The King's Moment - Volume 1 Chapter 45

As expected, the game was lost. Although He Yu started playing very safely, his opponents didn't give him a chance to breathe. He started with a KDA of 0-2-0 and ended with 0-7-0. His teammates were all flaming him. The top laner, who was the first to speak at the beginning, was very quiet after that. He had been seeking chances for a turnaround, which made He Yu feel even guiltier.

It wasn't a big deal when he lost the stars of his brother's account during his practice, but the unknown teammates that worked hard toward victory were innocent. His incompetence had made his teammates lose stars, too. He Yu was what everyone seemed to call a noob.

After the game ended, He Yu received a notification. It was embarrassing. His teammates had reported him, and the system concluded that he was feeding the opponent and deducted four Credibility Points from him.

He didn't die intentionally, but it was true that he still couldn't handle high-rank games well.

It seemed like he should first practice in unranked games. When Gao Ge, Zhou Mo, and other experienced players said that ranked and unranked games were very different worlds, it meant that in unranked games, players were less serious, and games tended to be less orderly. Since players took ranked games more seriously, He Yu thought he should stray away from them to avoid spoiling the game for others. Although those teammates were just strangers, they fought for victory the whole game. He Yu thought that he had to be responsible for his team.

As he was thinking about it, He Yu opened his Wechat. As expected, his brother sent him a message.

"Too impatient this time," He Liang said.

"I want to play unranked games first," He Yu replied.

"OK," He Liang replied with a short message.

He Yu went into the game and started an unranked match. He chose Genghis Khan in the hero picking session, and he typed, "Practicing."

"Then I'll practice, too," the third player responded and picked Lady Sun.

There were two marksmen already. The other three complained and picked Wang Zhaojun, Ying Zheng, and Zhong Kui, which made for an odd team composition.

Of course, a weird line-up like this did not produce any good results, but the team got along, and the atmosphere was harmonious. While their Crystal was being destroyed, they were laughing. It was an experience that He Yu had never had.

Matches like this helped He Yu relax. However, another game after showed He Yu that not all players in unranked matches were that laidback. In this match, the team composition was reasonable, and his Genghis Khan was doing fine, but the jungler that kept hanging around the middle lane had angered the mid laner.

"Try helping me clear the minions again!" The mid laner said.

"Helping? That's called stealing." The jungler was sarcastically honest.

"Well done!"

The mid laner sent a message and did not move afterward. Very soon, the system said, "Zhuge Liang has left the game," and the game became a four-versus-five match.

The game was lost eventually, but there wasn't a quarrel after the mid laner had left. However, leaving the game would be detected by the system. The system had punished the player before anyone reported it. When He Yu looked at it, the points deducted were more than the points deducted from him when he had 'died purposely'. It seemed like the system saw quitting games as a more severe offence.

It was almost bedtime after the game. The door unlocked, and Mo Xian entered with his bag slung over his shoulder.

"Hello," He Yu said.

"Hi," Mo Xian said.

The conversation abruptly ended.

He Yu had no idea what to talk about with Mo Xian. About today's homework? That was a topic that even primary school students despised.

Mo Xian took out books from his bag and put them on the table in their original position. Then, he put items that he needed tomorrow into his book bag. After that, he brushed himself up before going to bed. He was as neat as a robot.

"Should I turn off the light?" Mo Xian asked He Yu, who was on the bed, after coming out of the bathroom.

"Yes, thank you," said He Yu.

The light flicked off, but the lamp on Mo Xian's bed was still on when he got into his bed. Every night before he slept, Mo Xian would spend about half an hour using his phone. This habit was the only thing that made Mo Xian feel more human, but nobody knew if he was searching for some academic materials or reading the work of some physicians.

Should I play another game?

He Yu wasn't feeling sleepy yet, but he felt a little defeated after losing four matches in a row. He was hesitant to start another game, but he still opened up the app. While he was exploring the interface, he pressed the friend list on the right.

It was 11 P.M., and many friends were still online. He couldn't reach the bottom even after scrolling for a while. Suddenly, he realized it was his brother's account, so the friends here were all his brother's friends. Then, wouldn't there be multiple professional gamers on the list?

Professional players wouldn't use their professional account for practice and competition, but, like He Liang, they had private accounts, whose ID may not have been the same as the IDs used in competitions.

He Yu scrolled down curiously when a name had attracted his attention-- Meng Qi's Dad!

Is this… Yang Meng Qi?

Because of the prominent saying, He Yu suddenly correlated the two. He immediately went into the profile, and after checking his most used heroes, he knew he was right.

1,449 games with the hero, Guan Yu, with a win rate of 87.1%. Who else could it be if it wasn't Yang Meng Qi?

As a professional player, he wouldn't have much time to use this account. Even so, he had accumulated 1449 matches on Guan Yu, which showed that he loved that hero. Unfortunately, this hero would most likely be banned in tournaments by his opponents. It seemed like he could only play his favourite hero when he played casual games with his private account. It was a little pitiful.

He Yu wanted to check his recent games, but it was hidden.

He Yu continued to scroll through the list after exiting that profile. He was able to correlate some of the IDs with the players using his knowledge and ongoing rumors.

The God of Dreams. It was the captain of Team Tian Ze, Zhou Jin, whom He Yu hated the most.

Yo Yo Mo Xiang Wen Shan. This long poem-like name belonged to who people called the King of Jungle, Li Wen Shan.

Then there were other names like Ma Liang the Dragon Lord, Wind Season, The Luminous Lamp, SenSen, etcetera.

He Yu recognized another few professional players by checking out their hero records. His drowsiness was gone entirely. It seemed as if he was playing the 'Spot the Difference' game as he picked out names from the list and investigated them.

As he was scrolling, he accidentally pressed the button on the right, and the list changed to the players nearby list. When he wanted to go back to his friend list, a name suddenly captured his attention.

Schrodinger's Cat?

He Yu sat up immediately.