The King's Moment - Volume 1 Chapter 38

The damage Genghis Khan dealt before his death was all absorbed by Athena's shield. The amount of damage was awkwardly minuscule. After killing Genghis Khan, Athena turned and struck Diao Chan.

Fundamentally, Athena's defense wasn't spectacular, but her abilities allowed her to move flexibly in fights and dodged many skills. This required a high level of expertise and proficiency in the hero.

Schrodinger's Cat was undoubtedly a high-level player that had perfect maneuvers and utilized her shield from the first ability to the fullest. Gao Ge realized that they were in a disadvantageous position after the fall of Genghis Khan. She quickly sent a retreat signal. Diao Chan attempted to retreat, but it wasn't easy to shake off Athena. Zhang Fei's sweep did not knock Athena away as her Holy Advance blocked it entirely. Guiguzi and Zhang Liang had appeared in their vision, and Gao Ge knew that they had screwed up.

The two heroes fell one after another. Gao Ge looked at He Yu bewilderedly. "Really?"

He Yu's team outnumbered the opponent in the fight, and yet they still failed miserably. The reason for their failure wasn't the appearance of Guiguzi and Zhang Liang; it was because Genghis Khan didn't deal enough damage. If not, they could've killed at least one, or even both of the heroes, before Zhang Liang and Guiguzi arrived. By then, whoever that came to backup would be dead as well.

"Diao Chan's second skill brought Athena to me," He Yu said depressingly. His play was incomparable to those players in the Legend rank. All he could do was to predict their attack plan and prepare a plan to counteract. It seemed like a few easy steps, but the details involved were numerous and needed to be executed perfectly. However, Diao Chan's second skill had messed everything up.

He Yu was impressed by Schrodinger's Cat. After Genghis Khan went into the bush, Athena did not immediately strike her spear. She knew she couldn't leave Genghis Khan alone because he could deal a lot of damage. Therefore, even without Diaochan's skill, Athena might have still dived into where Genghis Khan was hiding. What would have happened then? Even He Yu couldn't imagine.

Gao Ge didn't notice this detail, but as a player that knew Diao Chan's and Athena's abilities so well, it wasn't difficult for her to guess the outcome. Everything could only be blamed on luck.

A mistake? To the team, of course, Diao Chan's second ability was a mistake. However, it was a randomly matched game. The cooperation and chemistry among players were minimal. Gao Ge thought that Diao Chan might not have been aware that the failure was due to her second ability.

There were a lot of details that had to be taken care of in team fights. A casual player wouldn't be able to take care of every detail; only professional players would be able to. Gao Ge was demanding but didn't expect random players to be perfect.

Hang in there. We can still win!

Diao Chan didn't seem to be discouraged by the failure. He was still encouraging his teammates. However, this fight had destroyed the momentum built up from the previous fight. The enemies attacked their red zone on their way. Dharma, who had just finished jungling in the blue zone, was heading to the red zone. But upon arriving, he awkwardly retreated as there were too many enemies there. The first turret in the middle lane was destroyed as the enemy minions came.

He Yu and his teammates had respawned and were prepared to fight again. However, the opponents had become more careful. They scouted their surroundings to prevent any ambushes from He Yu's team. At 13:44, the Overlord respawned for the second time. A war broke out to fight for Overlord. Zhang Fei and Dharma had cooperated well in using their stuns, but Athena had dodged all of them successfully.

Athena, who had avoided the abilities, killed Genghis Khan in a blink of an eye. With a dazzling spear performance, she collected another three kills, achieving a Quadra Kill. Although she had eventually fallen, the war wiped out everyone in He Yu's team, and only the opponent's Lady Sun survived. Lady Sun gave up attacking Overlord and turned to push the lane into high ground. In a split second, their crystal was destroyed.

The game had ended. The three sighed together. Despite an unfavourable beginning, they saw the possibility of turning the game around in the middle of the game. Even in the last battle, it was a four for five exchange. This showed that the opponents didn't have too big of an advantage. When Zhang Fei and Dharma cooperated, they posed a significant threat to the opponents. However, Athena had changed everything. The last fight highlighted the player's solid skills in the game. It was her fabulous play that had brought her team victory.

Unsurprisingly, Athena was the MVP. A Quadra Kill, a KDA of 13-2-7, Golden Jungler, and a score of 14.2 were all achievements to be proud of. However, He Yu didn't care much about these because, in professional competitions, many contributions of players were not quantifiable.

In contrast to that, He Yu was more concerned with statistics like the percentage of damage dealt and the percentage of damage taken, as these were better indicators of a player's performance in the game.

Genghis Khan dealt 16% of total damage.

It seemed like a slight improvement compared to the game he played with Su Ge, but it was still considered a severe failure. Diao Chan, on the other hand, had contributed 43% of the total damage dealt. It wasn't because she was good, but because Genghis Khan, who was the main damage carry, failed to produce enough damage, which made Diaochan the primary damage dealer in the end.

Was Diaochan's second ability that brought Athena to Genghis Khan the main reason for the loss? Maybe not. It was difficult for everyone when the marksman of the team, which was supposed to be the primary damage dealer, failed to produce enough damage. 

Even in the game, He Yu could feel that his teammates had switched their attention away from him. Gao Ge's Zhang Fei and Zhou Mo's Liu Bang were initially chosen to cooperate with Genghis Khan. However, since his Genghis Khan wasn't dealing enough damage, the two teammates who were taking care of him switched their attention to Diao Chan for the sake of victory.

It was somewhat embarrassing to He Yu, but they were only doing the right thing.

It’s me that is not good enough.

He Yu suddenly thought of the sentence his brother, He Liang, would always say when he was a professional player. He was seriously below par at the moment, and the only thing he could do was train him harder to make himself better!

"Next game?" He Yu looked at them.

"No need to rush. Let's watch the replay of the match and analyze together," said Zhou Mo.

"You only want to watch the Athena, right?" Gao Ge knew his intention right away.

"Haha… Of course not. What is there to see. Haha…" Zhou Mo tried to cover the awkwardness with his laugh, but there wasn't anything to laugh about. His smile was becoming more and more awkward, and He Yu and Gao Ge couldn't help but laugh together.

"Then let's watch it together. You can let me know your thoughts so I can better grasp your habits," said He Yu.

"Okay," Gao Ge nodded.

The three squeezed together and started watching the replay. Against his will, Zhou Mo zoomed the screen at He Yu's Genghis Khan. Gao Ge was more straightforward. She slid the screen to Athena immediately. Zhou Mo instantly became focused.

"Their momentum was so good," said Gao Ge.

"The timing was perfect, too," said He Yu.

"The play was careful, and there wasn't any unnecessary waste of skills. If it were me, after clearing the red sentinel, I would have no more mana left. She still had mana to ambush Dharma in the middle lane. That's really outstanding," Zhou Mo always had the most to say in moments like this.

"Look at how she used her abilities, it wasn't to simply deal damage," Gao Ge said.

"Really good, ahem…" Zhou Mo couldn't help coughing when the replay reached the moment when Athena killed his Liu Bang.

"The Flash was used too early," He Yu had pointed out.

"Yeah… It was instinctive, I wasn't thinking at that moment," Zhou Mo said.

"This Athena thought of every detail thoroughly," said He Yu.

"Could it be a professional player?" Zhou Mo asked.

"I think so. If she pays attention to this extent, she can be considered a professional," said He Yu.