The King's Moment - Volume 1 Chapter 36

The shout called for Liu Bang, who was at the top. Prepared, Zhou Mo triggered Liu Bang's ultimate right when Gao Ge shouted.

Battlefield Command!

Liu Bang began to cast his ultimate, but Diao Chan activated a buff under the mid turret. She gained a shield with 40% resistance to damage. Moreover, Diao Chan opened her ultimate, Blossoming Potential, producing a circle of spells.

Power Word- Control!

The opponent's Zhang Liang had finally used his ultimate.

Liu Bang's ultimate wasn't very surprising to the opponents, as it was the hero's signature move, but they didn't deem the ultimate as a significant threat. Liu Bang took 2.2 seconds to fully cast the skill, and Zhang Liang's ultimate only had a 2-second control. Even with the shield Liu Bang gave her, Diao Chan wouldn't survive an attack from the four enemies because, under Zhang Liang's control, her skills didn't perform lifesteal.

But Gao Ge's Zhang Fei suddenly appeared from the jungle.

Leaping Savior!

Zhang Lei leaped over the wall with his second ability and jumped into the circle, opening his ultimate: Wild Blood!

A savage growl rang out on the field. Gao Ge had accurately angled her ultimate to hit as many targets as possible. The crucial key was, however, to strike Zhang Liang to break to his control.

She did it. Three out of four enemies were hit, including Zhang Liang, who initially cast his control at Diaochan at the turret's edge. The growl had blown him into the attack range of the turret.

Zhang Liang's control was broken. Diao Chan started to cast her second ability to dodge incoming skills and aimed her first ability at as many enemies as possible. These enemies included heroes as well as minions, who were attacking the turret. Diao Chan's passive ability, Floral Seal, would mark the targets which were hit by her skills. When four marks stacked on an individual, it would heal Diao Chan by 100 points, deal pure damage to nearby enemies, and reduce the movement speed of the target by 90%. Pure damage was unique in the sense that armour and shields couldn't block it.

The minions, which were under the turret, helped Diaochan stack her marks, which triggered her passive ability and caused a very significant amount of damage. Zhang Fei's ultimate enhanced his attack damage, and in his enhanced form, he fiercely threw his first skill at the enemies.

The enemies who were hit by Zhang Fei's ultimate were pushed back and stunned for 1.5 seconds. The enemies, who were unable to dodge Diao Chan and Zhang Fei's skills, absorbed a large amount of damage. They realised that Zhang Fei's appearance lost them the fight. They were no longer thinking of how to attack, but how to escape.

Suddenly, Dharma, who was camping in the bushes of the left jungle, jumped into the scene with his first ability. He landed his fist on Nezha, stunned him for 0.5 seconds, and immediately turned around and gave him another punch. It was Dharma's ultimate: Mantra - Truth.

The powerful punch had a wide range. Both Zhang Liang and Guiguzi had been caught in the blow and pushed against the wall. Hitting the wall triggered another 1.5 seconds of stun, which perfectly continued the stun of Zhang Fei's ultimate. These three enemy heroes were completely immobile for three seconds. Diao Chan continued to deal damage with her skills, while Dharma landed punches, and Zhang Fei fiercely beat the enemy. Finally, Liu Bang had arrived and started collecting kills.

However, He Yu felt like crying. Although his Genghis Khan had rushed into the fight, Zhang Fei's growl had pushed the enemies away from him. Now, the enemies were out of range, and he had to continue walking forwards to get into range.

The growl hit three enemies, but the main damage dealer, Athena, dodged it with the shield from her first ability. She moved around, avoiding skills with Unstoppable Spear, and He Yu realized he was in danger.

It was apparent that Athena was not planning to save her teammates anymore but was rushing towards him.

At this moment, He Yu moved subconsciously. Genghis Khan, who was only one step away from Athena's spear range, swiftly turned and ran away with Athena chasing after. Genghis Khan quickly ran into the bush behind the Overlord's pit. Despite losing sight of him in the bushes, Athena did not give up and continued to approach.

Genghis Khan's movement speed increased by 40% for two seconds because he was in bushes. This was advantageous when running away from enemies. Below him, there was another bush beside the red sentinels' pit that he could use. He was close to his bottom turret.

This was the escape plan that first came to He Yu's mind. However, after looking at Athena's movement, he hesitated and chose to run toward the right instead of going down.

"What are you doing?" The fight at mid was victorious, so Gao Ge was free to look at He Yu. She was surprised that Genghis Khan did not run towards the bottom turret.

"Going to the turret won't help," said He Yu.

Gao Ge understood what he meant when she saw Athena's position. Athena expected Genghis Khan to run towards the turret, and she had been leaning to her left when heading into the bush. This positioning would have allowed her to go down directly from the left and kill Genghis Khan. Despite having two bushes that could boost Genghis Khan's movement speed, it was very likely that Athena would have still reached him. By then, even if Genghis Khan managed to go under the turret, with Athena's leading gold and skills, it wouldn't be difficult for her to rush under the turret and kill He Yu's Genghis Khan.

However, out of Athena's expectation, He Yu ran towards the right. Immediately, she altered her trajectory toward the right and continued her chase, unwilling to let He Yu go.

Genghis Khan, who was heading right, suddenly turned around and headed towards the bottom lane to everyone's surprise.

"What are you doing this time?" Gao Ge was confused.

"Gank him!" He Yu shouted.

The fight under the mid turret had ended. Both Guiguzi and Zhang Liang had died, leaving Nezha alone. However, under the attack of four other heroes, Nezha, too, quickly perished. This left He Yu's allied heroes free to pursue Schrodinger's Cat. No matter how skilled or rich this Schrodinger's Cat was, he wouldn't be able to fight so many at once. It was already risky to pursue Genghis Khan alone, and he might be surrounded in the jungle if Gao Ge and the team came to help.

It was undoubtedly safe, if everything went according to his expectations, which was to retreat from the bottom lane after killing Genghis Khan. However, Genghis Khan's surprising moves had left him disoriented in the jungle, making his current position awkward. This loss of momentum had left him in a dangerous situation. Gao Ge and Zhou Mo immediately understood He Yu’s shout and rushed to him from above. Although Diao Chan and Dharma couldn't hear He Yu, they understood what to do and ran into the jungle from the bottom.

Athena seemed to have realized her risky position. She continued to move towards the right, but was no longer chasing Genghis Khan. She was aiming to jump over the wall through Overlord's pit with her first ability.


When she moved in that direction, Athena triggered a Hundred Beast Trap, which slowed her movement speed. Zhang Fei and Liu Bang had already appeared in her vision. Liu Bang was already swinging his sword with his second skill. Athena couldn't save her first skill for wall leaping anymore, so she immediately used her first skill, Holy Advance. The shield from the ability managed to dodge Liu Bang's stun and widen the distance between them. 

Athena slipped into a bush to disappear from the enemies' vision. 


Another Hundred Beast Trap was triggered.

Athena was exposed in the bush. Genghis Khan's arrows flew at Athena, and she used Unstoppable Spear in a last-ditch attempt to kill Genghis Khan. But, He Yu had expected her move. Genghis Khan moved back as she approached him, keeping a safe distance from her. When Athena activated her Unstoppable Spear, Genghis Khan had already stopped attacking and walked back.

Athena, who was slowed by the Hundred Beast Trap, had lost her chance of killing Genghis Khan with Liu Bang and Zhang Fei advancing toward her. As she turned to run, Genghis Khan continued to attack from behind. Finally, the opponent’s core hero had fallen under Genghis Khan’s arrows.