The King's Moment - Volume 1 Chapter 3

Dong Jiang University valued the importance of afforestation, planting every corner of its compound with different kinds of trees. These trees shaded over the school, making it gloomy and one could only see the clear sky on the school field.

At the student’s mart beside the field, He Yu got himself a bottle of soda, found a spot at the entrance and savored his drink. It was the first day of school and lots of students were playing soccer at the field. However, the hot spot among the students remains to be the shaded area between the field and students mart.

Over there, the tables were arranged in an orderly manner along the aisle, each representing different clubs and societies who were busy recruiting freshmen. Some had flashy banners on the trees, senior students holding signboards, broadcasting system playing on repeat, all had one intention: to attract freshmen to join them.

Zhou Mo sat alone behind one of the tables, observing the members of the clubs with envy. His booth got nothing much set up, no other students to aid him, seemingly transparent among the crowd. Though other booths were more attractive to the freshmen, Zhou Mo still would not give up. He still had a glimmer of hope regardless, smiling warmly and welcoming anyone that caught his eyes. With much anticipation, he will shoot to his feet and greet, “Hey buddy, come take a look at Team Lang Qi!”

"What?" A student approached by Zhou Mo replied, looking startled. He did not even catch what Zhou Mo said earlier.

"Team Lang Qi here, we play The King's Glory, do you?" Zhou Mo asked patiently.

"The King’s Glory? Isn’t that the booth the other side?" The student somewhat confused looked towards the right. His doubt was confirmed when he saw two game heroes, Xiang Yu, and Consort Yu, in cardboard cut-outs stationed at a booth far right.

"That’s a club, ours a team, join us and we can match up with one another and play ranked matches or even join some..."

"But I already joined the club." the student cut Zhou Mo off.

"That"s not a big deal. Compared to them, we are a more stable team." Zhou Mo tried to redeem himself.

"Yeap, so stable, in fact there’s only two members all along." Someone snapped out of the blue and came to the student’s side.

"Senior Zhang!" the student exclaimed after realizing that someone was a third year senior who had introduced him to the club earlier. He was even the head of advertising for The King's Glory club.

"I thought I already introduced to you a while ago? If you want to join a team, we got lots of them in our club. Based on the position and hero you’re good at, we will recommend you the teams that fit you best!" explained Zhang Cheng Hao.

"I know, but this senior right here..."

"They’ve got only 2 members in their team, what’s the use of joining them? To play 3v3?" Zhang Cheng Hao teased, the other students who were following him burst into laughter. Even the veteran players seldom heard of this 3v3 game mode. Most players played 5v5 match mode or rank, which is usually of higher standards and being played in competitions. Therefore, 3v3 is not really recognized. Zhou Mo cannot retaliate to Zhang Cheng Hao making fun of his team, because deep down he knew what Zhang Cheng Hao said was a fact.

"3v3 so what? Do you know how to play it?"

A female’s voice pierced through the commotion. Everyone’s head turned and a pretty girl walked towards them, dazing people around. Zhang Cheng Hao and his group took no interest in the beauty, and a moment of sulkiness flashed across their faces. "Wasn’t expecting you, brother Gao!" Zhang Cheng Hao joked.

People around were stunned and those who did not know the girl began wondering. Why did he call her ‘Brother’?

"Childish" The girl talked back. Her surname was Gao, and her name was ‘Ge’. In Chinese had the same pronunciation but different meanings: her’s being ‘song’ and rather than ‘brother’. Most people mistook it accidentally at the beginning. Since young, many people also made fun or Gao Ge for her name but she was used to it. Her friends advised her to change her name but Gao Ge refused, saying that she shouldn’t change her name because of those people who disrespected her. [TL: The ‘Ge’ in her name meant ‘song’, but it was pronounced in the same way as ‘big brother’, leading to a lot of misunderstandings.]

This left her friends speechless as she took the joke with a pinch of salt. She took no notice of Zhang Cheng Hao and faced the freshman Zhou Mo was trying to recruit. "Although it’s 3v3, if we take it seriously, it can be really fun, want to try?"

The freshman was still deep in thoughts about what just happened. Zhang Cheng Hao felt uneasy being ignored and rebutted, "You serious? 3v3? Who’s gonna play? Don’t tell me you want to master it?"

"Alright, back to the issue. Do you know how to play 3v3?" Gao Ge looked Zhang Cheng Hao in the eyes and asked.

"What’s there that I do not know?" Zhang Cheng Hao who was being mocked answered instantly without thinking. 

"Then let’s play one match. Do you dare?!" Gao Ge challenged.

"One match? Does your Team Lang Qi got enough members to begin with?" Zhan Cheng Hao jeered.

"That"s easy, so many students here, you can randomly assign someone to join us, winning you is just a matter of time, sooner or later." Gao Ge mocked.

"Randomly?" Zhang Cheng Hao and the students around could not believe it. Though this game was a big hit, most students had never even try this game before. Let alone looking pros in the crowd, the probability of randomly picking someone that will be a burden to the team is extremely high. Those that played this game should know it was equivalent to a 2v3 match, an unfair fight with big disadvantages.

"Yes, up to you to select someone for us randomly." Gao Ge repeated herself full of confidence.

"Err..." Gao Ge partner, Zhou Mo, could no longer withhold himself any longer, doubting Gao Ge's decision. Gao Ge looked at Zhou Mo with assurance and full of determination, replied in a calm manner, " It’s going to be a lot easier than 5v5."

Zhou Mo saw how confident Gao Ge was and his jaw fell. Both of them were once part of The King's Glory club. Most of the members were guys, so girls are very much welcomed. Just looking at how pretty Gao Ge was, they do not have any expectations from her. Who would have thought that Gao Ge was the one who felt that they have no standards?

Gao Ge passion and love for the game were beyond anyone else. Most would play for fun and to past time, but Gao Ge treated it as if it was her career, dreams, and goal in life. She absolutely could not stand those who do not put in the effort or appreciate the game, and her teammates could not understand and withstand her expectations. In the end, no one in the club wanted to be in the same team as Gao Ge. Eventually, she quit. 

After quitting the club she formed her own Team Lang Qi. And two years till now, Zhou Mo was her only teammate. It was very hard for them to join the yearly 5v5 tournament, and Gao Ge infamous reputation spread far and wide, with no one within the school willing to play in her team.

As of now, though challenging Zhang Cheng Hao was embarrassing, it was the only unavoidable way. They could not force others to agree with their gaming attitude, but they could find other means to persuade them. 

Through skills.

Though Zhang Cheng Hao was introduced to the game later than them and only started to play when he entered this school, he was amongst the higher-ranked players here. The team he formed also performed well in competitions held within the school. If Gao Ge and Zhou Mo could really win against Zhang Cheng Hao and his team, it would be an opportunity to prove themselves. Only then the freshmen might even consider joining Team lang Qi.

After getting the point, Zhou Mo had no more doubts and he stood beside Gao Ge with determination. Just like how he had been the sole member in Team Lang Qi for the past two years.

Zhang Cheng Hao then requested Zhou Mu Tong and Xu Kai Huai to join him.

Gao Ge made such a big scene, leaving Zhang Cheng Hao with no choice but to accept the challenge. Both Zhou Mu Tong and Xu Kai Huai were The King's Glory club main players. Obviously Zhang Cheng Hao wanted to brutally destroy Team Lang Qi. 

As for Team Lang Qi…

"So as for you guys, I shall pick the last guy or you guys?" Zhang Cheng Hao asked once more. He knew that there was no way Gao Ge will go back on her own words, considering her determined personality.

"Go ahead." Gao Ge said.

Zhang Cheng Hao scanned the crowd, at the same time feeling that he should not be complacent although his team consisted of top players in the school. His past experience with Gao Ge that still makes him uneasy and they even haunted him from time to time. He was criticized and his ego was hurt before. No matter how much they hated her, one must admit that Gao Ge was a very good player. Her partner Zhou Mo who was on par with her must not be underestimated as well. 

If the final member was a veteran player too, he was not certain with his chances of victory.

The best-case scenario was to find them someone who did not know the game.

Although that was Zhang Cheng Hao’s plan, he knew that the people around him must be people who knew the game. There was no way they were first-timers...

Looking through once more, an idea came to Zhang Cheng Hao. He spoke, " Most of the guys here are people I know of, and I wouldn’t want you to accuse me of planting a mole in your team to sabotage you." 

Looking past beyond the crowd, Zhang Cheng Hao spotted this student sitting alone at the entrance of the student’s mart sipping his soda. The student was oblivious to whatever was happening down here.

That’s the perfect guy!

"Then I’ll pick that guy over there!" Zhang Cheng Hao pointed.

Everyone looked over in that direction. Gao Ge was dazed for a moment but she quickly recovered herself, pulling a cute smile and patted Zhang Cheng Hao on the shoulder.

She replied, "Not bad! Good choice!"