The King's Moment - Volume 1 Chapter 43

He Yu went back to his room after having dinner with Gao Ge and Zhou Mo. In the end, King's Glory was only a club activity. It wasn't possible to invest all his time into the game like professional players.

They usually practiced in the evening after class. In the beginning, He Yu played alone while the other two just observed and advised him. But soon, they realized there wasn't much to suggest because, after every game, He Yu was able to recognize his own mistakes. There was nothing more they could contribute, and He Yu's awareness convinced them of his potential.

Therefore, everyone eventually practiced on their own, and only sometimes would they exchange their ideas. Today was the first day they had practiced together. They tried their best to cooperate, and through their communication, they could better understand each other's flow of thoughts and habits. However, He Yu's problem was still his operational skills. 

Especially during fights, there were a plethora of details to process in a short amount of time. Although he could visualize them clearly and knew where the opportunities were and what details needed to be taken care of, He Yu would eventually mess it up when it came to operating on his thoughts. The opportunities in these complicated situations were only there for a split second, and he was always too slow.

It wasn't a problem that could be solved in an instant. It required continuous practice. It was almost 10 o'clock after completing his homework, but He Yu's roommate was still not back yet. It wasn't strange to him, though, and he had gotten used to it.

His roommate was a hardworking straight-A student who did not waste a single day of the week. He Yu had even heard people saying that Mo Xian didn't only revise every day; someone had also seen him attending higher-year classes.

"This guy is making us look bad. What is he trying to do?" a student had asked He Yu. Dong Jiang University was one of the best schools in the country. Every student that made it into the university was academically excellent. However, Mo Xian had made every new student in Physics Class Three look lazy.

"I also don't know," He Yu said. He could safely tell every student in his class that despite being Mo Xian's roommates, he didn't interact with Mo Xian any more than any other student in his class did. He didn't even see him much as his roommate.

For example, in this week, except for ‘thank you’ and ‘welcome’, He Yu couldn't think of any other words that he had spoken to Mo Xian.

He Yu had already gotten used to it. He was busy every day, after all. In these ten days before the tournament, there were still a lot of things he had to improve on. Therefore, after putting down his book, He Yu picked up his phone. He first sent He Liang a message. "I plan to practice with your account for these few days. Is that okay?"

"Is the account still in a high rank?" He Liang asked.

He Yu felt awkward.

Lucky Liang Feng was in Master 3 when he first received the account. The six losses in the afternoon had made him drop to Master 4. As it was still the beginning of the season and due to the de-rank mechanism at the start of every season, accounts that were now in the Master rank were accounts with at least 20 Legend stars in the last season. If not for this, Master 3 or 4, or even accounts with below 20 Legend stars, definitely couldn't be called a high rank.

At the moment, everyone in the Master rank was working towards Legend rank, like Gao Ge and Zhou Mo, who were already in the Legend rank. But Lucky Liang Feng was going backward. Considering his current skills, He Yu could understand He Liang's concern. The account would possibly drop to a lower rank if he continued to practice with it.

"Still practicing Genghis Khan?" He Liang sent another message as He Yu hadn't replied.

"Yeah. The team needs a marksman," He Yu said.

"Genghis Khan requires rapid farming. You can't just rely on the minions in your lane," He Liang said.

"Of course, I know," He Yu said.

"Let's play one game. I will watch," He Liang said.

"Didn't you watch my recent games?" He Yu asked.

"There's nothing to watch in low-rank games."

"Okay…" He Yu was speechless, but he knew that He Liang was right.

"Then, I'll start now," He Yu entered into the game after sending his brother another message.

The game started shortly, and it was currently the Ban/Pick session. Genghis Khan wasn't a popular hero, so the chances of him being banned were almost impossible. Very quickly, four heroes were banned, and He Yu was the first player to pick. Without hesitation, he chose Genghis Khan.

"Jungling or side lane?" Player Two asked him.

"Side lane," He Yu replied. In King's Glory, the top and bottom lanes were called side lanes. When a marksman went to a side lane, they typically went to the bottom lane since it was near the red sentinel that had the red buff, which marksmen needed.

Player Two didn't say anything afterward. He chose a jungler, and the following three players chose a top laner, support, and a mage. He Yu, who came from lower rank games, had an extremely high tolerance to any team line-up. He had even seen a line-up of five marksmen, so there wasn't any line-up that would surprise him.

The game started shortly. He Yu was a lot more serious as his brother was watching. He Yu, who picked Genghis Khan, was a little surprised as the opponents did not select any warrior or assassin that had skills that could threaten him. 

The significance of the Ban/Pick session was different in casual matches and professional matches. For instance, in casual games, where the opponents were all strangers, it was impossible to guess and ban what the opponents wanted to play. Therefore, bans were mainly used to ban heroes that were particularly strong in the current meta, or heroes that one was particularly afraid of.

However, things were a little more complicated during the picking session of higher-ranked games. For example, after He Yu chose Genghis Khan, the opponents could have easily picked heroes that countered him such as Ake, Wukong, Nezha, Musashi Miyamoto. Of course, after the opponents had picked their heroes, the second and third players in He Yu's team could also counter-pick heroes. This was the fascination behind the Ban/Pick session.

Nevertheless, sometimes players were too lazy to think that far ahead, or in some cases, they didn't know how to play heroes that could counter the opponent's picks. This was why line-ups of five marksmen occasionally occurred. Players only knew or only wanted to play marksmen.

Back to the game. There weren't any heroes that particularly countered Genghis Khan on the enemy team. It was somewhat a flaw in the team composition. With He Yu's proper farming and cautious play, they eventually won the game. He had a KDA of three kills, one death, seven assists, and dealt 27% of the total damage. It was better than all the games he played in the afternoon.

He Yu felt relieved for not embarrassing himself in front of his brother. He left the game and messaged his brother. "How was it?"

There was a slight time lag between the real game and the broadcasted game shown to He Liang. After about two to three minutes, He Liang replied, "Luck was on your side."