The King's Moment - Volume 1 Chapter 39

A professional player wouldn't have a low rank. The accounts they used in competitions were all provided by KPL and could not be used for casual gaming. They, too, had to use self-registered accounts for casual gaming, just like casual players. Accounts of some professional players were publicly known. But, He Yu, who followed the professional circle very closely, had never heard of Schrodinger's Cat and had no idea who the account owner was.

Of course, it could be an undiscovered account or a newly registered one. Zhou Mo opened his app, the King's Glory Assistant, and started to look at Schrodinger's Cat's match data.

The replay was still playing. After killing Liu Bang, Athena went for the Tyrant, and then cleared the blue zone. After that, she killed Diao Chan under the turret and immediately cleared the red zone and headed towards the bottom lane. While Guiguzi was ambushing, she chose to take a detour to cut off the enemies' retreat. She had considered every detail and predicted what an average player would do in those situations.

He Yu's excellent play appeared next in the replay. Although it was only a retreat, he had predicted the timing of the enemy's attack, the positioning of the minions, and used his Eagle's Eye to grasp the enemy's movement. The well-placed Hundred Beast Trap, precise movements, and the well-timed Flash before Guiguzi triggered The Animist were all done excellently.

He Yu was pleased with himself. He looked at Gao Ge with a face that said, "praise me now."

"It's not bad," Gao Ge smiled and said.

He Yu felt proud. If there were a progress bar that could control the replay, he would have replayed that moment a few more times.

"Wow, this has to be a professional player!" Zhou Mo, who was looking at Schrodinger's Cat's match history, shouted.

He Yu and Gao Ge turned their heads to Zhou Mo. Zhou Mo showed them his screen.

Firstly, Schrodinger's Cat had played a significant amount of matches. However, the games were spread out over multiple seasons. In a day, they would probably play two or three casual games.

Secondly, their hero pool and roles were very versatile. What was more shocking was the win rate of the heroes. They were basically above 70%, and some were even 80%. Win rates tended to drop when players advanced into higher ranks. In the Legend rank, a win rate between 50% to 60% was the standard figure. Something above 60% was outstanding. Moreover, it wasn't just one or two heroes that had high win rates, but most of the heroes he played had a shockingly high win rates.

Unfortunately, Schrodinger's Cat's match history was hidden; the three couldn't see their performance and data of particular matches.

The account seemed to belong to a professional player. It was mainly for entertainment purposes as they hadn't played that many games on the account. Their hero versatility and win rate were high, and one must have a deep and comprehensive understanding of the game to achieve this. Keeping match history secret was probably to avoid exposing his identity.

"What do you guys think?" Zhou Mo asked after showing them the match history.

"Maybe," Gao Ge didn't look very interested. He Yu's focus went back to the replay.

"Look, it was this second skill!" He Yu pointed out the moment where Diao Chan used her second ability and brought Athena to Genghis Khan.

"I see it," Gao Ge nodded. "But Athena was still holding back her skill. Without Diao Chan's skill, she might have still been targeting you."

"She wasn't just waiting," He Yu noticed another detail when watching the replay. "Her move at that moment was drawing Diao Chan into doing such a play."

"They're likely a professional player." Gao Ge looked at Zhou Mo.

"That's what I'm saying. I just have no idea who it is..." Zhou Mo continued to look at the common heroes Schrodinger's Cat played. Most professional players specialized in one role, and there would be a range of heroes that they practiced consistently. Some players were well-known for specializing in a specific hero. Such players included Yang Meng Qi's Guan Yu, Li Wen Shan's Han Xin, Zhou Jin's Zhuge Liang, and more. These were the players' best heroes, which their fans hoped to see them play. However, more often than not, they were not picked because the opponents would've banned them in the Ban/Pick session.

Zhou Mo still wasn't able to trace anything from the match history. He put his phone back and continued to watch the replay with He Yu and Gao Ge. The last fight near the Overlord's pit was the final key that determined the game's outcome, and it was also Athena's most glorious moment. Athena's Holy Advance blocked incoming stuns, and with her second ability, she reached Genghis Khan, followed by swift maneuvers and spear attacks. The three had many "If's" in their minds.

If I did this…

If I did that…

They had the chance. Zhang Fei and Dharma's ultimate controlled most of the opponent's heroes, and they had the advantage in the fight. It was a pity that the only thing they couldn't control was Athena.

Was it their lack of awareness or mediocre skills that caused the loss? Likely both.

It wasn't really because they didn't perform well, but because the opponent was too strong. For example, He Yu was aware that his Genghis Khan was in trouble when Athena blocked the stuns, but it was only a though. There was a slight moment that he had the chance to turn around to head into the bush, but he was too slow. When he was heading into the bush, Athena had already reached him.

Such a pity, the three thought after watching the replay. However, He Yu had still gained something out of it. He understood the playing styles of Zhou Mo and Gao Ge a little better.

"Let's continue," said Gao Ge after watching the replay and some discussions.

"Continue with a party of three?" He Yu asked.

"Yeah. If you can still use the account, that is," said Gao Ge.

"Of course, let's go," said He Yu.

They played seven matches in more than two hours. Two wins and six losses, including the previous match. They lost four stars.

"What are your thoughts?" Gao Ge asked He Yu. In the two matches they won, He Yu's Genghis Khan contributed slightly more than 20% of the total damage, but for the remaining six lost matches, his contribution was between 10% and 15%. This reflected the importance of a marksman as a core damage dealer. Except in the first match, his teammates had complained about his gameplay in the matches they lost. Even in one of the games that they won, his teammate had asked, "Could you be more useful?" After all, a 20% damage contribution was embarrassing for a marksman.

"I've learned a lot. It's certainly higher-level gaming." He Yu wasn't affected by those criticisms because he knew his mistakes in every game. His thoughts were clear. He knew exactly what to do every time, but his skills weren't there yet. In the end, his thoughts all remained as imagination.

This problem of not being able to perform what was in his head was not something that could be solved in an instant. However, from these high-ranked games, he had verified that his thoughts and awareness were accurate. He thought that he would be a competent player if his physical skills could catch up.

Therefore, these criticisms didn't discourage him but made him more motivated.

"That's good. Just know where you made mistakes," said Gao Ge.

"Sorry for causing you two to lose stars," He Yu said.

"It's nothing. That's no longer our goal. We are aiming to become the Intra School League's champion," said Gao Ge.

"Not KPL Champion?" He Yu joked. He knew they were also into the professional scene.

"In the future, it's possible." Gao Ge wasn't humble.

"Which team would you join if you got into the professional circle?" He Yu asked.

"Team Wei Chen! I like Yang Meng Qi," Zhou Mo said immediately. Apparently, he had thought of this question before.

"So, you want to be his substitute?" Gao Ge asked peevishly, since both Yang Meng Qi and Zhou Mo played in the top lane.

"I was just saying it for fun," Zhou Mo said awkwardly, scratching his head.

"What about you, Sister Gao?" He Yu looked to Gao Ge.