The King's Moment - Volume 1 Chapter 37

"Nice work."

Dharma, who had once complained about Gao Ge and He Yu, jumped for joy after the 4-kill victory. He spun on the ground with two words displayed in the chat bubble above his head. 

Gao Ge chuckled after looking at him, and she turned on her mic.

"Can you hear me?" Gao Ge said.

Dharma, who was spinning, stopped instantly, and Diao Chan, who had been quiet, suddenly sent a message. "A girl?!!"

The question reflected his excitement. Female players were quite common in King's Glory, but it was indeed exciting if one could bump into and speak with a girl in the team. Diao Chan's question had exposed the fact that there was a guy behind the feminine hero. It was similar to how there was a lady behind the fierce Zhang Fei.

Situations like this were nothing out of the ordinary in King's Glory. Even if Zhang Fei played like trash, no one would care because it was a girl behind the hero. After hearing a female's voice, Dharma turned on his mic.

"I was a bit out of my mind just now, please forgive me! Let's do this together." Dharma sounded exceptionally well mannered.

"Go get their jungle," Gao Ge's reply killed the mood. It was apparent that she was more focused on the game rather than flirting. Turning on the mic was solely to communicate with the team and not to socialize.

"Let's go." Diao Chan had also turned on his mic. As expected, it was a male. He followed Gao Ge's command and moved towards the enemy's blue sentinel's pit. "Girl, you want the blue buff?"

Blue buff for Zhang Fei?

He Yu almost dropped his phone, Isn't this fella too much? Diao Chan, who's exceptionally reliant on the blue buff, is giving the buff to Zhang Fei, who doesn't even use mana? Is this some kind of new meta in King's Glory?

"You take it," said Gao Ge helplessly. She had seen many male players that were excited to play with females but never had seen someone that was this excited.

"I'm getting our blue buff." Dharma seemed more reasonable and chose to take the team's jungle monsters, but he seemed reluctant to leave Gao Ge. Although their heroes weren't together, they could still chat!

"Guys, can you send some help here?" He Yu cried out. Diao Chan had followed Zhang Fei into the enemy's jungle, Dharma was in the team's jungle, Liu Bang was clearing minions in the top lane, and his Genghis Khan was clearing minions alone in the bottom lane. A silhouette floated in the air like an angel taking care of Genghis Khan.

Of course, it wasn't a real angel. It was Athena's body. Athena's passive ability, Divine Awakening, allowed her to move her body around after she died, and when she respawned, she would revive at where her body was.

At this moment, Athena was following He Yu's Genghis Khan. When her respawn timer ran out, she would appear beside Genghis Khan. Although He Yu had killed Athena before, he was sure that he wouldn't be able to do it alone. There were no teammates beside him, so he wanted to go towards Diao Chan and Zhang Fei right after he cleared the minions.

"Don't come. We're going to gank her!" Gao Ge knew what He Yu wanted to do and refused him coldly because Athena's body would give vision to her team even after she was dead. If Genghis Khan brought her to meet Diao Chan and Zhang Fei, it would expose their location in the bush.

"You guys should retreat, Nezha has his ultimate ready," said He Yu.


"Athena has exposed my location to them. Nezha would probably use his ultimate on me, and then your location will be exposed," said He Yu.

"Then we can let him waste his ultimate," said Gao Ge.

"Is my life only worth an ultimate?" He Yu felt mildly upset.

"Come close enough, so we can back you up," said Gao Ge.

"But we won't be able to trick Athena, right?" asked He Yu.

If Genghis Khan were alone in the jungle, Athena would kill him right when she respawned. And yet, He Yu fearlessly headed into the jungle. Athena would be able to tell that he had his teammates around.

"We'll see how it goes. At least now we have the initiative," Gao Ge said.

"Alright." Athena would respawn soon, so He Yu and Gao Ge stopped idly discussing. Genghis Khan, who was running towards them, slowed down and did not bring Athena to where Diao Chan and Zhang Fei were.

As expected, Genghis Khan's bold move created suspicion in the opponents. Athena stopped following Genghis Khan and started going into nearby bushes to check for people.

"Told you," He Yu said.

The enemies respawned. First, Zhang Liang, followed by Guiguzi and then Nezha. Nezha did not care about Athena's inspection, and he used his ultimate the moment he respawned.

"Told you," Gao Ge said.

"Is he coming for me?" He Yu cried. Although Zhang Fei and Diao Chan could be seen hiding nearby when Nezha used his ultimate, he still flew towards Genghis Khan without hesitation. Athena, who was revspawning soon, quickly moved towards Genghis Khan when she saw Nezha's move.

It was impossible to escape. He Yu only had a few seconds to plan his moves, and he threw a Hundred Beast Trap onto the ground.

Zhang Fei and Diao Chan, too, were running towards Genghis Khan. The enemies had seen them nearby, but they chose to ignore them. They seemed to be confident in this two on three fight. After all, Zhang Fei was a lot weaker without his ultimate. Nezha's passive ability, Great Balls of Fire, was able to restrict Diao Chan's passive lifesteal. Also, Athena was not very vulnerable to Diao Chan's speed reduction since Athena's skills allowed her to move around in a blink.

He Yu knew precisely why the enemies were so confident in this fight, but what he knew better, was that this incoming fight required some high-level play.

And this was something he had always wanted to improve on.

He Yu became less nervous when he thought of this. Athena finally respawned. Her body shone with radiance, and she wouldn't be able to move during these two seconds. He Yu counted the seconds from the moment Athena started respawning, and he rushed into the bush and ran away from Athena with the boosted movement speed. Nezha, who was flying towards Genghis Khan, had hit him. This knockback helped to push him away from Athena while also triggering the Hundred Beast Trap he placed just now.

Leaping Savior!

Gao Ge's Zhang Fei used his second skill and jumped beside Genghis Khan, giving him a protective shield and swinging his long spear.

Forbidden Domain!

Zhang Fei's spear swept Nezha away. Nezha tried to use his second ability, Red Armillary Sash- Bind, to tie Genghis Khan down, but this sweep had knocked him back, and in the end, it was tied to Zhang Fei.

"Nice!" Diao Chan shouted. Blossoming Potential! Diao Chan opened her circle of spells. With her first and second abilities, she started to damage the enemies. Athena had finished respawning, but He Yu had moved his Genghis Khan away from her.

Unstoppable Spear!

Athena rushed forward, shortening the distance between them.

He Yu's Genghis Khan quickly dove into a bush nearby.

Athena couldn't target Genghis Khan with her spear without seeing him. Everything was going according to He Yu's plan so far. He managed to pull himself away from Athena and dodge all skills except for Nezha's ultimate, which was unavoidable. Now, he just had to pay attention to Athena. As Athena swung her spear, he prepared himself for a fight.

Everything should have been set, but Athena proceeded to swing her spear even after losing sight of Genghis Khan. She moved horizontally and dodged Diao Chan's incoming flower ball. Diao Chan quickly used her second skill to adjust her position, and three flowers flew towards Athena. Diao Chan's flower ball flew back towards Athena and hit her.

"Fuck!" He Yu screamed. Diao Chan had moved out of position and was now right beside the bush where Genghis Khan was. Athena spear flew towards Diao Chan, and the distance between the two rapidly disappeared. Athena was now right next to Genghis Khan, and she dove into the bush with Holy Advance. Genghis Khan couldn't run in time and was pushed out from the bush.

Athena's unstoppable spear continued to chase after him. Another strike and a Smite fell on Genghis Khan's head. Athena held her shield high and activated her ultimate.

He Yu was crying without tears. Diao Chan's misplacement helped Athena approach them; it was the last thing he'd expected. Genghis Khan couldn't escape. All he could do was deal as much damage as possible to maximize his contribution before his death. It was one miserable death.