The King's Moment - Volume 1 Chapter 46

Players nearby would show players near the GPS location of the phone, which meant that Schrodinger's Cat was likely a student of Dong Jiang University.

However, Gao Ge and Zhou Mo, who knew the social circle of The King's Glory in the university so well, didn't recognize this ID. Therefore, this person might be a new student or a non-student around the campus.

He Yu tried to invite him to a game, but it showed that he was already in a game. He Yu could only try to send him a friend request, but the system sent a message saying that the friend request was rejected.

After taking a screenshot of the list, He Yu sent it into the group chat of Team Lang Qi and tagged Gao Ge and Zhou Mo.

Zhou Mo didn't respond, and was most likely already sleeping, but Gao Ge responded very quickly.

"Where are you?" Gao Ge asked.

"In my room," He Yu said.

"Then, he should be from our school," Gao Ge, who knew the game setting well, concluded quickly.

"Since even you have never heard of this ID, would it be a new student or a non-student? Our faculty professor?" He Yu started to unleash his imagination. After all, Schrodinger's Cat was an ID that suited a physics professor quite well.

"That's really something I never heard of," said Gao Ge. Although games were more of a thing for younger people, there would be older people that liked to play games as well. She couldn't help laughing as she imagined the faces of her professors playing the game after finishing their classes. She held her face and suppressed her laughter since she was donning a face mask.

"Hopefully it's a student, then we can get him into our team," He Yu couldn't contain his excitement as this was someone that they all thought was a professional player.

"Don't get too excited. Even if it's a student, he would have probably joined the King's Glory Club. Let me check first," said Gao Ge.

"Okay." He Yu suddenly recalled that the people in his class, who he tried to recruit, were all recruited by the King's Glory club. Schrodinger's Cat was undoubtedly an experienced player. Even a new student would've known about the King’s Glory Club. With the club's overwhelming publicity, there were hardly any players that did not join the club. What Gao Ge said was very accurate.

"It's late already, so go to bed," Gao Ge said calmly. In the past two years, she had already gotten used to situations like this. She had found many talented players, but the club was always one step ahead of her.

"Alright." He Yu laid back down on his bed. Mo Xian noticed his unusual movement, but he didn't say anything and continued to use his phone. He Yu did not go to sleep. He was still in the game and kept inviting Schrodinger's Cat every now and then. Playing together would be the best way to communicate with him directly if his friend request wasn't accepted. However, Schrodinger's Cat was always in-game. After trying for some time, he started to feel drowsy and fell asleep. Mo Xian, too, put down his phone and turned off the lamp after about half an hour. On He Yu's phone, Schrodinger's Cat also disappeared from the players nearby list after a while.


The next morning, the game had already disconnected due to inactivity. Zhou Mo was the first to wake up in the group chat of Team Lang Qi. He was also excited by the conversation and couldn't contain his excitement even after sending three exclamation marks and kept tagging Gao Ge. The notification ringtone had finally woken Gao Ge up.

"What is it this early in the morning?!" Gao Ge sent an annoyed voice message. As she was only half awake, her anger sounded whiny. It gave He Yu goosebumps after listening to it. It was very different from the Gao Ge he knew of. He continued to scroll down and saw Zhou Mo saying that he wanted to find and recruit this ace.

"But he blocked all friend requests," He Yu said while opening the game.

"There's already no one nearby," he said after looking at the nearby list.

"There are so many players nearby, who knows if we would ever see him again," Zhou Mo said. Games like King's Glory were popular in places like universities where there were many young people. The maximum quota of the players nearby list was thirty, so the chances of the same person appearing again were slim.

"I'll keep checking," said He Yu.

"Me too," Zhou Mo said.

The three in Team Lang Qi suddenly had a purpose for the day. He Yu had the game opened the whole day and checked the players nearby list from time to time, but Schrodinger's Cat never appeared.

There were more things that Gao Ge and Zhou Mo could do. Although they were, to some extent, boycotted by the social circle of King's Glory in the university, they had some friends and classmates that they knew through other means besides the game. They tried to ask if any talented players joined the King's Glory Club this semester. However, the answers they received were mostly the real names of the students. To know whether Schrodinger's Cat was one of these names, they still had to dig further.

The three met in the afternoon during their daily practice time but didn't talk too much about Schrodinger's Cat's information as these were all discussed in the group chat. He Yu told them that he didn't want to practice in ranked games first. Gao Ge and Zhou Mo did not oppose, and they practiced together in unranked games. 

Even with Gao Ge and Zhou Mo, who both were highly ranked, their opponents' level was quite high even in unranked matches. Still, it was different from ranked games; the pace of the game wasn't that fast. He Yu followed He Liang's advice. He continued to take the initiative role and built up his style and pace. However, it felt a lot more comfortable this time compared to yesterday's game as Gao Ge was there to support him.

"This momentum is not bad," Gao Ge noticed there were some changes in He Yu's playing after winning the game.

"Yeah, my brother said I was being too passive and asked me to take the initiative role, understand every game differently, and make the enemies follow my momentum," He Liang said. Although it wasn't exactly what He Liang said, the meaning was there.

"Wow, can he give me some advice too?" Zhou Mo was envious of He Yu, who had an ex-professional brother that could advise him.

"Then it would probably be the same advice, 'don't be too passive, take the initiative,'" Gao Ge said.

"No, no, no," He Yu quickly said. "Senior Zhou has his own style of playing. He always gives the opponent enough pressure. Although he doesn't actively carry the team's momentum, he is always there to help and cooperate when the jungler, mid-laner, or the support comes to his lane to help. I think that steady style is good."

"You know me well!" Zhou Mo was thrilled while patting He Yu's back.

Every player, regardless of their role, had the intention to showcase their skills and hoped to perform outstandingly in tournaments. However, Zhou Mo's style wasn't like that. His priority was always to avoid mistakes. After playing with and watching Zhou Mo's games, He Yu realized that Zhou Mo's lane rarely collapsed. Especially when his opponents tried to destroy him, his solid defence always made them return in failure. This would ruin enemies' attack plans and open up more opportunities for teammates.

But Zhou Mo's style wasn't flawless.

When other lanes collapsed, Zhou Mo's stayed put in the top-lane, defending it. In situations like this, being steady wouldn't be the correct choice as his team needed him the most in times like this to come back together. Continuing to defend his lane would only mean suicide. However, Zhou Mo wasn't good at turning the game around when his team needed him.

In professional teams, top-laners like this could only be called a good blue-collar player. Top-notch top-laners would always be there when their team needed them. An extraordinary top-laner like Yang Meng Qi would never let his enemies forget about his existence. He would always be there to harass them. It felt like he wasn't just in charge of the top lane, but half the map.

Maybe that was why Zhou Mo was so into Yang Meng Qi. Yang Meng Qi could do what Zhou Mo couldn't do. Because of the disparity in the skill gap, Zhou Mo admired Yang Meng Qi.