The King's Moment - Volume 1 Chapter 48

He Yu had paid close attention to KPL for five whole years and had invested a lot of his emotions in Team Tian Ze. He knew every player of Team Tian Ze very well, like Zhou Jin, who always chose that same six mages when playing a game, and had never chosen other heroes than that. 

But now, after seeing Zhou Jin's data in his private account. He Yu finally learned that the six mage heroes were the result of Zhou Jin's deliberate practice. Judging from the number of games played on other mages, He Yu knew that he probably researched every mage in the game and finally selected the top 6 to further research and practice. 

The Ban/Pick round was essential in all professional competitions; it was regarded as a test to both sides of players. Each side could ban a maximum of four heroes every round. Say the opponent of Team Tian Ze had a huge grudge against Zhou Jin and decided to ban four mages, then choose one mage for their side. In this case, Zhou Jin still had a mage that he was an expert in, to play with. 

Although such a situation would limit what Zhou Jin could do, it turned out that such an extreme case had never happened and was unlikely to occur because Zhou Jin was not the only player in Team Tian Ze. He Liang's Li Bai and Zhang Shi Chi's Marco Polo were the heroes Team Tian Ze always banned. Everyone usually banned Zhuge Liang, giving Zhou Jin sufficient heroes to choose from even if one of his mages were banned. 

Therefore, Zhou Jin only concentrated on these six mages. Even during leisure time, he did not relax and change his playstyle. That was where He Yu, a person who paid excellent attention to KPL, did not realise. What he paid more attention to was the performances of the professional players in the game. Zhou Jin gave everyone the impression of being the most stable one in Team Tian Ze. 

Now it seemed like that stability came from his concentration. As Gao Ge said, "There's always a reason behind every success." 

If there was a reason for every success, what about failure? 

He Yu suddenly thought of his brother. In everyone's eyes, He Liang's career could be summarized in one word. Failure.

The reason for his failure was because of his team, his teammates. 

That was what He Yu always thought of, especially after hearing Zhou Jin and You Ya Zhong's speeches when they visited the King's Glory Club. 

But now, from Zhou Jin's account, Zhou Gong Jie Meng, what he saw was a person who was concentrated and rational and spent no time relaxing.

That was worthy of admiration, making He Yu incredibly depressed. Why did such an admirable player have such a view on He Liang? 

Using his brother's private account, He Yu noticed many other professionals' private accounts such as Yang Meng Qi, Li Wen Shan, Zhou Jin, and more, which could reveal unseen factors in their professional game. Although some of them had hidden their data, what He Yu could see clearly right now was his brother's data. Only a click on the top left corner was enough to see it all. 

"What are you staring at?" He Yu, who had not said anything for a while, drew doubt from Gao Ge. 
"Oh, nothing." He Yu came back to his senses. 

"Are you a bit surprised because you thought Zhou Jin was someone incompetent, a complete mess, and had messy data?"

"Senior, you really like to guess what's on other people's minds," He Yu said helplessly. 
"Just like what I do in games," Gao Ge replied. 
"My goodness." At that moment, He Yu could not deny that, as Gao Ge's way of ambushing the enemy was the best proof of her ability to grasp what was on others' minds. 

"Then?" Gao Ge continued to ask. 

"I'm surprised, but the Zhou Jin you mentioned still can't make me feel excited about him. If he can play as a professional player, he wouldn't be that bad in a game. That is what I still stand for," He Yu said

"So, are you still struggling with what happened between him and your brother?" Gao Ge said.

"Yes..." He Yu was a bit hesitant. He could easily see the data of his brother's account, Lucky Liang Feng, but he felt extremely bothered at the moment. After seeing Zhou Jin's efforts, had his confidence in his brother decreased? 

No. It's not that I'm no longer confident in He Liang, it's just that I'm no longer confident in my ideas and judgements.

"There's no right and wrong in a professional game, only victories." Gao Ge said. 

"During my brother's year, they always lost, though," He Yu said.

"Yes," Gao Ge said. 

Suddenly, the room turned quiet, and Zhou Mo had no idea what He Yu and Gao Ge were thinking at the moment. In this kind of atmosphere, Zhou Mo was in a total loss, and brightening up the mood was not what he was good at. So, he looked at the two in distress, wondering if he should say anything or not. 

Zhou Mo knew Gao Ge very well, and because she admired Zhou Jin, she would always pay attention to Team Tian Ze. As for He Liang, Gao Ge always had a few words about him. Although the two sides had not been talking about this topic before, Zhou Mo knew Gao Ge would not sugarcoat her real thoughts. Right now, when he looked between the two, it was similar to a  ticking time bomb, and it seemed that the timer had reached its end when He Yu noticed something from what Gao Ge said. 

"Senior, do you think the problem is from my brother?" He Yu suddenly said.
"Ah!" Zhou Mo felt like a bomb detonated when He Yu said that, and he could not help but scream, attracting the two's attention. 

"What are you doing?" No matter how Gao Ge was good at figuring out other people's minds, she could never guess how imaginative and entertaining Zhou Mo was. 

"Oh, oh, nothing nothing. I'm just feeling a sudden pain from my shoulder. Maybe I'm playing too much these days. He Yu, why don't you come and accompany me to the nurse's office," Zhou Mo started acting. He planned to lure one of them away to prevent a fight from happening. Gao Ge looked at him blankly while He Yu could not help but laugh. 

"I see." He Yu turned back to Gao Ge. 

"Is this going to affect you?" Gao Ge answered.
"Yes. "This time, He Yu's answer was more direct. 

"How? Shall we seek common grounds while reserving our differences?" Gao Ge said. 

"Alright," He Yu said. 
Zhou Mo was overwhelmed. In his mind, he pictured the two getting mutilated by the bomb, but the two still insisted on standing over there, staring at each other without looking away. 

"Seek common ground while reserving difference," one of them wiped the blood off and said.

"Alright." The other held on to his broken arm.