The King's Moment - Volume 1 Chapter 41

He Yu had a basic idea of Gao Ge and Zhou Mo's playstyle before this. As someone who followed the KPL so closely, the abilities of casual players never impressed him. The countless players that he had met playing in Bronze to Platinum games could only be described in two words. Can't play.

Players in these ranks lacked attention to detail and didn't understand the mechanisms of the game. They were mere beginners to He Yu.

After having once played on Su Ge's team and with Gao Ge and Zhou Mo today, he had experienced playing in the higher tier. Players in this tier seemed to have more sense. Su Ge's team had particularly impressed him. They had a logical thought process, on-point cooperation, and had been controlling the momentum of the game from the very beginning; it was the style of a professional team. The only difference was that professional teams were even better in terms of momentum control, details, etc.

From today's matches, He Yu could see the chemistry between Gao Ge and Zhou Mo. However, as he had only played one game with Su Ge's team, he still couldn't tell if they were better than Gao Ge and Zhou Mo. He threw this question to Gao Ge and Zhou Mo.

"How do I put it?" Zhou Mo scratched his head and said, "I don't think Liang Chen's top lane is better than mine. Since I was always competing against Su Ge, who played marksman, it's difficult to compare us."

"Just say you can't beat him. Zhou Mo is a top laner that got beaten by a lone marksman," Gao Ge said to He Yu.

"The outcome would be different if it was only Liang Chen!" Zhou Mo tried to justify himself.

"Su Ge seems really strong!" He Yu said. Marksmen were squishy, and their damage would only become significant in the later stage of games. Usually, the beginning of the game, when there was a support accompanying, was the only time a marksman dared to suppress a top laner. When fighting against a top laner alone, the marksman would usually be pushed back to the turret. 

A marksman that could suppress a top laner alone in the lane had to be skilled.  Zhou Mo was a player in the Legend rank, so being able to overpower a top laner like Zhou Mo was impressive. Su Ge was definitely something.

"Yes, he is the country's best Lady Sun," said Gao Ge.

The country's best!

Even though He Yu had only followed the professional circle for five years, it was a title that was familiar to him. It was one of the highest achievements one could achieve in the game. Many professional players were headhunted for having these titles, and would eventually, start their professional career.

After becoming a professional player, they would need to expand their hero pool. Moreover, practice tournaments and formal competitions absorbed quite a bit of time. There wasn't much time to maintain the number of games needed to keep being the country's best. Therefore, these titles would usually belong to players outside of the professional circle.

Su Ge was the best Lady Sun in the country. In other words, excluding professional players, he was the best Lady Sun player.

It was a pity that He Yu's Genghis Khan took away Su Ge's marksman spot when he played with them. He missed the chance to see the country's best player's skills as Su Ge ended up playing as support.

Lady Sun was used by Zhang Shi Chi of Team Tian Ze during their opening match, which was a classic example of a critical hit style. Every shot dealt massive damage and was the team's primary source of damage. When playing with Su Ge's team, He Yu had only dealt 10.3% of the total damage. The primary damage dealer was Zhuge Liang and Pei Qinhu, which made He Yu think that the core carry of their teams was the mage and jungler. Only now had he found out that Su Ge's marksman was the team's real devil.

Usually, it was the jungler's role to handle the opponent's marksman. However, in Team Lang Qi, their jungler would either be Lee Si Jie or Zhao Jin Ran, who He Yu was still not able to differentiate. Even if they attacked together, they were no match against the country's best Lady Sun.

"I didn't know he was this good. He played as support when I played with them," He Yu sighed.

"From what we know, no one would be able to confront him if our opponent is really Suger," Gao Ge said.

"Not sure what would happen if Schrodinger's Cat played against him," He Yu suddenly thought of the Athena they played against today.

"If he is a professional, then he might win," said Gao Ge.

The only ones stronger than the country's best were professional players. There wasn't anything wrong with Gao Ge's statement. However, even if Schrodinger's Cat was a professional player, they still didn't have a 100% chance of beating Su Ge.

"Then, aren't we doomed if we play against them in the first round?" He Yu said.

"Could our luck be that bad?" Zhou Mo said.

"If it really turns out that way, what can we do?" said Gao Ge.

They entered the canteen. There weren't many people that were still eating dinner. As it was the biggest canteen with the most food supply, there was still some food left. The other two canteens had most likely run out of food.

But the taste of these leftovers definitely wouldn't be palatable.  He Yu had started school for a week already, and it wasn't his first time eating in this canteen, but there wasn't a choice. They packed some leftovers and found a table to eat their dinner while continuing their conversation.

"It would be really unlucky if we met Suger in the first round," Zhou Mo continued worrying.

"We would eventually meet them if we are to become the champion," said He Yu.

"But at least give us another two reliable teammates. Lee Si Jie and Zhao Jin Ran? Haah…" Zhou Mo was a kind person, but after today, he had also completely given up on them.

"Aren't there other people that are more reliable?" He Yu asked.

"Trust us. They're not easy to find. It was already hard enough to bring in those two," Gao Ge said.

"How did you get them in?" He Yu asked curiously.

"Ask him," Gao Ge looked at Zhou Mo.

"They owed me since they used my meal card. They already used up almost all the credits, and it hasn't even been two weeks yet," Zhou Mo sighed.

"It must be hard for you," He Yu laughed bitterly.

"It is okay as long as they're useful, but they are not!" The honest guy complained indignantly, and his voice raised an octave.

"I wonder who got on our pussy laner’s nerves?" Gao Ge chuckled.