The King's Moment - Volume 1 Chapter 49

"Let's continue."

"Let's go."

Zhou Mo still imagined the scene, but He Yu and Gao Ge already prepared to start another game. They looked to Zhou Mo after joining the party.

"Invited you."

"Be quick."

Their tones sounded a little harsh, and Zhou Mo joined the game moodily. "Stop messing with me!"

The two did not utter a word. After Zhou Mo joined the party, Gao Ge started the game right away, and the hero picking section began shortly. He Yu immediately picked Genghis Khan while Gao Ge picked Taiyi Zhenren. As opposed to He Yu, who solely practiced Genghis Khan, Gao Ge had been trying out multiple support heroes since yesterday.

For an experienced player like her, there were no heroes that she didn't know. It would be easy for her to pick up any hero, but it wouldn't be as comfortable as playing a mid-laner. However, in Team Lang Qi's current situation, she had to give up her role, or else they would have to lose a teammate.

Zhou Mo predicted that the mood in this game would be somewhat different, and he was right. The communication between He Yu and Gao Ge wasn't as natural and relaxed as it used to be. They went straight to the point, and there was no unnecessary communication.

"10 more seconds till the Blue Sentinel respawns."

"The jungler is still at top."

"Drag the mid-laner."

That was their short conversation when stealing the enemy’s Blue Sentinel.

"Three at top. We can take the Tyrant. Drag Hua Mulan."

"No need. We can kill her if she comes."

That was their conversation when killing Tyrant.

"I'm going to roam."

"The mid-laner and jungler are coming down."

"There are people in the bushes near the Red Sentinel's pit."

The tone of the two was robotic and cold, and they were extremely focused and were performing well. However, Zhou Mo had been making mistakes in team fights as their icy tones made him nervous. His mistakes in the last team fight had even lost them the game, and their Crystal was destroyed, the whole team slaughtered.

Zhou Mo sneakily peaked at them, but he quickly lowered his eyes when he realized the two were staring at him with eyes full of dissatisfaction.

"This is on me," Zhou Mo said slowly.

"Next game," said Gao Ge.

"Let's go," He Yu said.

Zhou Mo joined the game. Taking a deep breath, he told himself to ignore the two and stay focused.

The next few games went smoothly, and they had a five win streak.

"Alright, today wasn't bad." Gao Ge put down her phone after looking at her watch.

"Except for the first round," He Yu said.

"It's Zhou Mo's problem. He wasn't focused," Gao Ge said.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's on me," Zhou Mo quickly admitted.

"The other matches weren't flawless, too," Gao Ge said.

"It wasn't that bad," Zhou Mo said.

"You were a bit too careless to check the bush like that in the second game," Gao Ge said to He Yu.

"You used your ultimate too early during the team fight at mid in the third game," He Yu rebutted.

"In the fourth game, the minion was dying when we attacked the high ground turret. We could've taken down the turret if you absorbed the damage for the minion," Gao Ge said.

"The lane wasn't difficult in the fifth game. You should've helped the jungler earlier.”

"In the sixth game, you didn't have to retreat during the fight in front of the turret. You should've used your first and second abilities which would've gotten you to level 4, and then we could've killed them with your ultimate.”

"Was there a fight like that?" He Yu frowned.

"I was talking to Zhou Mo," Gao Ge looked at Zhou Mo.

"Huh?" Zhou Mo asked, caught off guard. He never expected them to suddenly point out his problems when they were pointing out each other's mistakes.

"Senior Zhou should have attacked the enemy jungle more in the fifth match since their jungler and support were always at the bottom lane," He Yu followed up.

"You forgot to inspect Tyrant in the fourth game."

"You accidentally shared experience when helping the jungler to protect his Blue Sentinel in the third game."

"There were two typos in the message you sent in the second round,” Gao Ge said to Zhou Mo.

"Really?" Zhou Mo was shocked. Besides mentioning all his mistakes, they even pointed out an insignificant error like this.

"Our teammate did not respond in time after reading your faulty message, and we missed the opportunity by the time they responded." Even He Yu agreed with Gao Ge's criticism.

"How did you even notice that?" Zhou Mo was almost crying.

"He stood on his spot pointlessly for a while after you sent the message," said Gao Ge.

"Yup." He Yu nodded his head.

"Okay, it's my fault." Zhou Mo rubbed his temples as an incoming headache settled in. "Is there anything else? Please say it quickly."

He Yu and Gao Ge silently made eye contact with each other for a few seconds.

"No more from me," He Yu said.

"Me too," Gao Ge said.

"Then, let's go and eat?" Zhou Mo tested the water. He wasn't sure if the two were still able to eat together.

"Let's go. I'm starving," He Yu said and went straight out the door.

Gao Ge did not say anything. She packed her things on the table and followed. Zhou Mo was a little left behind, and he called after her.

Gao Ge turned her head and looked at him.

"There’s no problem between you two, right?" Zhou Mo said softly while pointing at the door.

"It's fine. Don't you think today was pretty productive? Everyone was focused, except for you," Gao Ge said.

"But isn't this too awkward?" Zhou Mo said.

"I think playing with those guys that wanted to flirt with me was more awkward," said Gao Ge.

"Okay." Zhou Mo was speechless. There were tons of people like this when they were still in their first year. The other three teammates always had a purpose when playing with them. All of them tried to prove themselves and kept stealing kills, thinking that Gao Ge would agree to be their girlfriend if they racked up enough kills.

However, there weren't many that played better than Gao Ge. Most were scared off by Gao Ge's glorious game statistics. Although some left after feeling ashamed, some shameless ones wanted to become her students. Even Zhou Mo had a few students during the period, but he was naive and never expected people to be so cunning. They used him to get closer to Gao Ge after realizing he was her old friend.

Luckily Gao Ge's eyes were sharp. Otherwise, Zhou Mo would have thought his skills had made him so popular.

Zhou Mo knew what Gao Ge wanted the best.

She didn't care how skilled her teammates were. All she wanted in a teammate was someone like her, a buddy that focused and played the game with heart.

Zhou Mo was sure that He Yu was someone like this. He was already everything Gao Ge wanted.

"Let's go eat," Zhou Mo said.