The King's Moment - Volume 1 Chapter 47

"My brother is friends with Yang Meng Qi on this account!" He Yu told Zhou Mo another piece of exciting news.

"Show me!" Zhou Mo was a quiet person that people would often forget about, but when it came to things that he was passionate about, he would turn into a different person. When he heard what He Yu said, Zhou Mo pounced at He Yu to snatch his phone. He suddenly realized his awkward pose and smiled awkwardly at He Yu, who was in shock. "Please, let me see."

"It's here." He Yu scrolled through the friend list. Yang Meng Qi wasn't online, but Meng Qi's Dad was very quickly found by He Yu. Zhou Mo took the phone, admired his idol's statistics, and kept praising the figures until even He Yu felt a bit annoyed.

"That's why I don't really like Yang Meng Qi," Gao Ge said coldly.

"Huh?" He Yu couldn't understand.

"Looking at Zhou Mo being like that made me dislike Yang Meng Qi," said Gao Ge, pointing at Zhou Mo.

"It's fine." He Yu smiled uncomfortably, although he slightly agreed with her. Looking at Zhou Mo's behaviour, He Yu felt like finding some flaws of Yang Meng Qi to pour a wet blanket on Zhou Mo to see his frustrated look.

Of course, he didn't do that. He asked Gao Ge, "Senior Gao, do you have any players that you admire?"

Gao Ge said she never had a dream team when He Yu asked the last time. It seemed like she wasn't the type that had an idol. However, as a fan of the game, she followed the KPL closely. Maybe she wasn't a fan like Zhou Mo, but among so many players, He Yu thought that surely there would be someone that she admired.

When he asked this question, Zhou Mo, who was indulging in the profile of Meng Qi's Dad, suddenly stopped mumbling, and the room became hushed. He Yu looked to Zhou Mo, who averted his eyes and began to panic. 

"I don't like him, but there are some that I think are not bad," Gao Ge said slowly.

"Who?" He Yu asked.

"Zhou Jin," Gao Ge said.

"Oh," He Yu responded. A good conversation topic in a normal situation was cut off just like that. The room continued to stay quiet, and the atmosphere was stiff and peculiar.

Zhou Jin is a player that Gao Ge admired.

It wasn't a surprising answer. Zhou Jin was one of the best mid-laners, and his signature hero was Zhuge Liang. These aspects of him were very similar to those of Gao Ge, a mid-laner who liked to play Zhuge Liang.

The only strange thing was He Yu's feelings towards Zhou Jin. In the most depressing days, he even dreamt of Zhou Jin and his brother rubbing Zhou Jin's head against the ground under the turret in King’s Glory.

He Yu finally understood why Zhou Mo suddenly panicked and kept quiet.

It was because he knew Gao Ge's answer to the question, and he also knew He Yu's hatred towards Team Tian Ze and Zhou Jin due to his brother. He was worried about the awkwardness at this very moment.

But all of these had nothing to do with Gao Ge. When He Yu took a deep breath in and opened his mouth to speak, Gao Ge, who was more straightforward, had already asked, "Does this affect you?"

"I don't think so," He Yu said.

"If you don't think so, it means it does," Gao Ge said.

"It's what a normal person would feel," He Yu said.

"I understand. But you should be glad that it's not Zhou Mo that likes Zhou Jin. Otherwise, wouldn't you beat him to death?" said Gao Ge.

"Not to that extent," He Yu said.

"Are you sure? I feel like strangling him every time he goes crazy about Yang Meng Qi. He even brought a light panel with him when we went to see Team Wei Chen's tournament! A pink light panel!!!" Gao Ge cried out.

"Many people had it," Zhou Mo explained.

"Then, should I tell He Yu what was written on the panel? Because of that panel, our friendship had to be divided into two parts," Gao Ge said.

"Which two parts?" He Yu asked.

"We used to be brothers, but now we are sisters," Gao Ge said coldly.

"Wow, what exactly was written on it?" He Ye, who was very curious, asked.

"Don't say it!" Zhou Mo shouted. Gao Ge opened her palm at He Yu and closed her mouth.

"I was still young at that time," Zhou Mo quickly explained, even though nobody said anything. It seemed like even he felt ashamed of his past, which made He Yu even more curious, but they had stopped talking about it. To switch topics, Zhou Mo stopped looking at the profile ofMeng Qi's Dad and quickly passed the phone back to He Yu.

"Should we look at Zhou Jin's profile?" He Yu open-heartedly asked Gao Ge since the awkward atmosphere had receded.

"Sure," Gao Ge nodded without hesitation. Although she wasn't as crazy as Zhou Mo, she, too, felt curious about players that she admired.

He Yu had noticed Zhou Jin's ID, The God of Dreams, yesterday. This account was known to the public, so he didn't have to check his profile to confirm. When he pressed into his most used heroes, the number one most used hero was surprisingly not Zhuge Liang, but Gan&Mo, with 2267 matches played and a win rate of 80.4%.

Although the win rate wasn't as high as Yang Meng Qi's Guan Yu, Zhou Jin played significantly more matches. However, what was more surprising came after. The second most used hero was Ying Zheng, with 2,246 games played with a win rate of 81.2%.

Number three: Yang Yuhuan, 2,242 matches played, a win rate of 80.8%.

Number four: Wu Zetian, 2,238 matches played, a win rate of 80.2%.

Number five: Bian Que, 2,233 matches played, a win rate of 81.3%.

Finally, it was Zhou Jin's best hero at number six, Zhuge Liang. 1,868 matches played. Although fewer games were played, the win rate was higher at 86.5%. It was very similar to the win rate of Yang Meng Qi's Guan Yu.

After Zhuge Liang, the heroes that followed were all mages, but the matches played were not as many as the first six heroes. Number seven was Gao Jianli, with only 445 games played, followed by Diaochan, Zhang Liang, Mai Shiranui, and other mages. After all the mages appeared, heroes of different roles started to appear. Matches played of those heroes were insignificant.

"There are always reasons behind the success of a player," Gao Ge sighed after seeing Zhou Jin's profile.

It was only a private account that belonged entirely to the player, which could not be used in practice matches and tournaments. It was only for entertainment purposes. However, even in an account like this, Zhou Jin was still so attached to mages. The pick rates of other heroes were negligible.

There were only two possibilities. The first possibility was that Zhou Jin had a consistent team that always gave him the mid-lane role. The other possibility was that he picked a mage regardless. After all, it wasn't guaranteed that all players recognized his ID despite his ID being publicly known, and even though the players may have recognized him, they wouldn't necessarily give him the mid-laner role.

A picking style like this would get complained about in casual games. However, to Zhou Jin, it may be something that he was persistent about.

An account for entertainment was already like this. What about the official account for training or tournaments?

Looking at the astonishing profile of The God of Dreams, He Yu did not utter a word for a while.