The King's Moment - Volume 1 Chapter 44

"Yeah," He Yu admitted. This kind of luck was nonexistent in real KPL competitions. Even if something like this ever happened, it would most likely be a trap set by the opponents.

"Was there anything wrong with my play?" He Yu asked. Although he knew the game very well, it was all theoretical knowledge. Only ex-professionals like He Liang could be called skilled players.

"You were too passive," He Liang replied.

"Huh?" He Yu was startled. It was something he never thought of.

"Even the reason you chose Genghis Khan was a little passive," He Liang continued to say.

The reason for choosing Genghis Khan?

The main reason he chose Genghis Khan was to train his skills quickly, as he was a hero that required excellent operational skills. Secondly, Genghis Khan's first skill, Eagle Eye, gave He Yu more space to bring his awareness and thoughts into play. It was mainly for these two reasons. He didn't get what his brother meant.

Before He Yu asked, He Liang sent another message.

"For the whole game, you used Eagle Eye to check your opponent's move, and you use what you see to plan your next move. This is what I meant by being passive."

"Isn't that how you use the skill?" He Ye was confused, and without guessing further, he asked his brother directly.

"After both teams' lineups are determined, you should have an idea of how the match should be played. For example, things like what farming tactics to use, how often you should help your teammates, or call teammates for help and etcetera. Of course, there will be a lot of adjustments when different situations arise, but you should have your own momentum and ideas. What you were doing just now was just acting according to the situations in the game. It seemed like every step you made was counteracting against the enemies' move, but in fact, you were just following their momentum. There wasn't any solid idea or pace in you!"

"It's not something I haven't thought about," He Yu replied.

"I know. It's not because you don't know, but you just don't have the courage. Especially in higher rank matches, you are extra cautious. Don't consider too many unnecessary things. Try to go beyond that. Success and failure are both helpful experiences. To build up the understanding and control over a hero, it requires a lot of practical match experience," He Liang said.

"Okay, I understand."

"Remember one thing. When you check on the enemies with Eagle Eye, the first thought is not how to keep yourself safe, but how to make your enemies feel unsafe and finding ways to destroy their plans."

"Bro, isn't this your way of thinking as a jungler?" He Yu was a little unsure.

"It's the same purpose in the end. To win the game, you must make your opponents suffer. The more they suffer, the closer you are to victory. When all five of your opponents feel hopeless, you have won the game," said He Liang.

"Okay… I'll give it a try."

"Don't be too afraid. Don't let the knowledge and experience from watching tournament games become your burden. Every match is different, and there are no standards that can define all matches. For example, in Bronze games, your Genghis Khan could easily fight all five of the enemies alone. But have you seen anything like that in professional competitions? Why is the same hero able to do that in Bronze games but not KPL? That is what I meant by every match is different. Every game is a new beginning that requires a new perspective. Of course, experience is important, but it shouldn't become your burden."

"Understood. I'll play another game." He Yu was motivated by He Liang. He realized that he was too restricted by the knowledge he got from watching professional matches. In the game, his opponents were not the heroes themselves, but the countless different players behind them.

KPL represented the highest level of King's Glory gaming, but it didn't represent the whole game.

The knowledge he learned from KPL included high-level details, but everything boiled down to the scenarios in the game. For example, a professional prediction wouldn't work in Bronze matches because the opponents would not even dodge incoming skills.

After understanding this, everything seemed to feel a lot lighter. This could be the reason why he could dominate in Bronze games. He had been doing it subconsciously. However, when it came to higher rank games, he started to rely too much on his game awareness and prediction after realizing that these things made sense in higher tier games.

Even professional gamers adjusted and adapted continuously to new situations. He Yu seemed to be too stubborn when it came to his way of playing.

He Yu started another game determinedly.

This round, he took the active role and made many initiatives. After He Liang reminded him to 'create trouble', he realized that he had many ideas on how to do so.

Unfortunately, although imagination was wonderful, the reality was cruel. He Yu was killed when he tried to surprise the opponent's jungler in their jungle.

Mhmm, the idea is good, but my skills failed.

He Yu analyzed calmly. He didn't give up and tried again.

Make them suffer.

This spirit had very soon brought his KDA from 0-1-0 to 0-2-0. His opponents were very comfortable while his own teammates started to suffer.

"Marksman, please stop dying." The top laner sent a message.

Players in high ranks were very aware. After Genghis Khan died twice, they knew he was a little abnormal. He seemed like an undercover for the opposite team.

Looking at his situation, He Yu had to be more careful. Making trouble required gold. He was now the poorest in the game, which made the Learning Gem item on his support look awkward.

This item would become active when the carrier had the lowest experience or gold. When it turned active, it would give the carrier five experience points or gold every three seconds. This was a great item on supports as supports usually tried not to share the gold and experience on lanes so teammates could scale faster. It was an essential item for supports, just like the jungler's Jungling Blade.

However, after dying twice, Genghis Khan was at the bottom of the list, making the Learning Stone useless.

He needed to farm. He Yu adjusted his style, but his opponents were not giving him a chance anymore. Their jungler and support started to harass him in his lane. Including the top laner, three enemies were ambushing him. Very soon, the enemies found a chance to kill Genghis Khan and destroyed the turret.

"The bottom lane is screwed," the top laner sent another message.

What could He Yu say? Something like, "You're right, I'll give you a like"?

Thinking about it thoroughly, he realized he had gone too far.

His idea wasn't wrong the first time he tried to create trouble, but his skills weren't up to par.

But the second time, it wasn't just his lacking skills.

It was not wrong to mess with the enemies. However, the problem was that after dying, Genghis Khan's gold was falling behind. He should've played safer then instead of recklessly charging at the opponent.

He used to lack confidence and courage, but he was overconfident in this match. He Yu guessed that his brother would be messaging him about this.