The King's Moment - Volume 1 Chapter 42

"Pussy laner?" He Yu was curious about the name.

"It means he's the timidest mid laner," said Gao Ge.

"Do you still need further explanation?" Zhou Mo asked depressingly.

"He's not a pussy. It's called being cautious," He Yu said seriously.

"Thank you. I know. You don't have to explain to me." Zhou Mo still looked depressed.

A voice called out to the three from behind, and He Yu turned his head to get a glimpse of the person. But, Gao Ge and Zhou Mo knew who it was just from the voice. It was Zhang Cheng Hao. There were another four people beside him, but He Yu could only recognize two of them. One was a teammate of Zhang Cheng Hao during the Battle Plains game, but he had forgotten his name. Were the other two players from Team Huang Chao as well?

He Yu recalled his memory while looking at Gao Ge and Zhou Mo. Zhou Mo turned his head and introduced them to He Yu. "The one on the left is Zeng Xiao Bo, a supporter from Huang Chao. Beside him is Yang Zhuo, a mid laner."

A mid laner always played against a mid laner. Yang Zhuo stared at Gao Ge with boiling eyes. He Yu suddenly thought of Gao Ge's style and looked at the eyes of Yang Zhuo. He could guess what had happened between the two. To be this angry, Yang Zhuo had probably been ganked countless times by Gao Ge.

The five continued to stride forward, surrounding He Yu's table like they were attacking the Crystal. Gao Ge raised her head and stared back at them. She did not utter a word but waited for them to speak first.

Zhang Cheng Hao and his friends did not look panicked either, and they looked at Yang Zhuo, whose eyes were boiling.

"I hope to see you in the tournament," said Yang Zhuo to Gao Ge, clenching his teeth.

"I'll wait for you in the bush," Gao Ge responded calmly. This calm response made Yang Zhuo recall the most humiliating moments of his life. Embarrassment and anger flushed his cheeks.

"What happened before?" He Yu knew his guess was probably right, but he still confirmed it with Zhou Mo.

"Seven times," Zhou Mo said to He Yu. "In the last tournament where the two encountered each other, Yang Zhuo was ambushed by Gao Ge seven times. He exploded right away."

"That's really disastrous." Even He Yu felt shocked. In professional competitions, the kills of a person would probably be around seven. Of course, it would be more in casual games. Getting ganked seven times would undoubtedly be traumatic. In games like these, teammates would often say, "Stop dying. Thanks."

"You two!" Yang Zhuo surely didn't want to be reminded of this memory. He was boiling as Zhou Mo described his embarrassing moment to He Yu.

"Take it easy. Just be careful next time," He Yu advised him.

"Who are you? Is this your business?" Yang Zhuo wasn't grateful for the advice.

"If you encounter her again, I'll be there too," said He Yu.

"You will be playing against me," Zhou Mu Tong said.

"Oh, you were… Yang Jian?" He Yu remembered that he had played with Zhou Mu Tong in the Battle Plains game before, but he couldn't recall his player ID.

"I'm Heavenly Dog, goddamnit!" Zhou Mu Tong fumed because He Yu had already forgotten his ID.

Everyone was shocked. Although the Heavenly Dog was sacred, it was, after all, just a dog. It was somehow a depreciating comparison. Nobody knew what to say.

Zhou Mu Tong realized it after finishing his sentence. His face turned red. He became angrier when he looked at He Yu's face. Fiercely, he said, "You are dead. Nobody is going to save you this time."

He Yu looked to Gao Ge, but Yang Zhuo also started shouting at her. "If you can gank me one more time, I'll acknowledge that you're better than me!"

"Aren't you being overconfident?" Gao Ge asked calmly. It seemed like she was replying to Yang Zhuo, but to He Yu, she appeared to be responding to Zhou Mu Tong as Gao Ge would be the one who protected him if she played as support.

Yang Zhuo wasn't aware of this and thought Gao Ge was responding to him. "Haha," he chuckled coldly. There was a sinister glint lingering in his smile.

"See you in the tournament then," Zhang Cheng Hao said. "Hope we'll meet."

"Manipulate the game schedule. Then, surely we will meet," Gao Ge said.

"What are you talking about?!" Zhang Cheng Hao scolded.

"Isn't that your plan?" Gao Ge said.

"It's a waste of time talking to you! Ridiculous!" Zhang Cheng Hao was pissed. As he turned around and left, his face was full of guilt.

"Cheng Hao, aren't you eating?" His friends called him as they were all startled by his departure.

"There's nothing left. Let's eat out!" said Zhang Cheng Hao without turning back.

The four looked at each other. Everyone knew there wasn't much food left, even in the second canteen, but the four eventually chased after Zhang Cheng Hao despite feeling confused. Zhou Mu Tong was the fastest, and he quickly caught up to Zhang Cheng Hao.

"What does she know?" Zhou Mu Tong whispered to Zhang Cheng Hao.

"Did you tell anyone?" Zhang Cheng Hao looked strict.

"Of course not," Zhou Mu Tong quickly said.

"Then there's no way she would know," said Zhang Cheng Hao after thinking about it deeply and felt relieved. He couldn't help panicking when Gao Ge hinted at manipulating the schedule and thought that she knew something. After thinking about it logically, the registration wasn't closed, and the arrangement of the game schedule hadn't started. It was only a thought, and besides, he had not even done anything! Besides Zhou Mu Tong, no one else knew about the plan. Therefore, if Zhou Mu Tong never told anyone, no one would possibly know. Gao Ge was just really lucky to have hit the mark, and Zhou Mu Tong began to feel guilty.

"Then, are we still going to do it?" Zhou Mu Tong asked.

"Of course! Why not?" Zhang Cheng Hao was even more determined after calming down. "As long as you don't tell anyone, nobody will know."

"Of course I won't," Zhou Mu Tong shook his head.

"What are you talking about?" The other three teammates followed up.

"We were just saying how exciting it would be if we meet Team Lang Qi in the first round," said Zhang Cheng Hao after cooling his anger.

"That would be the best arrangement!" said Yang Zhuo, holding his fists firmly. "They would be out in the first round."

The five from Team Huang Chao left the canteen, and Zhou Mo looked at Gao Ge. "Do you think they will manipulate it?"

"No idea and I don't care," Gao Ge said.

"Then why did you say that?" asked Zhou Mo.

"Wasn't that just a taunt?" He Yu asked.

"Even He Yu, who I met eight days ago, knows me better than you. And you've known me for eight years," Gao Ge sighed.

"Eight years?" He Yu was shocked.

"We're high school friends," Zhou Mo said.

"Oh. No wonder," said He Yu.

"What do you mean by 'no wonder'?" Gao Ge looked at him.

"Nothing. I'm just envious. I'm done eating, so I'll see you guys later," He Yu said.