last year, there should be more people registering, especially when the deadline rolls around,” Zhang Cheng Hao said. 

“Alright, since everyone is so active. We can’t slack off too. Everyone, let’s work hard together.” Su Ge said, then along with his teammates, they organized the work of the registration team.