The King's Moment - Volume 1 Chapter 40

"With our skill level, we should be thankful if any professional team even wanted us. Do you think we have a choice?" Gao Ge asked.

"Just asking for fun," He Yu repeated Zhou Mo's words.

"I don't care about what team I'm on," Gao Ge said.

He Yu looked at Zhou Mo, who nodded. He had been a long-time friend of Gao Ge and knew that Gao Ge really did not have any preferences. She didn't support any particular team or player when watching KPL competitions. It was more like a task to her.

"What about you, He Yu?" Zhou Mo asked him back.

"For me... it doesn't matter for me either," said He Yu hesitantly.

"Doesn't matter? What about Team Tian Ze?" Gao Gea asked him.

"Of course not Tian Ze... "He Yu looked a little gloomy. If he were asked that a few years ago, his answer would undoubtedly be Team Tian Ze. It was a team that he had supported for five years. But now, Team Tian Ze was the team that he wanted to beat badly, so his feelings were complicated.

"Oh." Zhou Mo understood after listening to the conversation between them.

"Let's go eat," Gao Ge said after looking at the time.

"Let's go."

They left the student council office and headed to the second canteen on campus. The sky had turned dark, and it was slightly past dinner time. Only the second canteen would have some leftovers. He Yu had grasped some survival tips in Dong Jiang University after hanging around two year-three seniors.

On the notice board outside the canteen, they could see an eye-catching, colourful poster from afar. Gao Ge and Zhou Mo could roughly guess what the poster was about from its red and blue theme.

"A King's Glory Club notice? Is it about the competition?" said Zhou Mo while grabbing out his phone. In the age of the internet, messages on the notice board were no longer the primary source of information. In the university forum, Zhou Mo could easily find a pinned post by the King's Glory Club.

"Indeed. The competition date is set," Zhou Mo said.

"When is it?" Gao Ge asked.

"On the 20th," Zhou Mo said.

"About ten more days from today," said Gao Ge looking at He Yu.

"I'll work hard," He Yu quickly affirmed.

"Stop playing in the Platinum rank. If your brother doesn't mind losing stars, play more high-ranked games on his account," said Gao Ge.

"Alright," He Yu said awkwardly.

"Only training one hero for ten days would still be able to improve your skills," Gao Ge said.

"Just one hero? What if they ban it?" He Yu asked.

"Trust me. They won't ban your hero," Gao Ge said.

He Yu looked at Gao Ge, then Zhou Mo, and quickly understood. A team could ban only two heroes in the Ban/Pick session. Since Gao Ge and Zhou Mo were famous players on campus, their opponents would surely ban their best heroes. As for He Yu, not many knew him yet. Even if they knew him personally, they wouldn't be knowledgeable about his gaming habits. Therefore, he was unlikely to be targeted.

As they arrived at the notice board, they found it was indeed a poster from the King's Glory Club. The red and blue colours represented two opposing teams, and were a traditional style of the game. The date on the poster indeed showed that the Intra School League competition was starting on the 20th of September. There wasn't much space in the advertisement to put in more information, but Gao Ge and Zhou Mo, who had participated in the competition for the past four semesters, didn't need to know more. Except for different teams, everything would be more or less the same.

"Not sure when the game schedule is coming out," said Zhou Mo while sliding through the forum on his phone.

"There's three more days before the end of the registration. Of course it's not out yet," Gao Ge said, pointing to the poster's registration date.

"Oh? Registration isn't closed yet?" asked Zhou Mo while pushing his glasses up.

Gao Ge shook her head helplessly before heading straight into the canteen.

"Where will the competition be held?" He Yu asked, following at the back.

"In the beginning, it'll be done in groups because there are too many teams. Towards the end, it will be at the school's multimedia hall. It would look something like a formal competition," Gao Ge said.

"How many teams would be there?" He Yu asked.

"About two hundred teams in the last semester if I remember correctly. Zhou Mo?" Gao Ge wasn't sure and asked Zhou Mo.

"186 teams," Zhou Mo provided a precise number.

"That's quite a lot." He Yu was surprised.

"All students are allowed to participate, and many students play King's Glory," said Gao Ge.

"Are there any teams that are particularly strong?" He Yu asked.

"Since my first semester, Suger has been the champion every semester," said Gao Ge.

"Su Ge, Liang Chen, and Old Fis? That team? I know them. They're pretty good," He Yu said.

"Yes. Besides Suger, you only know Team Huang Chao, right? They aren't too bad either," Gao Ge said.

"I don't think they're as good as Suger, though," He Yu said.

"Of course. There are teams of all different levels in the Intra School League, so it's not very balanced. Suger usually acquires the best players for the five roles in our school," said Gao Ge.

"Including both of you? "He Yu asked.

This was the first time he had played with Gao Ge and Zhou Mo. However, just like how the two had always seen him play matches, He Yu had watched them play before this.

Zhou Mo in the top lane was very reliable. He always farmed well, but he wasn't very into helping others out. He was the type that prioritized his own tasks and was not keen on projecting himself.

As for Gao Ge, there was only one word that He Yu could use to describe her. Cunning!

Daji? Angela? Wang Zhaojun?

These three heroes could gank easily and kill the target hero in a split second and were called the "bush bitches" by players who were ambushed by them.

Gao Ge didn't use them very often; the hero she often used was Zhuge Liang. Theoretically, this hero was not built for ganking. The hero's passive ability was an essential source of damage. If this ability were activated when ganking, then magic balls would automatically attack enemies that came into his attack range, which would expose the hero's location. However, if he didn’t want to activate his passive ability, Zhuge Liang would have to stand close to the target hero and accurately release his first and second abilities to activate his passive ability. The technique required excellent skills.

Gao Ge was one of the players that had mastered this. He Yu had seen Gao Ge's Zhuge Liang gank enemy mages a countless number of times. The instant kills achieved were nothing less than what would've been achieved by Daji, Angela, and Wang Zhaojun, who relied on their stuns.

He Yu couldn't see the chat between players when watching games, but he suspected that the enemy mid laners often complained about Gao Ge. Whenever they started to roam to other lanes, Gao Ge would be there to bring them down. Even He Yu pitied her opponents.

Gao Ge had always played assassin-like mages. Her three most commonly used ambushes were: red sentinel ganks, blue sentinel ganks, and river ganks.